Where to Train Muay Thai in Bangkok – Gyms and Training Camps

Khongsittha Muay Thai Gym, Bangkok.

For fighting enthusiasts, a trip to the Thai capital isn’t complete without experiencing one of Bangkok’s Muay Thai gyms. They cater for complete beginners, professional fighters and everyone in-between. The best gyms are run and staffed by top-level fighters and in some, it’s possible to meet and be trained by world champions. 

 So, if you’re looking for the best training camps in Bangkok, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve combined the knowledge of our South East Asia Backpacker team and spoken to fighters in our Facebook Community to pick out the best places to train Muay Thai in Bangkok. 

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Top Gyms for Muay Thai Training in Bangkok

Muay Thai is increasingly popular with foreigners in Thailand. It’s a great way to get fit, lose weight and tone up. And for more serious fighters, intense Muay Thai training camps offer the perfect chance to get ready for your next fight.

The crew at Master Toddy Muay Thai Gym.
Tourists and locals train together in Bangkok’s best Muay Thai gyms!

If you’re interested in the ‘art of eight limbs’, training at a gym in Bangkok is a great crash course to the sport. Learning in Thailand’s capital puts you in the thick of the action and when you’re done for the day, kick back with one of the many books about Muay Thai and prepare to be enraptured by the history of the sport!

The gyms listed below are all within, or very close to, Bangkok. They have excellent facilities and a proven track record when it comes to Muay Thai training! 

All prices are listed in $USD. These may fluctuate slightly with exchange rates. 

Petchyindee Kingdom

  • Where: 36/36 Soi Charansanitwong 34 Charansanitwong Road, Arun-Amarin, Bangkok 10700 Thailand
  • Price for 1 week: Approx $300USD
  • Price for 1 month: Contact the gym directly for full packages
  • Full Packages Include: Morning fitness and cardio sessions, Muay Thai training in the afternoon and 2 x meals per day. There’s also a personal fitness advisor and a nutritionist on hand to guide you through your training. 

Petchyindee Kingdom Is Perfect for:

  • Those who want an up-to-date gym and facilities. Training at Petchyindee Kingdom grants you access to the fully air-conditioned gym, sauna and steam room. 
  • People wanting to be surrounded by friendly, welcoming staff and trainers.
  • Travellers who want a historic and reliable training camp in Bangkok. Over the last 40 years, Petchyindee Kingdom has played host of big-name fighters and Muay Thai world champions. 

Khongsittha Muay Thai

  • Where: 23 Sukhonthasawat Road, Ladphrao, Bangkok 10230 Thailand
  • Price for 1 week: Approx $340USD without meals & $430USD with meals 
  • Price for 1 month: Approx $700USD without meals & $980USD with meals
  • Full Packages Include: 2 x Muay Thai training sessions per day, 6 days of training per week, access to group classes, accommodation in air-conditioned en suite rooms, and second-hand gear available to borrow.
Khongsittha Muay Thai Gym is a great place to make friends!
Khongsittha Muay Thai Gym, Bangkok.

Khongsittha Muay Thai Is Perfect for:

  • Those wanting to train somewhere with plenty going on outside the gym. Bars, restaurants and cafés are plentiful in the area. Khongsittha can also get you free entry to certain Muay Thai fight nights around Bangkok.
  • Fighters wanting top-notch accommodation. All rooms at Khongsittha are air-conditioned, en suite and have a private balcony. There are laundry facilities and a restaurant on site too. 
  • Travellers who are unsure about Muay Thai. Khongsittha offers a free taster day for those who want to try it out before committing to a full package. 
  • People wanting to train with Muay Thai champions. Khongsitta has several professional fighters and champions working as trainers. 
  • Those wanting to train Muay Thai with their families. The gym welcomes children with tailored Muay Thai training sessions for kids. 

Master Toddy’s Muay Thai

  • Where: 103-109 Sukhumvit Road 107 Bangkok
  • Price for private session: 2000 THB for one-on-one 2-hour introductory Muay Thai Course
  • Price for 1 week: Approx $380
  • Price for 1 month: Contact the gym directly for quotes on longer stays
  • Full Packages Include: 2 hours of training per day (6 days a week), group classes and accommodation.
Professional Muay Thai Fighter, Wanheng Menayothin, hones his skills at Master Toddy's.
Professional Muay Thai Fighter, Wanheng Menayothin, hones his skills at Master Toddy’s.

Master Toddy’s Is Perfect for:

  • Those who want some Hollywood glamour from their training camp. Master Toddy has appeared in several films and TV series across Thailand and the world. He most famously featured in The Man With The Golden Gun where, in his words, he got “beat up, thrown out of a window and then smacked with a melon in the head.” He also trained ex-MMA star and actor Gina Carano!
  • Travellers who want tailored training plans. Master Toddy’s offers one-on-one training sessions as well as access to group sessions. 
  • Fighters looking to hone one particular set of skills. The training camp offers week-long courses specialising in just one aspect of Muay Thai. Punching, kicking, clinching, knee and sparring courses are all available. 

👉 Book a 2-Hour Muay Thai Fundamentals Course at Master Toddy’s Bangkok.

