Local fishermen bring their boat to shore in Tangalla Sri-Lanka

Tangalla, Sri Lanka: Beach Paradise on the Surf Lovin’ South Coast

Tangalla, also known as Tangalle, has the most perfect beach I have ever seen, with long stretches of white sandy beaches dotted with palm trees. The water is so crystal clear and depending on the sunshine the ocean can turn all shades of blue. You can walk for hours along the coastline and not see a single other tourist! I loved the sound of tropical birds and the breathtaking views of the mangrove lagoons.

Can you Surf in Thailand? Yes You Can!

This might come as a surprise even for experienced surfers, but surfing in Thailand does exist! Just a little more 5 years ago people would barely know that waves that hit the west coast of Thailand are actually surfable. But today the surfing culture is developing rapidly. So where is the best place to surf?

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