Wellness Package (Yoga, Detox, Meditation, Muay Thai, Massage, Hiking) @ Battle Conquer | 5 Days – 3 Months | PHETCHABUN, THAILAND

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  • A unique Fitness and Wellness retreat located in beautiful Thai countryside
  • Daily yoga, Muay Thai, CrossFit and meditation classes
  • Healthy daily meals included
  • Accommodation (AC) included
  • Local excursions such as hiking swimming, biking, waterfall and lake trips included
  • Open all year round so you can stay for as long as you want and join any time

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Muay Thai Battle Conquer Gym is an authentic, family-run retreat set in the beautiful province of Phetchabun, surrounded by stunning countryside. They are the first-ever retreat in Phetchabun opening up the opportunity for people to experience traditional Thai family life in this unique and off-the-beaten-track area…

If you are looking for some adventure with no other tourists around, living in beautiful rural Thailand with a traditional Thai family, this will be the right choice for you!

Summary: What’s Included?

  • Daily yoga class available 7 days a week
  • Twice daily Muay Thai or Western Boxing all week!
  • Crossfit style boot camp classes
  • Hiking in our surrounding countryside
  • Free PT session per week
  • Free Thai massage (number varies per package)
  • Buddha Run Challenge with Guided Meditation
  • Jungle Hike with Waterfall Meditation & swimming
  • Sunday Gym day out
  • Lake Trip
  • Swimming
  • Meeting our Monk highlight tour
  • Temple visits with guided meditation 4 days per week
  • Monkey Feeding and Fish Feeding
  • Night Market Tour
  • Day market and town trip
  • 5-day raw detox (optional)
  • Daily healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner from Noi’s Cafe
  • Coffee and Tea facilities
  • Water freely available
  • Accommodation in air-conditioned private room with en-suite
  • Room cleaned daily
  • Free use of mountain bike
  • Example daily schedule

About Battle Conquer

Our Thai family have lived in Phetchabun for decades running the farmlands and teaching Muay Thai to the locals. You’ll get to experience their humble Buddhist way of life, soaking up their traditions and of course enjoying the food. Hidden gems, such as secret waterfalls and temple caves surround the area they live in, we’ll be sure to show you our favourite spots.

Wellness Muay Thai & Western Boxing Package

Battle Conquer is set in such a wonderful rural location in the province of Phetchabun, abundant with lush green farmland, views of the distant Phetchabun Mountains, and local places of interest such as the cave temple and jungle waterfall to explore; it’s tailored for you to truly unwind from modern-day life while you focus on your health and fitness.

It’s Not Us – It’s You!

Our guests are our true secret ingredient, what makes Battle Conquer so special is you. We have guests joining from around the globe all with the same goal in mind and it makes for an incredibly supportive and fun atmosphere. Just read the reviews and you’ll see that guests make lasting friendships not just with others but with our family too.

Never tried a martial art? No problem!

The Keawma family has been involved in fighting, training, and promoting Muay Thai for decades, they accept all levels of fitness and experience making it perfect for all, age and ability are no barrier! The name of the gym itself comes from the Thai saying Phichit Suk, said to fighters for good luck and translating to “battle conquer.”

Noi (owner) and her family run and manage the camp, Noi has a background in hospitality having worked for some of Bangkok’s top hotels and father Pau has trained fighters for many years and is well known for prepping fighters for competition.

Traditional Muay Thai training

We offer group-training sessions twice a day Monday to Saturday, plus an afternoon group class on Sundays.

The group training includes shadow boxing, bag work and one on one pad work, mixed with HIIT, expect 3-minute rounds with an active recovery exercise, this style of training improves cardiovascular performance quickly. Once a week there are specific technique classes covering grappling and sparring.

Interested in competing – Please let us know! We will make sure you are fully prepared and find you a suitable opponent. The local carnival fights are a great way to show off your talents, our Thai family take it very seriously and it’s a wonderful experience for guests too, expect to have the whole camp turn up to cheer you on!

Western boxing

While the focus is on traditional Muay Thai, Muay Thai Battle Conquer Gym cross-trains fighters in Western Boxing. The fighting styles complement one another and give an extra edge.

