Where to Watch Muay Thai in Bangkok – The Best Muay Thai Stadiums!

Fight at Rajadamnern Stadium Bangkok

Thailand is the unequivocal home of Muay Thai. It’s the national sport and becoming a professional fighter is an honourable career across the country. 

This is no more evident than in Bangkok where you can’t move for Muay Thai merchandise, adverts or fight nights. It’s a true mecca for fighters with Muay Thai shops lining the streets and a gym around every corner!

But knowing where to watch Muay Thai in Bangkok isn’t as simple as you’d expect. While a number of venues put on fight nights, they’re not created equal. 

So, if you want to see Muay Thai in Bangkok, we’ve put together this guide on the best places to watch one of the world’s most exciting combat sports!

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Best Muay Thai Stadiums to Watch a Fight in Bangkok

Rajadamnern Stadium 

Just a 20-minute walk from the backpacker hub of Khao San Road, Rajadamnern is perfect for the casual tourist interested in catching their first Muay Thai fight amid a buzzing atmosphere.

Rajadamnern Stadium, Muay Thai Stadium in Bangkok.
Rajadamnern Stadium, Muay Thai Stadium in Bangkok.

When Are Fights at Rajadamnern Stadium Held?

Fights at Rajadamnern Stadium are held on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Starting times vary between 17:00 and 18:30 depending on the night and who’s on the card. 

How to Get to Rajadamnern Stadium

Getting to Rajadamnern is relatively easy. It’s located not far from Democracy Monument, a 20-minute walk from the backpacker hub of Khao San Road. However, it’s not well served by public transport, with the closest BTS station being Ratchathewi (40-minute walk) and the closest MRT being Sam Yot (25-minute walk).

Tickets for Rajadamnern Stadium

Tickets for Rajadamnern Stadium can be bought from the stadium’s website. They cost around 2000 THB ($55USD) for ringside and 1500 THB ($40USD) for second-tier seats. 

About Rajadamnern Stadium 

The oldest and arguably most prestigious Muay Thai stadium in Thailand, Rajadamnern is the real deal when it comes to getting an authentic Muay Thai experience. 

Muay Thai fighters competing in a ring at Rajadamnern Stadium
Two fighters competing at Rajadamnern Stadium

Construction on the stadium started in 1941 but wasn’t finished until 1945, thanks to that pesky World War. The first fight took place in the stadium in December 1945. 

Tourists are often sold expensive ringside tickets. They offer a good view but it’s more interesting to soak up the ambience of the boisterous crowd in the second or third-tier seats. 

Warning! Third-level seats are the highest and can sometimes have an obstructed view which is why you can get them pretty cheap (starting from 500 THB/$14USD).

Although gambling is illegal in Thailand, betting on Muay Thai fights in proper stadiums is permitted. Pay attention if you’re sitting on the second tier – this is where the majority of gambling goes on. Keep an eye out for the intricate hand signals used by bookmakers and punters, it’s a cultural experience in its own right. 

Outside the stadium, there are plenty of street food stalls where you can stock up on tasty snacks. (Food and drink from outside are not allowed inside the stadium.) 

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Photos courtesy of Rajadamnern.com.

New Lumpinee Stadium

More difficult to reach than Rajadamnern, Lumpinee is usually frequented by hardcore Muay Thai fans and travellers seeking a grittier experience. 

Muay Thai Fighters Competing at Lumpinee Stadium, Bangkok.
Lumpinee Stadium, Bangkok.

When Are Fights at New Lumpinee Stadium Held?

Muay Thai fights at New Lumpinee Stadium are usually held on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. They start between 17:00 and 18:30, depending on which night you’re there. 

How to Get to New Lumpinee Stadium

New Lumpinee Stadium is based around 22km from Khao San Road, so it’s not the easiest place to get to! 

