Do Backpackers Smell? 5 Low Maintenance Tips to Keeping up Appearances on the Road…

While travelling, it’s pretty easy to fall into a downwards spiral of laziness when it comes to looking after our appearance. It get’s to the point where clean, nice clothes are a thing of the past and we only wash our hair for a special occasion! But folks – it doesn’t have to be that difficult! Must we conform to that smelly, scruffy backpacker stereotype?

Just Another Flag for the Backpack… Or a Lasting Memory?

Why do you think as backpackers that we like to tick places off a list? Get stamps in our passports? Declare things completed? A trend amongst some backpackers in South East Asia is sewing flags of the countries you have visited to your backpack. Would you ever sew a flag onto your backpack?

How to Dress Like a Backpacker in 5 Easy Steps

Worried about your fashion wardrobe in South East Asia? Will you fit in with the flashpackers and stylish travellers? And how will you make sure your money belt doesn’t bulge out of your hot pants? Let fashion guru, Alexandra Jimenez of blog ‘Travel Fashion Girl’ fill you in on the catwalk of South East Asia…

Stitched up in Hoi An! Welcome to Vietnam’s Fashion Capital…

London, Paris, New York, Milan… Hoi An! There’s quaint little town on the central coast of Vietnam, home to a unique and extremely addictive shopping experience… Here you can have any item of clothing or footwear tailor made for a tiny fraction of what you’d pay in the West – is it even possible to resist at least a couple of small purchases (even if it means lugging them around the whole of South East Asia in your already overstuffed backpack)? S.E.A Backpacker Magazine Editor, Nikki Scott was up for the challenge!

Shopping Basket
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