Top 10 Quarantine Hotels in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur cityscape

If you plan to travel to Malaysia right now, you will have to complete a mandatory quarantine upon arrival in the country. Although quarantine hotels are allocated on a random basis by default, you can now choose your quarantine hotel if you book a ‘premium package’. Below, we look at the best hotels in Kuala Lumpur to complete your quarantine.

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Standard VS Premium Quarantine Packages

There are two types of hotel quarantine packages in Malaysia that travellers can opt for: standard or premium. These options are available to both Malaysians and international travellers. However, unlike Malaysian citizens who can pay on arrival at the airport for the standard package hotels (priced at 150 RM per night), foreigners must book and pay for their entire hotel quarantine and associated costs in advance of travel. 

If you choose the standard package, you will be randomly allocated a hotel for your quarantine. If you opt for the premium package, you’ll get to choose your hotel and you will be asked to show the booking confirmation and proof of payment upon arrival at the airport. 

How to book and pay for your quarantine hotel In Malaysia

  • If you are a Malaysian citizen – For the standard package, you are allowed to pay upon arrival at the airport in Malaysia. For the premium package, it is best to contact the hotel directly by email to book and pay directly. You can also book via MySafeTravel, though it is not recommended as prices may be marked up.
  • If you are a foreign national – You will have to pay for your hotel and all associated costs of quarantine (COVID-19 tests, transportation etc.) via the MySafeTravel portal before you travel. Unlike Malaysian citizens, you cannot pay on arrival.

Big shout out to the Facebook Group: Malaysia Quarantine Support Group (MQSG) who have been supporting travellers to Malaysia throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. In this Facebook group, you will find loads of helpful advice, tips and first-hand reports of the hotels below. Their admins do a fantastic job of keeping info up to date and replying to members’ questions.

Disclaimer: COVID-19 travel restrictions are changing daily. The following information reflects South East Asia Backpacker’s current understanding of the rules. We work hard to update this information as often and accurately as possible. However, we cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions. We strongly advise you to contact the embassy of the country you are visiting for the latest information.

Disclosure: Some links on this page are affiliate links. We always write our articles before checking if affiliate links are available.

Top 10 “Premium Package” Quarantine Hotels in Kuala Lumpur

First, we’ll take a look at some of the top-rated quarantine hotels in Kuala Lumpur offering ‘Premium Packages’. You can book these hotels directly by contacting the hotel via email, telephone or Whatsapp. Remember that the Premium Packages must be booked in advance of travel to Malaysia. (Note – Many of these hotels are also available on the standard package. It’s just potluck which one you will get!)

TIP: For those who are looking for some outdoor space during quarantine, the only hotels on this list that offer balconies are Swiss Garden and Putrajaya Marriott. Be sure to book these rooms way in advance as they get booked up fast – as you can imagine!

1. Putrajaya Marriott – No longer offering quarantine packages

Price: From RM 320 per room per night.

One of the most sought after quarantine hotels in Kuala Lumpur is the Putrajaya Marriott on account of the lush green surroundings of the building. As mentioned above, this is one of the only hotels on the list that offers rooms with balconies (at an additional cost of course). However, balcony rooms are often booked up, so be sure to enquire way in advance of your trip if you’re a smoker, claustrophobic or just need outdoor space! 

Even if you don’t manage to get a room with a balcony, you can still open the windows for some fresh air and hear the birds singing in the trees. For many, the sound of nature beats being in the heart of the city with only skyscrapers as your view and the backdrop of traffic noise. (In many of the hotels, windows cannot be opened!) 

The rooms at the Putrajaya Marriott are big and spacious and the WIFI is strong (but it is open, so those of you with privacy concerns may prefer to use your own mobile hotspot).

Meals are reportedly very good with large portions, although many guests report that they tend to serve a lot of chicken! (Okay for those who love chicken!) There is a good range of Malaysian and Western options and you can order from the room service at any time. The staff are very accommodating to specific dietary needs and additional food requests. For those of you craving a takeaway, you can also order via Grab, however, it is not available at the hotel at all times. 

Private transport from KLIA Airport to the hotel can be arranged for an extra cost.

The quarantine package at the Putrajaya Marriott.
The quarantine package at the Putrajaya Marriott.


2. Swiss Garden Bukit Bintang

Price: From RM 298 per room per night.