The best option is to take the BTS to Kasetsart station and get a taxi or Grab for the last leg of the journey. You can walk from the station but it’s 7km along busy roads. Getting a taxi is by far the most comfortable option. 

Tickets for New Lumpinee Stadium

Tickets for New Lumpinee Stadium can be purchased from the official website (if it’s working) or on the door when you arrive. It’s sometimes possible to get your accommodation provider to order tickets for you. 

The tickets cost around 2000THB ($55USD) for ringside and standing tickets can be as little as 200THB ($5USD). 

About New Lumpinee Stadium

Another legendary Muay Thai Stadium, Lumpinee, has been hosting the world’s best Muay Thai fighters since 1956. Until 2014, Lumpinee Stadium was THE place to watch Muay Thai in Bangkok. However, when they moved the stadium to its new, larger location, it became much more difficult to reach. Public transport gets you close but you’re still going to want a taxi to cover the rest of the journey. Plus with fights starting around rush hour, it can make getting to the venue a nightmare. 

Fight at Lumpinee Muay Thai Stadium
Lumpinee stadium attracts the big name fighters.

Since the move, the stadium was officially christened the New Lumpinee Stadium but most continue to refer to it as ‘Lumpinee’. Living up to its official name, the ‘New Lumpinee Stadium’ is super modern, clean and shiny and a far cry from the old dilapidated stadium where a cat once famously fell through the roof during a fight. 

Despite its less convenient location, the New Lumpinee Stadium is still a favourite among hardcore fans, many of whom will tell you there’s nothing like a Lumpinee fight. The atmosphere is exhilarating from start to finish. 

For the average backpacker, we’d usually recommend Rajadamnern over Lumpinee due to easy access. However, for Muay Thai aficionados, Lumpinee is still worth checking out!

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Photos courtesy of Lumpineemuaythai.com.

Channel 7 Stadium

Channel 7 Stadium offers budget-conscious backpackers a chance to experience a Muay Thai fight without the price tag.

Channel 7 Muay Thai Stadium Ring With Fighters Competing
Channel 7 Stadium, Bangkok draws quite the audience!

When Are Fights at Channel 7 Stadium Held?

Fights are held at Channel 7 Stadium every Sunday. The action normally starts at 14:00 but we recommend getting there early to secure a spot!

How to Get to Channel 7 Stadium

Channel 7 Stadium is a 15-minute walk from Chatuchak market, which is located right next to the BTS stop Mo Chit or the MRT stop, Chatuchak Park.

Tickets for Channel 7 Stadium

Standing tickets for Channel 7 Stadium are free! Seated tickets start at around 300THB ($8USD).

About Channel 7 Stadium

Once a well-kept secret among locals, Channel 7 Stadium gets its name from the TV station, Channel 7 who air the fights every Sunday. Admission is free, so the stadium is always packed to the rafters with local enthusiasts and these days, foreign fans. 

The stadium itself is essentially a TV studio with a boxing ring set up in the middle. Fights at Channel 7 Stadium begin during the day, rather than in the evening. 

Channel 7 Stadium TV
Channel 7 Stadium fights are televised!

As with most Muay Thai stadiums in Bangkok, you’ll find an electrifying atmosphere, overexcited fans and, of course, the obligatory gamblers. The stadium attracts big-name fighters and the experience is no less authentic than at any of the other stadiums on this list.

As the fights appear on Thai national television, audience members are required to wear formal attire. Men must wear a collared shirt (a polo shirt is fine) with closed shoes. Ladies mustn’t wear open-toed shoes and need to cover their knees and shoulders. For those who turn up in flip-flops and a tank top, you can buy more formal clothing outside the stadium – for an inflated price of course! A better option is to pick up something from Chatuchak Market on your way there. 

As for food and drink, there’s a 7-11 right outside the stadium but you’re not allowed to take food in with you! 

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Photos from MuayThai7.com.

