Caramoan, Caramines Sur

Caramoan Philippines  

Play a game of Survivor and discover why the makers of the popular reality TV show and most of its foreign franchises cannot be swayed from picking another destination to shoot Survivor. Backpackers won’t be able to help themselves from kissing every grain of sand that surrounds the group of islands in the province of Camarines Sur. Even we had to restrain ourselves from filtering seawater and killing wild pigs because of the almost-real feeling of being marooned in the virgin unknown.

Caramoan Philippines 2

The islands of Caramoan are a secret paradise little visited by backpackers and tourists. With impossibly white beaches and clear waters, there are incredible opportunities for kayaking, snorkeling, diving, rock climbing and exploring lagoons and caves.

Getting there: Camarines Sur is 45 minutes away from Manila by flight. Check out Cebu Pacific Air for cheap flights. To get to Caramoan is to stare at the vast sea and looming greens on the banks from the ferry for two hours.

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