Adventure Trek to Eco Bungalow | 3 Days | from LUANG PRABANG, LAOS

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  • Immerse yourself in local Laotian culture on this 3-Day “Fair Trek” Adventure. This is a Community-Based Tourism Initiative where 100% of your accommodation fee is circulated back to the community.
  • Wind your way through majestic mountains to two rural villages in northern Laos. Each night, relax in comfortable Eco Bungalows, adobe lodges in Khmu and Hmong villages of Nong Khuay and Long Lao Mai.
  • The beautiful Eco-Bungalows were conceived and built by the Tiger Trail “Fair Trek” initiative by diverse volunteers and locals and made to benefit the local community while giving travellers a rare and unforgettable experience!


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A Community-based Tourism (CBT) Initiative:

The Eco Bungalows are the result of the partnership between Tiger Trail Travel and World Volunteer, an international volunteer organization. Having seen an opportunity in Ban Nong Khuay and Ban Long Lao Mai, the groups came together to help these communities benefit from tourism to their villages.

Designed to create a supplemental income for the people of the village – 100% of your accommodation fee when you stay at the Eco Bungalow is circulated back to the community as a form of income for maintaining and working on the Bungalow.

Day 1: Half Day Trek & Eco Bungalow Stay


Your guide will pick you up at your hotel in Luang Prabang and then you will enjoy a 35-minute drive through the countryside to the starting point of our trek. Upon arrival at Ban Phonexay, you’ll begin the four-hour trek to the Khmu and Hmong village of Nong Khuay. The trek takes you deep into the jungle, over streams, through bamboo forests and up steep hills that offer magnificent views of the Laotian countryside. You will enjoy a picnic lunch along the way.

When you reach Ban Nong Khuay, your tour guide will show you to your Eco Bungalow. If time permits, you’ll take part in a 30- minute trek to Tom Douk Cave. Your guide will tell you more about this hidden cavern as you explore its dark terrain.

Back in the village, settle into your Eco Bungalow, explore the village and get to know your hosts – learn a few words of their language, try your hand at cooking traditional meals or share some pictures you’ve taken of your trip in Laos on your digital camera. Enjoy an authentic dinner in the village.

The Nong Khuay Eco-Bungalow:

This boutique clay lodge consists of two private rooms, each accommodating one or two people (a total of four people can stay in this Eco Bungalow at any time).

Each room has:
• 1 double-size bed
• Western-style bathroom
• Indoor bathroom with hot water

A homestay can be an alternative option if the client wishes. Or, if there are more than 4 people, homestays are available.

Day 2: Eco-Bungalow Stay, Lake Visit & Half Day Trek


The morning begins with breakfast with your hosts. Nong Khuay, the name of the village, translates as “Buffalo Lake”. You can hike to this famous lake after eating. (Note: The lake visit only occurs during the rainy season, July – December). Then, head out on the trail again to the Hmong village of Long Lao Mai. It’s a four-hour hike but you’ll be able to stop along the way for lunch and soak in the stunning natural scenery around you.

At Ban Long Lao Mai, your guide will show your second Eco Bungalow, your private lodge for the night. Next, you’ll take a tour of the community where you’ll meet some of your neighbours. A few of the villagers sell beautiful hand-made bracelets and other handicrafts to earn supplemental income that supports their main livelihood as subsistence farmers. The handicrafts make unique and meaningful souvenirs!

Dinner is served in the sala outside under the stars – or you may share a meal with villagers in their home. After a traditional Hmong meal, unwind in the Eco Bungalow. Then, you can enjoy a well-deserved rest following the last few days of trekking.

The Long Lao Mai Eco-Bungalow:

Each of the two private rooms at this boutique clay lodge accommodates up to four people (meaning a total eight people can stay in this Eco-Bungalow at any one time).

Each room has:
• King size bed
• Loft with 2 single mattresses
• Western-style bathroom
• Enclosed outdoor shower with hot water

If one private room is booked, the other room may be booked used by other clients. A homestay can be an alternative option if the client wishes.

Day 3: Experience Village Life


Spend some time looking around the village after breakfast. Help the locals in their daily activities like cooking or farming, or learn how to weave from villagers who are masters of the craft. After saying goodbye to the villagers, you’ll be transferred back to Luang Prabang.

Please Note: The price above is the price for a ‘group trip’, which means that there needs to be at least 2 travellers for this trek to run. If you are booking for 2 people or more, your trek date and price is guaranteed. If you are a solo traveller, we will try to team you with another group that is already running, in order to reduce costs. This may mean that we suggest an alternative date to you. If there is no-one else to join the trek or you prefer a solo trek you will need to cover the cost of two people on the trek. We will let you know the situation at the time of booking and can offer a full deposit refund to solo travellers who we are not able to team with a group if they prefer not to pay the extra fee.

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Operator Information


At Tiger Trail Travel, we are dedicated to offering our customers the highest level of travel support, services, and expertise in Laos. We take all necessary steps in order to help accommodate each individual traveller looking to discover Laos. We offer fully customisable tours that will suit your specific needs and budget.

Our Tiger Trail Travel family consists of over 60 full-time employees from Laos and abroad. We provide our local tour guides with insurance, regular training sessions, and annual employment. Our Fair Trek program is the first community-based tourism initiative in Luang Prabang. We collaborate with NGOs, international partners, and residents to ensure that local people have equal access to the social, environmental, and economic benefits of tourism. Tiger Trail Travel employs local staff and villagers to help maintain our trails. This not only benefits the local community but other tour companies that choose to use the trails we service. We offer a variety of local dishes for our day tours that are wrapped in environmentally friendly banana leaves, made MSG-Free, and prepared by the local community. Meals may vary depending on tour and availability. Please note special dietary requests upon booking your tour. With a fleet of our own vehicles, mountain bikes, motorcycles, kayaks, and rafts, we are able to bring a consistent and reliable level of quality to every tour in Laos.

Tiger Trail Travel firmly stands behind its decision to only partner with the most ethical and sustainable organisations. When our customers speak, we listen, and we act. Your safety is our highest priority. All tour guides carry an emergency kit and are properly trained in first aid care to provide the safest tour possible. We collaborate with local NGOs, international partners, and residents in our tourism activities to ensure that local people have equal access to the social, environmental, and economic benefits of tourism.


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