The 10 Cheapest Quarantine Hotels in Bangkok

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Thailand’s Special Tourist Visa (or for short, the STV) allows international tourists to Thailand for the first time since the country went into lockdown in early April 2020.

The visa is initially for a 90-day period but can be extended twice, each for 90 days, taking your total potential stay up to nine months in total. Upon first hearing the news about the visa, we backpackers started to get excited! That was until we realised that the deal had quite a lot of small print…

Note! All travellers to Thailand must have Travel Insurance that covers COVID-19. We recommend --> Safety Wing Nomad Insurance.

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“Alternative State Quarantine”

All new arrivals must quarantine for the first 15 days of their trip in an ‘Alternative State Quarantine Hotel’ in Bangkok where they are not allowed to leave until cleared of COVID-19. The hotels cost around $50-100 US per night. See the example hotel in the video below by Retired Working For You and an idea of what is included in an ‘Alternative State Quarantine Package’…

This hotel costs 48,000 THB, but there are much cheaper options – see below!

So, is the price worth it?

Many of the hotels are offering all inclusive packages, which usually include three meals a day, airport pick up, 24-hour nurse service, COVID tests, 24-hour standby nurse service, water, tea, coffee and a stocked mini-bar. The cheapest package we’ve found starts at just 27,000 THB, which is just $863 USD for one person for 15 nights in total. (See our full list of the cheapest hotels below!)

So, although staying in a luxury hotel for 2 weeks and not leaving does not exactly fit with the backpackers’ style (nor budget!), we reckon that if you’ve got the money to spend up front and you plan to stay for a long time in Thailand (up to 9 months), then it actually may work out to be a pretty sweet deal for you in the long run!

You see, as many guesthouses and hotels are desperate for tourists right now, once you’ve completed your 2-week quarantine, you will be able to get some incredible deals on accommodation for the rest of your trip. Think $100 US for a beach bungalow for a whole month!

So, if you’re desperate to get out of wherever you’ve been stuck for the past 6+ months and are ready to jump on the next flight to Thailand, then we’re here to tell you he cheapest hotels in Bangkok where you can spend the entire contents of your piggy bank on 14-day quarantine!

Top 10 Cheapest Bangkok Alternative State Quarantine Hotels

All hotels are under 36,000 THB ($1,151 USD for 15 days all inclusive service.) The prices are per person in ascending order. Each hotel is paired with a private hospital in Bangkok in order to offer COVID tests and 24-hour medical care if necessary.

1. Princeton Hotel – 27,000 THB ($863 USD)

Located in the neighbourhood of Din Daeng, Hotel Princeton is offering the cheapest Alternative State Quarantine package we can find starting at 27,000 THB for 16 days and 15 nights. The price includes three meals a day, pick up from Suvarnabhumi or Don Muang Airport and 24-hour standby medical attention. Family packages are available on request. You will have your temperature checked twice daily and if you show any symptoms will be taken to hospital. Princeton Hotel is partnered with Vibhavadi Hospital to provide COVID medical care if necessary.

Princeton Hotel Bangkok

2. The Cotai Luxury Design Hotel – 29,000 THB ($927 USD)

Located in the Bang Bo area of Bangkok, the Cotai are offering 16 day/15 night quarantine packages starting at 29,000 per person for a superior 30m sq. room. This includes full board meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner, room cleaning service, WIFI, TV, airport pick up and 24-hour stand-by nurse service. If you think you’ll want more space during your 2 weeks lockdown, for a 60m sq. suite with bedroom and living room, the price goes up to 38,000 THB. Partnered with Sukajev Hospital.

ASQ Cotai Luxury Design Hotel Bangkok

3. The Kinn Hotel – 30,000 THB ($959 USD)

The third cheapest hotel on the quarantine list is The Kinn, offering a deluxe room package in a 26m sq. space for 30,000 THB for 16 days, 15 nights. The family package (for couples) is the cheapest we’ve found at 55,000 THB for two people in total ($1,758 USD). The price includes three meals a day, pick-up from airport, all COVID tests, oh and a Netflix password! All rooms have a balcony, private bathroom, WIFI and cable TV. Partnered with Vibhavadi Hospital.

The Kinn Hotel Bangkok

4. Hotel de Trojan – 32,000 THB ($1,024 USD)

Located in Samut Prakan (not that you’re allowed out to explore!), the Hotel de Trojan offers ASQ packages starting at 32,000 THB for a superior room. The hotel has a swimming pool and a gym which you can use once you have cleared your first COVID test after 7 days at the hotel. The price includes three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and airport pick-up. The room has AC, WIFI and a 40-inch TV. Partnered with Chularat 3 International Hospital.

