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Updated November 20th, 2017.

Normally people who visit the North of Luzon to reach Banaue or Bagiuo will spend a couple of days in Sagada also. Raved about for its unrelenting deep cave formations, Sagada has incredible opportunities for cave hiking, that will really test your stamina and courage. For those who brave the steep climbs and dark passageways that open up into other worlds – the rewards are purely exhilarating! Sagada’s caves house raw materials such as limestone and crystal, along with some amazing neck high cave pools. Adrenaline seekers will love the challenge that these caves bring and will be in awe of its natural beauty and fairly untouched state.

Sagada is also home to the ‘hanging coffins’ that date back centuries, attracting curious tourists to hear the eerie stories and take photos of this unusual practice. Sagada itself is a fairly small town, not very tourist, which has an ‘everyone knows everyone’ feel, promoted by the friendly locals living there.

Sagada Flip TravelsCountryside just outside Sagada. Photo by Flip Travels.

Places to Stay in Sagada

There are a handful of places to stay in Sagada, more than Banaue, so you have plenty to choose from once you arrive there. Sagada accommodation ranges from homestays to hotels to guesthouses and everything is within a short distance from each other.

  • Georges Hotel is a popular one and is cheap for your own room and bathroom, with home cooking provided in an authentic decorated place.
  • The Rock Inn is also popular.

Things to Do in Sagada

  • Cave Exploring: A trip into the fascinating underworld of Sagada Caves is the main reason for tourism here and you can book many cave tours from the main town. The epic ‘Cave Connection’ is an epic 3-4 hour trek 2,500 feet underground and is the toughest trek on offer so you’ll need to be in shape! The journey takes you all the way from the famous Lumiang to Sumaguing Cave and is not for the claustrophobic or afraid of the dark! For adrenaline junkies, however, this is the best adventure on offer in Sagada! Read blogger ‘Alex in Wanderland’s’ account of the adventure.

Tip: Wear good footwear for cave exploring. Some rock formations can be slippy and some appear to be but are not. You will be climbing a lot at quite a fast pace so be prepared as guides may not pre-warn you. Don’t drink the night before – this is a test of endurance!

  • Trek the ‘Big Falls’: Locally known as Bumud-ok Falls, you can hike this route without a tour as its a well-established route. Take a jeepney from near the Municipio for the starting point of the trek.
  • Rock Climbing: Nearby Echo Valley offers some rock climbing with all gear included.
  • White Water Rafting: Normally going down from Bontoc, the Upper Chico River is the place you’ll be paddling and slamming from. Trips depend on rainy season, the best time to go usually being July – January. Rapids are class 3-4.
  • See the Hanging Coffins: Visit these eerie and unique coffins that are hanging from the inside of cliffs and caves around Sagada. The coffins are an ancient funeral ritual which is believed to have started to protect the dead bodies from being taken by animals. As the body lays rested, the soul is able to be blessed eternally and taken to heaven.

sagada cavesThe ‘hanging coffins’ of Sagada

Getting There

Most people who get to Sagada take a 3.5-hour journey via jeepney from the nearby town of Banaue. See below for instructions on how to get to Banaue. Check out our guide on Banaue to find out more about traveling to Banue.

Where to go next?

Banaue: Rice terraces can be hiked as it’s on the way to and from Sagada. Stunning hikes and views make this three-hour trip worthwhile.

Baguio: Ohayami Trans go from Banaue which can take up to 8 hours. Go see the strawberry fields, wander down Session Road, row in Burnham Lake Park or take a breathtaking view at Mine view park.

Manila: Head to Manila on an overnight bus, normally leaving at 8 pm. If you’re looking for a stay in Manila, Adriatico Street offers good accommodation, safe and mixed with local culture.

 By Tommy Walker

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