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Elephants in river

What Is an Ethical Elephant Sanctuary?

Knowing what a truly ethical elephant sanctuary looks like will help you support the right organisations during your time in Southeast Asia. This article, with the opinions of experts, will tell you all you need to know!

BEES Elephant Sanctuary: A New Kind of Elephant Tourism

BEES Elephant Sanctuary: A New Kind of Elephant Tourism

Looking for a truly ethical elephant experience? Head to BEES elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai and lead by example to change the animal tourism industry in Thailand! Read about what an average day spent at BEES is like and also more about the great work they are doing to care for retired elephants.

Never Forget Elephant Foundation

Elephant Sanctuaries in Thailand + Southeast Asia: Making an Ethical Choice

Elephant Tourism in Thailand takes many forms; from riding elephants to bathing them, watching them paint, dance & other horrors! Many camps in Thailand claim to be ‘sanctuaries’, but how can you tell that the elephants are being treated well & your experience is beneficial to their well-being? Daughter of a Mahout, Tidarat Jitsook (Ann) explains all…

Komodo Island Shut-Down: Fake News?

Komodo dragons are one of Southeast Asia’s most alluring creatures. Komodo National Park attracts more visitors by the day. What does this mean for the dragons themselves. Samantha Lego tells us what she learnt on a recent trip.

The prisoners of Cat Ba National Park.

The Furry Prisoners of Cat Ba National Park, Vietnam

For an animal lover, travel in Southeast Asia can, at times, bring with it unpleasant surprises. On a recent visit to Cat Ba National Park in Northern Vietnam, I was disgusted to see three macaque monkeys kept in appalling conditions in barren concrete prisons, much to the delight of several Chinese tourists. I urge every traveller to avoid this National Park.

Orangutan in Sarawak Borneo

5 Reasons to Travel Sarawak, Borneo!

Sarawak, Borneo is a place that combines wildlife, beauty and adventure! From orangutans to mouth-watering laksa, this underestimated island packs a punch.

Backpacking? It’s a dog’s life! Volunteering with Lanta Animal Welfare in Koh Lanta, Thailand

Would you like to give something back whilst you travel? Sometimes it is not all about seeing the Top 10 sights in a country, but about staying put for a while and finding out more about how your visit can help the local community. Jessica Simmonds from Scotland decided to take time out of her gap year to volunteer for three months in Thailand. She chose Lanta Animal Welfare, (LAW) a non-profit organisation based on Koh Lanta, Thailand, which takes care of the large population of stray dogs and cats on the island. Her experience was fun, rewarding and most of all valuable to the local area…

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