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9 Cheapest Countries in Asia to Visit

Are you looking for a budget-friendly trip? Look no further! This shortlist of the cheapest countries in Asia promises amazing travel experiences and excellent bang for your buck!

Backpacking Southeast Asia on a Budget: A Shoestring Guide!

Backpacking on a Shoestring: 28 Budget Travel Tips!

For many newbie backpackers, Southeast Asia is the perfect first-time destination. With beer from 25 cents, meals for a dollar and accommodation for just a few bucks, if you know what your doing you could travel for years on just a few thousand dollars! Read our tips here!

Exploring the local market in Hoi An

The Do’s and Don’ts of Haggling in Southeast Asia

Backpacking on a budget? Learn how to make your dollar stretch a long way with this Do’s and Don’ts guide to haggling in South East Asia. From tuk tuk rides to trips to the market you need to be armed with your skills everywhere you go.

Hong Kong

Can You Travel Hong Kong on a Backpacker Budget?

Over all, Hong Kong cost us around HKD$3,500 for two people for three nights. Solo travellers might find themselves spending a little less than this. It’s a beautiful city with so much to offer, and its often overlooked by backpackers. We wholeheartedly believe that anyone who doesn’t visit here is missing the opportunity to see a different side to China, unlike anywhere else.

How to Sail The World – For The Cost of Groceries!

It’s an incomprehensible dream: live on a sailboat touring the world. Something you’ve perhaps dreamed of, but never thought possible. Meet Greg and Tiffany an American couple who are making it happen, from Tahiti to New Zealand to San Diego, they travel the world- for free! Here they share their experiences and help you realize that living from the boat deck could easily become your reality too!

The Walls of a Temple in Chiang Mai Seen Through a Fish Eye Lens

10 Alternative and Free Things To Do in Chiang Mai, Thailand

You always hear about the trekking, the night markets, the cooking courses and the street stalls of Chiang Mai, but take a second look and you’ll see so much more in this northern Thai town. Want to get away from the crowd at the Sunday Walking Street or blaring reggae and hip hop beats of Babylon Bar? Guest writer, Alana Morgan, takes a very different look at one of Thailand’s most popular cities…

Top 10 Things To Do on a Budget in Singapore

Perceived as an economic concrete jungle, Singapore is recognised for being a worldwide financial center powerhouse. For this reason, many travellers on a budget visiting South East Asia fail to consider Singapore as a travel destination. However, there is more to Singapore than just banks! The city exudes with diverse and countless points of interest, stunning parks and gardens and a fascinating mix cultures representing many other areas of Asia. Even on a tight budget, it is nice to know these Top 10 will not put a dent in the pocketbook…

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