Unique and Fun Ways to Workout

Battle Conquer is not just about fitness classes and great coaching, we offer some very unique and fun ways for you to work out, we have our Buddha Run Challenge please read through your included excursions, and our famous truck push which is all about functional fitness.


Completely optional but a great way to start your detox! We offer a 5 day raw cleanse where you’ll enjoy the freshest fruits, vegetables, and salads all selected from the farmer’s markets.

Weight Loss & Detox – in a fun and natural way

The pressures of weight loss in today’s society are crazy! Having to work through emotional eating behaviour can be extremely challenging, we know as we’ve done this ourselves so our programme teaches healthy habits rather than having you counting calories or going hungry.

The food is not only delicious but high in protein and fibre, you can eat as much fruit, veggies and salads as you like. If you want to know the science just ask Sarah!

We keep you busy, even our temple tours are active so there’s less time sitting on the sofa and more time moving. You do not need any experience, all you need to do is get there and have fun. Being surrounded by others with the same goal is inspiring. Yoga and meditation, as being surrounded by nature help to reduce stress and improve sleep, both important factors when it comes to weight loss. Finally! Drink plenty of water. Dehydration hinders weight loss.


The Buddha Run Challenge

Take the Battle Conquer challenge of climbing three hundred steep steps to a hillside temple set in a cave as many times as you can in one hour or simply relax at the top taking in the magnificent views.

Walking Trips

Being we are set in the middle of the farmlands there is plenty of nature and countryside to see. We have 2 countryside walks that are very safe and at a comfortable level for all to enjoy. There’s the option to jog if you prefer a tougher workout but the walks are lovely for active recovery.

Jungle Trail

Take a walk through the amazing jungle foliage to a hidden waterfall and take a dip in the cool waters! Join our yoga teacher for a guided meditation as you sit beneath the tumbling water.

Swimming Trips

There are some really pretty lakes near our camp. One of our favourites has rafts that you can take out onto the lake. If you’re hungry or thirsty, you can order food from the shoreline and have it delivered by boat. You’ll see some photos in the gallery. 

Sunday Gym Day Out

On a Sunday we have our cultural trip to meet the only English-speaking Monk in the Phetchabun province, please ask him many questions about his faith, enjoy listening to Buddhist teachings and philosophy, and join in with a guided meditation, all set it a beautiful part of Thailand.

Meditation & Temple Tours

The meditation experience is very special. During the week you will have the opportunity to take part in guided meditations delivered by our experienced yoga and meditation instructors at pretty temples or local landmarks. End the week with a spiritual trip to learn the teachings of Buddhism and guided meditation from our only English-speaking monk.

Yoga – Shakti Shala

Shakti is the Hindu goddess responsible for the creation and all dynamic forces in the universe, also known as The Great Divine Mother or The Universal Mother. In yoga and meditation, yogis contemplate Goddess Shakti to understand and access the shakti energy, power, and creativity in themselves and the universe, with the hope of understanding how to view their powers as expressions of the universe rather than the ego. Battle Conquer aims to empower its guests by helping them become stronger, more powerful and more self-confident so naming their Shala after the Hindu Goddess really made sense.

Fish Temple and Monkey Temple

The first stop is the market to buy bananas, make sure you have a lot as there is going to be plenty of monkey families to feed. Next stop is the pretty Fish Temple set out on a jetty with stone steps leading down to the water with the biggest carp, you can buy a small bag of fish food, walk down the stone stairs to the waters edge and throw a handful in, you’ll be amazed at just how many fish come up to greet you. Our teacher will then guide you through a peaceful meditation under the temple canopy.

Cooking Class

Interested to learn how to cook some of our family favourites? Join our chef on Fridays for a fantastic foodie experience.

Food: Traditional Healthy Thai Food

Noi’s Cafe serves up traditional home-cooked style Thai food that is particular to this region and farming community.

Our cook starts her day at 5 am to source the best and freshest ingredients from the local morning markets to ensure we have the tastiest meals ready for our hungry guests after their workouts. Battle Conquer’s Thai food is rich in protein and full of fibre making it perfect for any weight loss and training goals. Owner Noi has also developed the menu to include vegan and vegetarian twists on her traditional family recipes.