Siam Boxing Stadium (Omnoi)

Based further outside Bangkok than the other big stadiums, Siam Boxing holds 4000 spectators and delivers more KOs than the more esteemed venues. 

When Are Fights at Siam Boxing Stadium Held?

Fights at Siam Boxing Stadium are held on Saturdays. They start around midday and continue into the early afternoon. 

How to Get to Siam Boxing Stadium

Siam Boxing Stadium is a 10-minute walk from the Wat Sri Samrat Bamrung bus stop. It involves at least one change of bus and the journey can take a couple of hours from central Bangkok. A taxi is often easier but can be expensive. 

Tickets for Siam Boxing Stadium

Entry into Siam Boxing Stadium is around 500THB ($14USD) and tickets are available on the door. Your accommodation provider in Bangkok might be able to help you get tickets before you make the journey to the stadium. 

About Siam Boxing Stadium 

Although it’s officially named Siam Boxing Stadium, this Muay Thai venue is colloquially referred to as Omnoi Stadium. It opened in its first iteration in the early ‘80s but the stadium gained popularity so rapidly that by the end of the decade, it needed to move to a larger venue.

Facing pushback from Bangkok’s larger stadiums who didn’t want to compete for punters, Siam Boxing agreed to open the new venue roughly 30km outside the city. This can make getting to the stadium a bit of a hassle but it’s still easier than getting to New Lumpinee Stadium! 

With enough room for 4000 spectators, Omnoi Stadium can get pretty wild. It’s more common to see foreign fighters competing against one another here and knockouts are more common than in some of the more esteemed Muay Thai gyms in Bangkok! If you’re looking for maximum drama, Omnoi Stadium is the place to be!

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MBK Fight Night

Free fights in and easy to get to location? Sign us up!

When Are Fights at MBK Fight Night Held?

Fights at MBK are held once a month on Wednesday from 18:00-20:00

How to Get to MBK Fight Night

MBK Fight Night takes place outside the giant Tokyu department store at the MBK Center. To get to MBK shopping mall, take the BTS to National Stadium Station and follow the signs to the mall. Alternatively, you can take the BTS to Siam Station and walk ten minutes to MBK. 

MBK mall Bangkok
MBK mall in Bangkok Thailand from Wikimedia Commons by D Ramey LoganCC-BY-SA 3.0

Tickets for MBK Fight Night

Admission is free, just turn up on the night! 

About MBK Fight Night

MBK Fight Night started in 2010, with the aim of spreading Thai culture through free-to-watch fights. In 2012, the World Muay Thai Organisation took over the running of events at MBK Fight Night and in 2020, they took the somewhat unusual step of including MMA matches on the card. 

What makes MBK Fight Night unique is its location. The fights are held in an open-air ring, directly outside the giant Tokyu department store. While this means you won’t experience the same charged atmosphere as in other Muay Thai arenas in Bangkok, the free entry and laidback crowd make for a good first experience for Muay Thai virgins. 

MBK Fight Night offers an opportunity to see foreign fighters competing and it’s common for women to be on the card too. 

The whole night only lasts a couple of hours, so you don’t need to commit an entire evening! 

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Rangsit Stadium

A mainstay for Muay Thai enthusiasts, Rangsit Stadium isn’t as prestigious as Bangkok’s more well-known venues but still delivers excellent fights and an incredible night out!

Rangsit Muay Thai Stadium Steps

When Are Fights at Rangsit Stadium Held?

Fights at Rangsit Stadium are usually held every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. At midday on Sunday, Rangsit hosts young and beginner matches. Professional fighters compete at 16:00. 

How to Get to Rangsit Stadium

Rangsit Stadium is located reasonably close to Rangsit University and Don Mueang Airport. However, the easiest way to get there is via taxi or Grab. 

The address is: Rangsit Boxing Stadium, 323 Phahonyothin Rd, Tambon Prachathipat, Thanyaburi District, Pathum Thani.

