The path between bungalows at Battambang My Homestay

Battambang My Homestay, Battambang

There’s more to Battambang than just its bamboo train! Battambang My Homestay is a lovely place to stay in Battambang where you’ll experience the warm Khmer hospitality from the friendly owners. Battambang My Homestay Best Hostel Cambodia Feature Photo

Why is Battambang My Homestay on this list?

1. Mr Kun And His Family: It couldn’t be called Battambang My Homestay if it didn’t feel like home! The owners, Mr Kun, his lovely wife, Dinat, and the rest of his family are here to make sure every aspect of your stay is memorable and comfortable. Their incredible welcoming nature shines through at all times. It is their absolute passion to ensure all their guests have an amazing time. You will come as a customer, but leave feeling like a part of the family. Battambang My Homestay Best Hostel Cambodia Mr Kun Family 2. Quiet Location: Battambang is Cambodia’s second most populous city, but you would think you are a million miles away with the peaceful location of Battambang My Homestay. Just a 10-minute bike ride from the town centre, the guesthouse is located on a quiet street surrounded by businesses that close at night so you know there will be zero chance of being woken up by busy traffic or blaring music. Battambang My Homestay Best Hostel Cambodia Food3. Khmer Breakfast Included: Every morning an authentic, delicious Khmer breakfast is included as part of your stay, always accompanied with fresh green tea. For the duration of your stay, Mr Kun and Dinat will make sure you don’t have the same thing twice, meaning you get to experience a whole range of different traditional food. The perfect way to fuel up for a big day exploring the best that Battambang has to offer. But the hospitality doesn’t stop there. At night fresh fruit and bottled water is delivered to your room, giving you the perfect night cap before crawling into your comfortable bed. 4. Modern Clean Rooms: Just because you are travelling on a budget doesn’t mean you need to miss out on clean, attractive accommodation. All the rooms have their own private bathrooms and are fitted out with a small desk, chairs and TV. The little touches are what impresses the most with decorative painting and artificial vines and flowers placed around the room adding more character to the already vibrant rooms. You have the option of fan or air conditioning, depending on what you prefer. 5. Free Bicycles And Great Tours: With the location being a major drawcard for Battambang My Homestay, Mr Kun offers all his guests free bicycles to use so they can make their way to and from town at their own convenience. Along with the free bikes, Mr Kun also has a network of friendly, English-speaking tuk tuk drivers who have a great deal of experience in taking tourists on informative and enjoyable tours of the city. A trip to the bamboo train, the killing caves and the Angkorian temples of the area are all part of the attractions these amazing guides can show you. By organising these tours through Battambang My Homestay you can be guaranteed that you will be charged a fair price and that the service you receive will be of high quality.
  • Address: #359, Group 16, Sangkat Chamcarsamrong, Battambang, Cambodia
  • Prices: Private rooms start at $16 USD a night, breakfast included.
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