Another popular quarantine hotel with a very central location in Bukit Bintang. Like the Putrajaya Marriott, this hotel has the added bonus of balcony rooms. However, as you can imagine, these rooms get booked up fast so make sure you enquire way in advance of your trip if you want one!

If you don’t manage to nab a balcony room at Swiss Garden, make sure that you ask if you can have a room where the windows can be opened. (Some of the normal rooms have windows that are locked, so you’re not able to open them from the inside and get some fresh air.)

The food at Swiss Garden is very good with three choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each meal comes with fresh fruit to keep you healthy during quarantine! If you’re looking for a bit of variety, you can also order from a list of outside restaurants (provided by the hotel) between 3 and 5 pm. The staff will bring the takeaway food to your room at 6 pm.

The staff at Swiss Garden are very friendly and helpful and the room is spacious and comfortable with AC if you need it. 

The hotel offers free private transport from KLIA Airport to the hotel.

The quarantine package at the Swiss Garden.
The quarantine package at the Swiss Garden.


Price: From RM 315 per room per night.

3. Impiana Hotel KLCC – No longer offering quarantine packages

A pleasant and friendly hotel that gets good reviews, located in the Bukit Bintang area close to KLCC park and the Petronas Towers. The rooms are spacious and elegantly designed with wooden floors, comfortable beds and fluffy pillows. The staff clean the rooms daily and replenish supplies in the minibar as well as in the mini pharmacy.

Food is reportedly very good and you can choose from a varied menu of Western and Malaysian dishes. You can also order food from outside restaurants via Grab between 3 and 5 pm daily. There is a desk in the room for those of you that need to get on with work during your quarantine period. And, you’ll be pleased to hear – the WIFI is strong.

There is no balcony in this hotel and the windows cannot be opened from the inside to allow for fresh air in the room. For those of you who are claustrophobic, this could get a bit much after 14 days. 

If you care about your view, make sure you ask for a room at the ‘front’ of the hotel which looks out over the cityscape and the Petronas Towers. The back of the hotel looks out over a car park and office blocks. Not very inspiring.

The quarantine package at Impiana.
The quarantine package at Impiana.



Price: From RM 240 per room per night.

One of the cheaper quarantine hotels on this list, the IBIS offers a great value for money quarantine package that covers all of the basics very well. The room is clean, comfortable and spacious and there are toiletries and towels provided for free.

The food is very decent with a good variety. As well as the daily quarantine menu, you can also order from the hotel restaurant a la carte menu and the hotel cafe too. This is great if you want to shake up your food options a bit. (Enjoy the banana cake!)

One tip – If you care about your view, be sure to ask if you can have a room with a view of the twin towers as opposed to the construction site that is close by!

Transportation from KLIA to the hotel is also included free of charge. (The driver wears full PPE.) Note: One of our readers has reported in the comments below, that she was charged RM250 for her airport pickup.

The quarantine package at IBIS KL.
The quarantine package at IBIS KL.


5. Grand Millennium KL – No longer offering quarantine packages

Price: From RM 388 per room per night.

A premium hotel offering 7, 10 and 14-day quarantine packages. The rates include four meals per day of breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee/tea and dinner, all delivered to your room. The portion sizes are very generous and you are also provided with free water daily.

The rooms are luxurious and spacious with large windows and good city views. There is a separate bath and shower with good hot water and strong shower pressure. 

The WIFI is very fast and for those of you who rely on the internet for work, you’ll be pleased to know that there is an ethernet cable to connect your laptop for a more stable connection. (Speed is at 40mbps and 90mbps for downloading.)

The staff are very attentive. And for those of you who work out, you can even book gym equipment to use in your room! All in all, a luxury quarantine experience – though it isn’t the cheapest hotel on the list!

The quarantine package at Millennium.
The quarantine package at Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur.


Pandemic Travel Survival Kit – Traveller’s Top Picks!

6. Petaling Jaya Hilton – No longer offering quarantine packages

Price: From RM 250 per room per night.

A much-recommended hotel with large spacious rooms and very attentive staff that try their best to turn your mandatory quarantine period into a relaxing staycation. 

The meals are excellent with a good variety and the chefs are more than willing to cater to your dietary needs, whether you’re vegetarian, vegan or have allergies etc. 

