Meditation Retreat and Orangutan Trek | 4 Days – 6 Days | From BUKIT LAWANG, INDONESIA

  • Combine trekking with wellness as you visit this tranquil, off-grid meditation centre hidden in the Indonesian jungle!
  • Visit Gunung Leuser National Park with an eco-friendly company.
  • Rest and recharge with meditation activities led by a qualified English-speaking instructor.
  • Have the chance at spotting rare and exciting wildlife in the wild, including Sumatran orangutans!
  • Two different durations available: 4-day and 6-day.

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6-Day Orangutan and Meditation Retreat Itinerary

Day 1: Stay at Sumatra Orangutan Discovery Villa in Bukit Lawang. Your accommodation will be a garden villa.
Day 2: Embark on your ethical jungle trek with your knowledgeable local guide. Hopefully, you’ll spot lots of interesting wild animals, although as with any kind of sustainable wildlife spotting, sightings are never guaranteed. After you have completed your trek in the late afternoon, you’ll get your adrenaline pumping with a fun-filled raft ride back to Bukit Lawang where you’ll stay another night in Sumatra Orangutan Discovery Villa.
Day 3: Start the day with a hearty breakfast and then pull on your boots and prepare to embark on your hike to the remote meditation retreat. Located on the edge of Gunung Leuser National Park, this hike provides another opportunity to spot wildlife. You have the afternoon free to relax, swim or use the meditation hall for self-guided yoga or meditation practice. You will stay overnight in the meditation retreat. There is a choice of three accommodation options for the retreat: shared dorm, private hut or private cottage room.
Day 4: Get ready for a full day of meditation activities, led by a local English-speaking instructor. Activities include the following:
  • Body scan: Typically involves laying flat or seated. Under instruction from your guide, you focus on different parts of the body and hone in on various bodily sensations.
  • Walking meditation: A mindfulness activity where you bring your focus to the ground beneath your feet. In this meditation, you will use walking as a way to focus your mind and relax.
  • Eating meditation: A sensory meditation that allows you to focus on the differing textures, feelings and tastes while you eat. This aims to encourage a greater connection to food.
Day 5: You will have the morning to relax at the meditation retreat. After lunch, you’ll set off on the guided hike back to the garden bungalow at Sumatra Orangutan Discovery Villa in Bukit Lawang. En route, you’ll stop at a bat cave.
Day 6: Depart Bukit Lawang.

4-Day Orangutan and Meditation Retreat Itinerary


Day 1: Arrive in Bukit Lawang and stay overnight at Sumatra Orangutan Discovery Villa.
Day 2: You’ll head into the jungle with your local guide for your ethical trek to the meditation retreat. Keep your eyes peeled for a range of wildlife including Thomas leaf monkeys, water monitor lizards, short-tailed macaques and orangutans! When you arrive at the meditation retreat, you will stay in whichever room you have booked. There are three accommodation options: shared dorm, private hut or private cottage room.
Day 3: You’ll enjoy half a day of meditation activities led by a local English-speaking instructor. After lunch, you’ll head into the jungle once more to trek back to Bukit Lawang. Upon arrival, you’ll sleep at Sumatra Orangutan Discovery Villa in the garden bungalow.

Day 4: Depart Bukit Lawang.

Additional return transport to Medan is $104USD extra per group (the car can hold 4 people). Please inform us if this is something you’re interested in when you book. 


Sumatra Orangutan Discovery – Responsible wildlife jungle treks

The South East Asia Backpacker Community have tried and tested adventures across the region and handpicked a selection of only the BEST companies to work with.

Why we chose Sumatra Orangutan Discovery

Sumatra Orangutan Discovery is built on a Welsh-Indonesian partnership. The team are passionate about giving travellers an unforgettable experience exploring Northern Sumatra and the Gunung Leuser National Park.

Through their responsible and sustainable ethos, they provide jobs for local people through partnerships with local guides, artists and farmers. All of the guides adhere to the jungle guidelines set by the Indonesia Tourist Guides Association and practice only ethical trekking which does not harm the environment or the wildlife that live there.

As well as offering bucket list experiences, all of their profits are spent in Bukit Lawang and are also used to help the local community. This is a company with a conscience (not to mention a huge passion)!

What's Included


  • Guided jungle trek/s
  • Guided meditation practices with qualified instructors
  • National Park permit
  • Lunch during jungle trek
  • Raft ride (6-day itinerary ONLY)
  • Garden Bungalow in Bukit Lawang (either 2 nights or 3 nights, depending on selected itinerary)
  • Accommodation at meditation retreat (either 1 night or 2 nights, depending on selected itinerary)


  • Transport to and from Medan (can be arranged €100 per group)
  • Food and drink not listed above

Refund Policy

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  • Date changes are entirely down to the availability of the operator and nothing to do with South East Asia Backpacker. 
  • If your date change is not agreed upon, as long as it is more than 48 hours before the start date you originally made your booking for, your deposit can be refunded in full if you wish to cancel.
  • The remaining payment for the experience is payable directly to the operator.
  • The operator can request the remaining payment via an online payment link or upon arrival at the destination.
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