The Abandoned Batman Nightclub of Pattaya, Thailand

Exploring the Abandoned Batman Nightclub in Pattaya, Thailand

I was spending a few months training hard at a Muay Thai fight camp in the city of Pattaya, in Central Thailand. As I am prone to do in almost every place I visit, one afternoon, I did a quick search for abandoned buildings nearby… I found an absolute goldmine – an abandoned batman-themed nightclub.

Not only am I an avid urban explorer and photographer but I also happen to love Batman! I hopped on my motorbike and headed straight for the building, GPS in-ear, heart racing.

What I found was a huge, multi-storey building, with a fascinating history and unique architectural design. For those who love to visit weird places when they travel or if you’re a fan of urbex, photography, graffiti and/or architecture, this derelict building is a must-see. 

The frontage of the abandoned Batman nightclub in Pattaya, Thailand.

The History of Pattaya’s Abandoned Batman Disco

The history of the Batman nightclub (or disco) was short-lived. It operated as a nightclub for tourists and pimps between 1994 and 1996. In 1996, a fire ripped through the club and a lot of patrons perished. Since then, it has never been reopened to the public. 

The entrance to the abandoned Batman Nightclub
The entrance to the abandoned Batman Nightclub.

The ground floor of the club, which was once a dance floor, has been completely submerged in water over the years. It is now a murky green colour littered with plastic and other packaging.

According to a local who knows the building’s history, a man’s body was found a few years ago floating on the surface of the water. Legend has it that the former caretaker of the nightclub still goes for a swim in the ‘pool’ even after learning that a body was found there.

The pool at the abandoned Batman nightclub.
The ground-floor dance floor is completely submerged in water.

Today (2021), the whole building is in a state of serious disrepair and nothing remains of its past, except for a few urinals. Being a Batman fan, I would have loved to have seen the nightclub operating in its hey-day!

The old toilets of the Batman Nightclub.
The old toilets of the Batman Nightclub.

Imagine looking down the hole from the sixth floor and seeing throngs of people partying on each floor below! Although, I reckon this must have been very dangerous… and I am guessing there were a lot of falls!

The huge floor hole in the abandoned Batman nightclub, Pattaya.
This massive hole can be found on each of the six levels of the building.

Apparently, only the richest patrons were allowed on the upper floor and roof. In fact, the upper floor was where the pimps would engage in their business with locals. I am unsure as to what this structure on the roof would have been, but I’m guessing it was part of another dance floor. 

An unknown structure on the roof of the Batman Nightclub.
The structure on the roof of the Batman Nightclub could have been another dance floor.

Patrons who partied on the roof would have been treated to a spectacular view of Pattaya. I can attest that the skyline is amazing – I’ve revisited the Batman nightclub at nighttime and the vistas are incredible. 

Pattaya skyline
A beautiful Pattaya skyline from the roof of the Batman Nightclub.

Lots of smaller rooms, like the one above, are dotted around the sides of the building on the upper floor. Understanding the history of the night club and imagining what the upper floors were used for, it is pretty grim looking into these rooms.

A small, derelict room on the upper floor.
There’s an eerie feeling you get when you look in the rooms…

One tip for would-be explorers and photographers… The building is full of holes and hazards, so caution needs to be taken, especially if you’re visiting at nighttime! 

Graffiti Art at Pattaya Batman Nightclub

In 2016, an international network of graffiti artists, known as Meeting of Styles were invited to paint masterpieces in the abandoned Batman nightclub in an attempt to revive it. Graffiti artists from all over the world made their mark on the building.

YouTube video

Every wall on each floor is now covered in amazing, colourful graffiti. It’s almost like walking through an art gallery!

Graffiti in the abandoned Batman Nightclub.
Graffiti created by professionals in the abandoned Batman Nightclub.

How to get to the Batman Nightclub in Pattaya

The Batman nightclub is located just of the main Sukhumvit Road on Pattaya Tai Soi 2. To get there, you will need your own vehicle or you can take a taxi or motorbike taxi.

Lainey Tess Quinn | Abandoned World Photography

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