Yokkao Training Centre

  • Where: 190-190/ 1 Soi Sukhumvit 16, Khlong Toei, Bangkok
  • Price for 1 session: Varies depending on the trainer.
  • Packages Include: Training session, pads and equipment 

Yokkao Training Centre Is Perfect for:

  • Those who want personal training sessions with top-level Muay Thai fighters and champions. 
  • Fighters wanting an intense, technical training regime. Yokkao is known for delivering some of the toughest training schedules.
  • Travellers wanting to experience a Muay Thai camp with a hardcore vibe with modern training techniques. 
  • People who want their gym to be for training only. Accommodation isn’t readily available so if you’re planning on training for a while, you’ll need to find somewhere to stay nearby
  • Enthusiasts wanting to train at one of the world’s most encompassing gyms. Yokkao produce their own Muay Thai gear, put on fight nights, train fighters and promote the sport!

Luktupfah Muay Thai Camp

  • Where: 15 Onnut 65 Soi 8 Prawet, BANGKOK.
  • Price for 1 day: Approx $40USD
  • Price for 1 month: Approx $1000USD
  • Full Packages Include: Accommodation and access to all classes.

Luktupfah Muay Thai Camp Is Perfect for:

  • Those who want a more personal training experience. Luktupfah is a small, family-run camp. Guests of all ages and experience levels are welcome!
  • Fighters wanting to train with the best. The gym offers a chance for you to train with top-tier fighters as well as world champions. 
  • Travellers who want more than just Muay Thai. Luktupfah offers courses on Muay Boran and Dap Thai/Krabi Krabong (Thai Sword) too. Muay Boran is more technical than Muay Thai although less intense. It’s designed as a real self-defence tool and includes moves that aren’t taught in Muay Thai because they’re illegal in the ring. Sword classes must be booked in advance. 
  • Enthusiasts with an interest in judging Muay Thai. As well as training sessions, Luktupfah hosts classes on Muay Thai judging and refereeing. 

Where to Buy Muay Thai Gear in Bangkok

If you need to stock up on Muay Thai gear in Bangkok, we’ve got you covered. There are plenty of places selling hand wraps, boxing gloves, pads, shorts, t-shirts and other apparel across the city. To get the best deals, you’ll need to shop around a little. Muay Thai gyms, stadiums and dedicated shops are your best choices for good quality, well-priced gear. If you see a bargain on a market stall on the street, it’s probably too good to be true! 

a muay thai trainee Punch It Gym Koh Samui Thailand
You won’t get far without the right gear!


When training Muay Thai in Bangkok, the most convenient place to buy gear is often directly from your gym. Stock is often limited but of good quality and usually sold at reasonable prices – you may be offered a discount if you’re training at the gym for an extended period. 

Some gyms let you order gear in advance, so it’s ready for you as soon as you get there. Others have a small shop that you can peruse upon arrival. Gyms can usually order any additional equipment if required but it may take some time to arrive. 


There are a bunch of places to watch Muay Thai in Bangkok but the two largest are Rajadamnern Stadium and New Lumpinee Stadium. Both house several shops selling Muay Thai gear. Within the stadiums, you’ll find official stores selling high-quality gear at reasonable prices. Plus, smaller local shops selling Muay Thai gear tend to pop up around stadiums. So, if you can’t find what you’re looking for inside, you’re bound to find it outside! 

Rajadamnern Stadium, Muay Thai Stadium in Bangkok.
Rajadamnern Stadium, Muay Thai Stadium in Bangkok.


Small, independent shops selling Muay Thai gear are common in Bangkok. If you’re anywhere near a stadium, you’ll be surrounded by Muay Thai shops. These aren’t always the best places to buy your gear though. Prices are often inflated and the quality of the gear can be questionable. 

Muay Thai Gloves Hanging In a Shop
Buying Muay Thai gear in Bangkok can save you money – or leave you with dodgy gear!

There are a number of shops worth popping into during your time in Bangkok. These include:

How Much Does It Cost to Train Muay Thai in Bangkok?

The cost of training Muay Thai in Bangkok depends on which gym and package you choose. The lowest you can pay is $50-$100USD per week but this doesn’t include accommodation or food. Full packages cost $300-$500USD per week. The longer your training camp, the better rate you’ll get! 

Do I Need Insurance to Train Muay Thai in Bangkok?

While Muay Thai insurance isn’t mandatory, it’s highly recommended! Muay Thai, when done properly, is safer than you’d expect but accidents can and do happen – make sure you understand whether your travel insurance provides cover for Muay Thai!

Round Up of the Best Muay Thai Training Camps in Bangkok

Muay Thai is beloved in Bangkok. Even if you have no interest in combat sports, you should experience a fight or get a taste of Muay Thai training while in the city. Most gyms offer taster or single-day sessions, so you can go in for a real workout without committing to weeks or months of training. And trust me, it’s a real workout! 

So wrap up, put your gloves on and get stuck into Thailand’s most popular sport! 

Have you trained Muay Thai in Bangkok somewhere that we haven’t mentioned? Share your story in the comments below!

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