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View across the valley near Pai, Mae Hong Son

The Bus From Chiang Mai to Pai: Crazy Thoughts Along The Way!

It’s no secret that the drive from Chiang Mai to Pai is a daunting one. It’s a steep and winding road that will make you feel every single one of its 762 turns along the notorious Route 1095. I just didn’t think I would lose my sanity over it!

5 Emotional Stages of Long Distance Bus Travel in Sumatra

You’ll begin your long distance bus journey in Sumatra with an optimistic attitude. It won’t last. Read Clare Absolon’s witty take on the five emotional stages of bus travel on the Indonesian Isle and prepare yourself for your character-building adventure!

Public transport in Southeast Asia

10 Essential Tips For Public Transport in South East Asia!

Chicken buses, tuk tuks, songthaews… Whether you’re on the so-called “VIP’ nightbus in Thailand, the public jeepney in Manila, or just learning to handle a scooter, being in transit in South East Asia provides just as many stories as the destinations themselves. Will you ever get there? Here are 10 essential tips on how to cope with the weird and wonderful transport options of South East Asia…

The Shell of an Abandoned Bus in a Desert

10 Tips To Help Survive Long Bus Journeys

An overnight bus journey can easily save you 90% of what a flight would cost, but of course a flight would take only a couple of hours, whereas you’re on that bus for the long haul There are, however, some simple steps you can take to make sure your 36 hours trapped in a bumpy steel can are as comfortable as possible, Travel Experts, Two Monkeys Travel give us some important tips…

Bus to the Hari Raya Festival, Brunei

Did You Know? Now You Can Book Buses, Trains and Boats in South East Asia Online!

Sometimes, booking transport can be a hassle. There are so many different companies, so many options and so many eager salespeople urging you to buy their ticket! So how do you avoid getting scammed? Despite the fact that the guy in the travel agent is very friendly – how do you know that this is a safe, official company that you are booking with? Here’s an insider tip!

7 Epic Journeys in South East Asia

Some involve arduous days on a hot, cramped bus, some consist of a five minute breezy ride on the turquoise sea… no matter how long or short, there are some journeys from your backpacking adventure that you will never forget! We spoke to backpackers to find out the most memorable trips in South East Asia. From the famous 27 hour Laos-Vietnam bus, to the infamous tuk tuks of Bangkok, how many journeys can you tick off?

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