Did You Know? Now You Can Book Buses, Trains and Boats in South East Asia Online!

Bus to the Hari Raya Festival, Brunei

As backpackers, we spend a lot of the time on buses, trains, boats and planes.

Although the photos we upload to Facebook show is sipping a cold beer watching a sunset on the beach, what you don’t see is the downtime spent waiting at bus stations and going from travel agent to travel agent in the heat trying to get the best price on a bus ticket!

Sometimes, booking transport can be a hassle. There are so many different companies, so many options and so many eager salespeople urging you to buy their ticket! So how do you avoid getting scammed? Despite the fact that the guy in the travel agent is very friendly – how do you know that this is a safe, official company that you are booking with? The fact is you don’t.

Florence Train Station BangkokWaiting at train stations.

New Online Booking System to book buses and trains!

Recently, we discovered an online transport booking website called 12GO.Asia that allows you to book buses, trains and flights to hundreds of destinations in Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia online. You can even search departures that are leaving the very next day and be certain that you are booking with an official company at a really good price!

You can view the up to date timetable for buses in Thailand here.

Search Departures Now!

Download the app to Your iPhone

You can download the app to your phone via Google Play or the App Store – and book straight from your iPhone or Android. It’s so easy. Click the link here or search 12GO Asia in your application centre – the app is completely free. You can use 12GO.ASIA from anywhere as long as you have Internet access and you can pay quickly and safely by credit or debit card.

So how does it work?

After successful booking of a bus or ferry ticket via the 12GO.Asia website, you’ll receive a booking confirmation number by email or by SMS. All you need to do is print off the PDF file of the e-ticket and show this number to the bus operator. You will also need proof of identity such as a passport or Driving license.

If you are booking a train ticket, as Thailand’s State Railway does not yet accept e-tickets, you need to pick up your ticket at the office. If you like – you can also have the train ticket delivered to your hotel anywhere in Thailand for just 150 baht or $5 USD.

Sleeper Train from Bangkok to Chang Mai, ThailandSleeper Train from Bangkok to Chang Mai, Thailand 

Unlike in Europe and the USA, South East Asia has never before had a comprehensive online system to book buses, ferries and trains and that’s why this system is pretty cool, saving backpackers precious time and money.

Stressful haggling over buying a bus ticket to the islands has just become a thing of the past. Waiting in a tuk tuk in a traffic jam to get to the train station just to purchase your ticket direct – you’ll never have to do that again.

And all this means is that you can spend more time relaxing on the beach!

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAGet to the beautiful Thai islands faster!

Opportunity for Travel Bloggers:

At the moment, 12GO.Asia are looking for travel bloggers to write reviews of their service on their own blogs. They will fund the transportation (bus, ferry, rail, flight) in exchange for honest, full-weight reviews of the journey and destination written up on their personal blog. Can you help? Get in touch with them through their website. 

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Trust us, we can't wait either...

  • Updates on travel in Southeast Asia.
  • A mix of fun & thought-provoking articles.
  • Honest trip planning advice.