Tickets for Rangsit Stadium

Tickets for fights at Rangsit Stadium cost between 100-300 THB ($3-$8USD) for the basic ticket depending on which day you visit. However, this can reach as high as 1500 THB ($40USD) if you want the VIP seats which include two free drinks and a great view! 

About Rangsit Stadium 

Originally opened in 1962, Rangsit stadium has moved many times over the years. The current stadium is a state-of-the-art Muay Thai facility equipped with top-notch lighting and sound systems. 

Rangsit Muay Thai Stadium Ring Fighters

Regardless of the moves, Rangsit has become a mainstay for the committed Muay Thai enthusiast. It’s smaller than Bangkok’s more prestigious stadiums but still offers an exciting experience for spectators. 

Expect to see foreign fighters here, as well as female competitors.

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Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives – Not Really a Fight Night!

While it’s not a ‘proper’ Muay This fight night, The Legend Lives offers excellent entertainment! 

When Is Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives

Every day except Monday. 

How to Get to Muay Thai Live

Muay Thai Live is held at the Asiatique Riverfront. Follow signs to Warehouse 4 and The Stage to find the show. 

To get to the Asiatique, get the BTS to Siphon Taksin. From there, the free shuttle at the end of the pier will take you to the Riverfront. They run every 15 minutes. Return boats are also free and run every 15 minutes too. 

You can also get a taxi to the Asiatique.

Tickets for Muay Thai Live

Tickets for Muay Thai live cost 1200-1500THB ($30-$40USD) depending on the seats you choose. Children’s tickets start at 500THB ($14USD). Tickets are available online or on the door. 

About Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives

Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives isn’t a proper Muay Thai fight night. It’s the stage show we didn’t know we needed! This stage show combines cheesy stage theatrics with adrenaline-pumping stunts and incredibly choreographed Muay Thai fights. 

The story follows the history of Muay Thai, highlighting some of the most important events and fighters within the sport’s evolution. After the main show, a series of real Muay Thai fights take place – these aren’t choreographed!

Muay Thai enthusiasts with no interest for the stage may find this show contrived and a little silly but keep an open mind and it can provide a great night of entertainment! 

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Is There a Dress Code for Watching Muay Thai in Bangkok

It depends. Some venues in Bangkok will have a dress code. This usually means you need to wear some kind of shirt with a collar (polo shirts are generally accepted), long trousers and closed-toe shoes. Televised fights have a much stricter dress code than non-televised fights – especially for tourists. Expect to be noticed if you don’t meet the dress code, even if the locals aren’t adhering to it either! 

How Much Does It Cost to Watch a Muay Thai Fight in Bangkok?

The cost of watching Muay Thai in Bangkok ranges from completely free to a few thousand Baht, depending on the venue, seats and what fights are on that night. 
If you’re unsure whether Muay Thai is for you, try out free fights at MBK Fight Night or the Channel 7 Stadium standing tickets. 
If you’re training at a Muay Thai gym in Bangkok, ask them if they can arrange discounted tickets for you. Many gyms can arrange cheap or sometimes free tickets for their students! Plus, if you ever get the opportunity to fight at Rajadamnern Stadium, you’ll get free entry for two years! 
If you’re happy to bring children to a fight, kids under 120cm are offered free entry to the biggest Muay Thai stadiums in Bangkok! It’s a great way to get them interested in the sport from a young age.

Round Up of Watching Muay Thai in Bangkok

Bangkok is home to some of the best Muay Thai fighters in the world. With countless high-level gyms and training camps, the talent on display in the city’s stadiums is unmissable. No matter whether you’re a die-hard fan of the sport or a Muay Thai newbie, watching a fight at one of the stadiums mentioned makes for a night to remember! 

Where is your favourite place to watch Muay Thai in Bangkok? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Saw a fight in Rajadamnern Stadium in Jan 2023 and it was a great experience! They seem to have fights every night now though, instead of only few nights a week like the article said.

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