Our small village is mostly made up of family and farming people, you will find Battle Conquer in the middle of miles of rice fields as far as you can see. Staying with us will mean submerging yourself in our camp culture, and cutting off the stresses of modern-day life. We have two locations, our original camp and where it all started. We have 27 cosy lodges at our family home making camp accommodation very convenient with the yoga shala and Noi’s Cafe being simply steps from your door. few minutes walk from our first locations, camp 2 is now host to our brand new Muay Thai & Western Boxing Gym and weight training gym with all the latest high-quality equipment. Camp 2 rooms have a choice of 10 standard rooms or 8 saloon rooms.

Refund Policy

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  • Date changes are entirely down to the availability of the operator and nothing to do with South East Asia Backpacker. 
  • If your date change is not agreed upon, as long as it is more than 72 hours before the start date you originally made your booking for, your deposit can be refunded in full if you wish to cancel.
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Why Book With Us?

Hi, I’m Nikki and I started South East Asia Backpacker in 2008 after my own first solo backpacking trip! My vision was to create a travel diary for everyone, a place for travellers to share their experiences from the road. After backpacking and writing about Southeast Asia for over 10 years, I saw the opportunity to provide backpackers with the kind of experiences that I’d treasured myself in the region! 

Today, there is so much choice, but there are a lot of poor-quality tours and companies that offer mediocre experiences with little care for the environment. I wanted to create a selection of the best tours and activities to help backpackers avoid scams and dodgy tour companies.

Today, I run this website with my partner, Dave, from Spain, where we live with our energetic two-year-old daughter, Evie. All of the bookable activities that you will find on this website have been vetted by a member of our team and we have a friendly relationship with the operator. There are real humans behind South East Asia Backpacker and we are passionate about sustainable travel and development in Southeast Asia.

We are committed to helping travellers at every stage of the journey and understand that plans can change which is why we offer a full discount on the deposit up to 48 hours before the start of your trip, no questions asked. We offer advice on flights, visas, itineraries, hostels, backpacks, packing and more!

If you have any questions about our business or any of the tours that we provide, feel free to contact me on Whatsapp.

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1 review for Wellness Package (Yoga, Detox, Meditation, Muay Thai, Massage, Hiking) @ Battle Conquer | 5 Days – 3 Months | PHETCHABUN, THAILAND

  1. Christina

    Awesome experience!!! Everyone was so welcoming from the moment I arrived and such great atmosphere and vibe.

    I stayed for 2-weeks on the Wellness Package to regain my strength and fitness, mentally reset and get back into a good routine …I did not want to leave! The programme is well thought-out and balanced with options so there is something for everyone.

    All the staff and instructors are amazing – such lovely, beautiful people and professional. All the coaching is clear and inclusive for all abilities. I loved starting the mornings with meditation and yoga with Chris or Grace, surrounded by the sounds of nature and soft drumbeat. Then, it was onto Muay Thai training, which started with a decent half hour warm-up and finished with a good cool-down (usually a fun inventive game) and stretch. Each instructor was attentive, patient and took pride in teaching correct technique. They were always cheerful, full of enthusiasm and great sense of humour. Every session was fun and challenging to own ability. Great tunes too.

    With the Wellness Package, you get certain number of free personalised 1-on-1 Muay Thai training sessions and Thai massages per week, but I paid the extra to have one of each most days (as well as the programmed sessions) and it was definitely worth it! For the 1-on-1 PT sessions, you can choose your instructor and what you want to work on and achieve. For mine, I kept with the same trainer, Nat, as I was only staying for short while, so he knew my strengths and weaknesses and what techniques I needed to work on. Nat is an awesome instructor (as they all are) and he taught me so much in a short space of time. I thoroughly enjoyed every training session.

    There is so much to see and do at Battle Conquer’s beautiful location and you can dip in and out of activities, with no pressure. However, everyone (including guests, who were all so lovely and diverse too) was encouraging.

    The food was amazing – so tasty and delicious, with fresh meat, eggs, veg and fruit. I thoroughly enjoyed every meal. There is also plant based protein drink on offer.

    I stayed in one of the White Saloon Rooms which was very comfortable with private wet rooms and cleaned everyday by the lovely cleaning staff. There is an efficient laundry service too.

    I highly recommend Battle Conquer. I will definitely be returning.

    I cannot thank everyone at Battle Conquer enough for a truly amazing experience – THANK YOU! ?

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