Hotel de Trojan ASQ Hotel

5. So Boutique Hotel Suvarnabhumi – 32,000 THB ($1,024 USD)

Located close to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, the So Boutique Hotel offers a package of 15 nights in a superior 30m sq. room for 32,000 THB. You can pay 39,000 THB if you want a larger space with bedroom and adjoined living room. The package includes 3 meals a day, complimentary snacks and minibar service, airport pick up, room cleaning and WIFI, TV in room. Two COVID tests are included and a standby nursing service. Partnered with Sukajev Hospital.

So Boutique Hotel Suvarnabhumi Bangkok

6. FuramaXclusive Sukhumvit Bangkok – 32,000 THB ($1,024 USD)

The FuramaXclusive, located in the heart of Bangkok, is offering Alternative State Quarantine packages starting at a reasonable 32,000 THB for a 36m sq. deluxe room. The price is per person and includes 3 daily meals, housekeeping service, drinking water and tea and coffee in the room and airport pick-up. If you want someone else to stay in your room with you, they have an additional person charge at 20,000 THB extra, so for couples the price can be 52,000 THB in total for two ASQ packages ($1663 USD). Not such a bad deal! Partnered with BPK 9 International Hospital.

Furama Xclusive Sukhumvit Bangkok Hotel

7. Cinnamon Residence – 32,000 THB ($1,024 USD)

The Cinnamon Residence is located near to Bangkok’s famous weekend market, Chatuchak (not that you’ll be able to go!). Their quarantine ‘economy’ package starts at 32,000 THB for one person in a 28m sq. room for 15 nights, 16 days. The package includes the usual; airport pick-up, three meals a day, nurse service, if required. They also have a nice garden where you can get some fresh air and relax (socially distancing with other guests of course). Partnered with Vibhavadi Hospital.

Cinnamon Residence Bangkok ASQ package

8. Hotel Amber Sukhumvit 85 – 32,000 THB ($1,024 USD)

Located in the heart of Bangkok, 20 minutes from Suvarnabhumi Airport, Hotel Amber offers Alternative State Quarantine packages from 32,000 THB per person. The price is for 15 nights and includes free airport pick-up on arrival, all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) as well as two bottles of drinking water and coffee/tea daily. Guests are able to use the outdoor spaces to get some fresh air and cable TV and WIFI is available in the room. The grand deluxe room is 30m sq. (30,000 THB) or you can upgrade to a 37 m. sq one bedroom suite for more space (37,000 THB). Partnered with Synphaet Hospital.

Hotel Amber Bangkok ASQ

9. S Ram Leisure Hotel – 34,000 THB ($1,087 USD)

The 16 day, 15 night quarantine package at the S Ram Leisure Hotel starts at 34,000 THB for a deluxe room that’s 45m sq. This price is for one person, but if you want to share with your partner or a friend, the supplement for an extra person is 30,000 THB, making it 64,000 THB in total for two people ($2,047 USD). The price, like the other hotels, includes airport pick-up, three meals a day and cleaning service twice a week. COVID tests and 24-hours stand-by nurse service included. Partnered with Vibharam Hospital.

S Ram Leisure Hotel ASQ Package

10. Citrus Sukhumvit 11 Bangkok – 36,000 THB ($1,151 USD)

The Citrus Sukhumvit offers a ‘Cozy’ room for 36,500 THB for a total of 15 nights, 16 days. The room is just 23m sq. but is very comfortable and has a private bathroom. The package includes airport pick up and three meals a day, as well as room cleaning service three times during your stay on day 7, 10 and 13. High speed WIFI, TV (with 200 channels) and ‘special activity’ included to help pass the time. Partnered with Piyavate Hospital.

Citrus Sukhumvit 11 Bangkok

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Remember! – You must book all your Thailand accommodation in advance for the full 90 days

As well as booking a 15-day quarantine hotel, all travellers must book their accommodation in advance for the full 90 days (not exactly conducive with a backpackers’ flexible spirit!). However, once your quarantine is complete, the rest of the accommodation does not need to be in a state-approved hotel and can therefore be a much more affordable guesthouse or hostel.

(In order to apply for the Special Tourist Visa, you must show receipt of payment for the remaining 75 days. Or, alternatively, you must show a copy of a Thai property title deed owned by the visitor or a family member.)

Is there a way round this? If you don’t fancy the idea of booking your entire accommodation for the 90 days in advance, a possible way to get around this would be to make a reservation through a site like that can be amended or cancelled. Or, book an AirBnB for a week and ask the owner to write you a letter confirming that you will be staying there for 90 days. It’s worth a try!

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