Same Same But Salsa! From Backpacking South East Asia to South America…

Updated November 18th, 2017.

Could you backpack forever? Already thinking about where to head next? Some of our team members are currently exploring South America (and starting a whole new backpacker magazine)! If you’re keen to keep on travelling, but can’t believe you’ll find a more beautiful beach or mountain range than you’ve already laid eyes on in South East Asia, don’t fret! We’ve put together a list of places in South America where you’ll feel right at home!

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If you loved Pai in Thailand then we think Minca, Colombia will be your cup of (herbal) tea! Snug in the mountains with incredible hiking, a laid-back lifestyle, and enough hammocks to sample for the next couple of months. These two destinations show off some of the best rolling mountain views that nature has to offer, giving you a pristine place to take a deep breath and slow down for a bit.


If you loved Koh Phangan’s party vibe and beaches then you’ll adore Montañita and nearby hippie-ville surf town, Ayampe. Anyone who’s been to Koh Phangan knows that this island offers it all, Full Moon Party chaos and beachside yoga to level you back out. For a similar mix head to Montañita, Ecuador for a whole lot of party and then up the coast to Ayampe for a slowed down and centred pace of life.

A longtail boat up close in Koh Phangan


If you thought Luang Prabang in Laos was a cultural gem than you’ll love Cusco, Peru! Culture oozes out of both of these compact yet buzzing mountainous cities. Both places boast a spiritual side that leaves you feeling more connected to nature. In Cusco, find shamanic ceremonies honouring Mother Earth, while in Laos don’t miss out on waking early to pay respect to Buddhist monks collecting alms with the morning sun.


There’s nothing quite like the kind of complete relaxation that stunning beaches provide. If you couldn’t get yourself to leave the calm waters of Koh Rong, Cambodia then head over to Brazil’s stunning island, Fernando de Noronha, 545km from the coast of Pernambuco. With nothing much to do except read and tan you’ll leave with renewed energy to hit the next spot on your list.


If you loved hiking Java’s spectacular volcano Mount Bromo, then head next to Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia! If tying up your boots and getting a move on before the morning sun hits is your idea of a fantastic day than test yourself and head to some of the most spectacular mountains that this world has to offer.

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