Do Backpackers Smell? 5 Low Maintenance Tips to Keeping up Appearances on the Road…

While travelling, it’s pretty easy to fall into a downward spiral of laziness when it comes to looking after our appearance. It gets to the point where clean, nice clothes are a thing of the past and we only wash our hair for a special occasion! But folks – it doesn’t have to be that difficult! Must we conform to that smelly, scruffy backpacker stereotype? Now, girls – you don’t need to spend four hours in front of the mirror applying layers of foundation and burning our fingers on curling tongs – and guys, there’s no need for fake tan, eyebrow plucking and chest waxing á la Geordie Shore! No one’s got time for that! All you need to do is follow these steps and you’ll be a backpacking God / Goddess in no time. It requires minimal effort, I promise!
a smiling backpacker with Stray Away guide - Mae Wang, Thailand
Proving you can still look glam with a bit of mud on your face!

1. Be Clean

It’s a simple one, yet many backpackers fail to realise that a quick wash is all it takes! Just because you’re living on a budget doesn’t mean you need to be dirty!  A quick shower can make you feel alive again. It’s the perfect hangover cure and is a lifesaver in thirty-degree heat. If you’re near the beach you can also use sand as an exfoliant, as it makes your skin feel silky smooth. Just remember to wash it off. And before you ask, no, going in the ocean doesn’t count as having a shower!
a group swimming in the waterfalls - Mae Wang, Thailand
Having a shower in Southeast Asia doesn’t have to be dull!

2. Be Protected

The sun gives out essential happiness vitamins, so get out there, but make sure you’re protected. Sunstroke sweats and a bright red face isn’t the best look and you don’t want to damage yourself in the future. Make sure that you’re chasing the sun with Factor 30 in your beach bag!
A girl on a beach in Asia.
Rasberry skin is not a good look – stay in the shade in Asia’s strong sun!

3. Keep Fit

Don’t worry, I’m not telling you that while you’re on the road you should be working out to insanity every morning. That involves way too much effort! All you need to do is go outdoors and explore your destination. Walk around a new city, ride bikes through the countryside or go for a swim in the ocean. It’s pretty easy to exercise when you’re on the constantly on the move. You’ve got this!
Cycling and walking is fun and the only exercise you need!

4. Be Natural

Looking good doesn’t require much effort when you’ve got sunkissed skin and a beaming smile. Just keep the hair growth under control and girls, remember that minimal makeup is the way forward when you’re travelling, as half the time you’ll be sweating it off or smudging it anyway. All you need is an eyebrow pencil, good mascara and a little bit of lippy that compliments your tone. It will only take you 15 minutes to get ready and you’ll look absolutely radiant. Trust me! 
Smile Hostel Koh Phangan
Just smile! @ Smile Hostel, Koh Phangan.

5. Be Blissful

Try new things and grab every great opportunity that is thrown your way. There is no finer beauty than the glow of happiness!
Group of backpackers watch the sunset in Thailand.
Be blissful!
Samantha Starling

Samantha AKA ‘The Pole Dancing Travel Geek’ has hung up her stilettos, packed her backpack and boarded flights to places she’d never before dreamed of! She documents her fabulous travel experiences on her blog ‘Totally Sam’s World’ and has many passions in life; she’s a dancer, shopaholic, music lover, writer and dreamer.

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