Top Tips For Travel Photos - Taking Photos on the Go

10 Tips For Budding Travel Photographers

In response to requests throughout my trip for picture-taking and gear tips, I’ve compiled a list of insights that have helped me improve my photography related experiences throughout the past two months.

Soon To Be Lost Forever: Larung Gar, the Largest Tibetan Buddhist University

In June and July of 2016 the Chinese government demolished 50% of Larung Gar, a thriving settlement of 40,000 peaceful Tibetan Buddhists. They say that it has become overcrowded and that its population must be reduced to only 5,000 people by October 2017. These photos, taken by photographer, Jesse Rockwell, are the last that will ever be taken before the city is destroyed forever…

Is Analog Photography Valuable in a Digital World?

Have you ever thought about the way that digital cameras have changed our behaviour when we travel? Click. Click. Click. Do we ever stop to think about what we are photographing anymore? Gone are the days of waiting a week, when we return home, for our travel photos to develop so that we can drool over images and relive memories from our trip of a lifetime. From analog cameras to the days of smart phones and instant gratification, have we lot something in the process?

A Group of Children in Cambodia

Pot Holes and Rice Fields: A Journey Through Cambodia’s Centre

We travel to realize the basic power of connection, through chance encounters we are able to loose our carefully crafted identities and simply relate to each other as human beings. Photographer Dylan Goldby takes us on a journey away from Cambodia’s capitol Phnom Penh, into the heart of the country, and introduces us to a part of South East Asia not typically travelled.

A fisherman in a boat on Lake Toba, photo by Flash Parker

The Truth about Life as a Travel Photographer: Interview with Flash Parker

It’s THE dream job right? Traveling from continent to continent with your camera capturing the beauty of our incredible planet as a travel photographer. But what is it really like? What are some tips for getting started in the industry and what are the perks!? Following the success of our Photography Tour in Chiang Mai at the end of last year, we interviewed Flash Parker, professional photo-journalist and all round nice guy to find out the secrets of life as a travel photographer…

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