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COVID-19: Myanmar Travel Updates

Can you travel to Myanmar right now? Get up to date with the latest COVID-19 travel restrictions for international travellers to Myanmar. Quarantine periods, visas, COVID-19 test requirements, face masks and more…

Myanmar temples

Remembering Myanmar: A Traveller’s Tale

For the traveller, Myanmar may as well be on the moon at this point. The dream of exploring this historical, rich and beautiful place has quickly faded as the country has been plunged into death, violence and instability. Myanmar is facing an uncertain future, to say the least.

2 Weeks or 10 Day Myanmar Backpacking Itinerary

How many days do you need to truly explore Myanmar? The intrepid traveller will tell you that it takes weeks, months, even years to truly get under the skin of a country. Yet, most of us, particularly these days, are strapped for time – and short on money! We reckon the absolute minimum time that you need to explore the highlights of Myanmar is 12 days. Here’s what you can fit in during that time!

Climbing Shwesandaw Pagoda in Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan, Myanmar: Temple Climbing Banned!

One of the ‘bucket list’ things to do in Myanmar, if not the whole of Southeast Asia, is to climb atop a thirteenth-century temple in Bagan to watch the sunset over a magical landscape of 3,000 pagodas. Recently, however, this controversial activity has been banned. We find out why and when the ban came into force, hear from a backpacker who recently visited Bagan and look at possible other ways to get THAT view!


Stop Trying to Find The “Real” Southeast Asia!

I’m going to have a rant about the word ‘authentic’ when applied to travel. When used by either travel companies, or backpackers themselves, I feel it’s the most ‘inauthentic’ and overused word in the whole travel vocabulary!


Should Travellers Boycott Myanmar?

Travellers thinking of visiting Myanmar right now have a moral dilemma to consider. With the country rarely out of the headlines recently regarding the government’s brutal treatment of the Rohingya Muslims, is it a good time to visit? Will your tourist dollar go towards helping the military commit more human rights violations? Does your presence as a visitor condone the atrocities? We look at the case FOR and AGAINST boycotting travel to Myanmar.

A view across Kalaw, Myanmar.

Kalaw: Myanmar’s Overlooked Hill Station

50km from Inle Lake, Kalaw, in Shan State, was founded as a hill station by the British. At 1,320 metres, the climate offers a cool escape from the sweltering heat of the tropics. Many travellers spend just one night here before setting off on a 3-day trek to Inle Lake. Big mistake! Kalaw is one of the loveliest towns in Myanmar and there are plenty of reasons to hang around…

Fresh air after the rain in Hpa An, Myanmar.

Hpa An, Myanmar: Jurassic Scenery, Hiking & Caves

Just a few hours from the border of Thailand, you’ll stumble across the scruffy little town of Hpa An, which is actually the capital of the Kayin Province of Myanmar. While the town itself is nothing to write home about, the surroundings are beautiful, with enormous caves, and the awesome monolith of Mount Zwegabin, rising up amidst forest and rice fields to meet the clouds… A must stop during your trip to Burma!

Naypyidaw, Myanmar, The Artificial City: 10-Lane Highways & No People

Myanmar’s Naypyidaw almost feels like Las Vegas if it had a population of 1,000 and took down most of the bright signs that paint the strip in the nighttime. Palm trees line 10-lane highways, the bright sun provides a beaming heat and big hotels can be found packed next to each other. But there’s hardly a soul to be found…

Tea leaf salad

10 Must-Try Foods in Myanmar

Myanmar is not often thought of as the culinary capital of South East Asia. Yet, visitors to this fascinating country, formerly known as Burma, will not only discover authentic culture and picture perfect landscapes, but delicious food too! Backpackers will fall in love with the country and the generous and kind people who cook up some of the most amazing dishes that you have ever tasted…

The Burmese Backpacker Boom!

When over 50 years of conflict that made the country a no-go zone for travellers came to an end, Southeast Asia suddenly had a new and amazing country for intrepid travellers to explore! Now backpackers are hitting Myanmar’s shores in droves. So what does the country have to offer them in terms of adventure? And will the country’s under-developed infrastructure be able to handle the newfound popularity?

Exploring the Hidden Secrets of Myanmar – 3 Must-Do Treks!

Myanmar is still an off the beaten path traveler’s destination, which means that sometimes creating the trip you want can be tricky. We introduce to you Asia Tours, a brand new company, run entirely by Burmese that organizes trips for backpackers wanting to explore outside the major hubs of Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan!

Making the Most of a 7-Day Trip in Myanmar / Burma

Burma, (or Myanmar) the land of Aung San Suu Kyi, is a country little visited by the world; however after just recently opening it’s doors there is a new surge of travelers pouring in. As tourism is relatively new, travellers have the unique opportunity to see a country re-writing it’s own history and re-creating it’s collective identity. However, it also means that the backpacker trail is not as well worn and pre-trip information is key. Here Andres Nunez del Prado- a Peruvian native traveling the world, tells us the in’s and out’s of his recent trip to Burma, giving us invaluable on the road insight!

20 Tips for Travellers to Myanmar (Burma)

Over the past year, Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has been opening up to tourism and has seen a huge increase in backpackers recently, with the small amount of guesthouses barely able to accommodate them! Asia’s last frontier, the ‘real Asia’ and the ‘land that time forgot’, it’s easy to see why Myanmar is so captivating to the adventurous traveller. If you’re planning a trip to Myanmar, read our 20 essential tips, covering everything from visas, flights and crispy US Dollar bills to wearing your longyi and embracing thanaka bark!

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