Each meal comes with lots of fruit and vegetables, so you can make sure you are getting your five a day whilst you’re locked up! (Each meal is left outside your room in a bag and you leave the containers outside your room for the staff to collect when you have finished.) There is also an ample supply of water and snacks in the room if you get hungry in between meals.

The WIFI is strong enough for video conferences, Skype calls and watching Netflix.

The only thing is that you can’t open the windows inside the room… so this may not be the best choice for those of you who crave fresh air.

The quarantine package at Hilton PJ.
The quarantine package at Hilton Petaling Jaya.


7. Furama Hotel Bukit Bintang

Price: From RM 300 per room per night.

A centrally located hotel offering quarantine packages for 7,10 and 14 days. This hotel provides super spacious rooms with a sofa, TV, desk for working and a good-sized closet for all your quarantine clothes! No balconies, unfortunately, but the rooms do have large windows with city views. 

The food is reportedly very good with a decent variety (think fish and chips, lamb chops, spaghetti bolognese, salmon steak etc.). The portion sizes are generous and you get a small dessert after lunch and dinner, which is nice for those of you with a sweet tooth. You can also order different food via room service if you need a change. Be sure to try the range of delicious pies!

The service is good and the staff are very friendly. In the room, you are provided with two large boxes of mineral water (48 small bottles), unlimited tea/coffee, toiletries (shampoo/conditioner) and toothpaste. Towels and bedsheets are replaced every 2-3 days. (Bathrobes and hotel slippers are not provided.) 

The quarantine package at Furama.
The quarantine package at Furama Hotel Bukit Bintang.


8. Istana KL – No longer offering quarantine packages

Price: From RM 250 per room per night.

A very highly recommended hotel with large, spacious rooms, comfy king-size beds, excellent amenities and great food! For the price, Istana really ticks all the boxes. 

The meals come in very large portions and are tasty and well balanced in terms of nutrition and variety. You get three meals a day delivered to your room and can request extra snacks if you want (muffins, biscuits, instant noodles) – though you will likely not need them! You can choose from Asian or Western cuisine. Each meal comes with dessert and fruit. Breakfasts are usually a variety of cooked and cold (eggs, sausage, pastries, fruit juice). 

The WIFI is fast and strong enough to make video calls and watch Netflix. All in all, a very good value for money quarantine hotel!

The quarantine package at Hotel Istana.
The quarantine package at Hotel Istana KL.


9. Dorsett Grand Subang

Price: From RM 392 per room per night.

Another popular five-star luxury hotel for quarantining travellers is the Dorsett Grand located in Subang Jaya overlooking the green area of Subang Ria Recreational Park. The Dorsett offer a good value quarantine package for 7, 10 and 14 days.

While there is no balcony and sadly, you cannot open the windows, the windows are huge (floor to ceiling glass) offering good light and helping to ease the claustrophobic feel. 

The staff here are frequently praised for going the extra mile for guests and catering to their every need. Upon arrival at the hotel, you will be added to a WhatsApp group where you can communicate with the staff. You will probably even end up making friends with them – they are so friendly! 

Meal portions are very generous and the food is tasty, varied and delivered on time. You can order food from outside the hotel, but it is limited to 15 fast food joints (from a list provided by the hotel). There is also a microwave in the room so you can reheat your food if you want to. Bottled water is free. 

The hotel provides a meet and greet service for guests arriving at KLIA (there is an extra cost of RM80). The guide helps you to navigate through the whole process of arrival, which is a lot more complicated these days! In conclusion, you will feel very looked after if you choose Dorsett Grand. 

The quarantine package at Dorsett.
The quarantine package at Dorsett Grand Subang.


See reviews on

10. Hotel Royal Kuala Lumpur

Price: From RM 250 per room per night.

Hotel Royal has been a very popular choice with quarantining guests. This downtown city hotel offers clean and modern rooms with internet access. Prices start at RM 250 per room per night but there are more expensive room options if you require more space. 

Five meals a day are included as a part of their premium package (breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee break, dinner and supper). Guests report that the portion sizes are generous, great for travellers who are worried that they may get hungry during quarantine. 

The staff are very friendly and help to make your quarantine as relaxing as possible. If you don’t like the menu, make sure you let the team know as the chefs can cater for dietary requirements. 

The quarantine package at Hotel Royal.


More quarantine hotels in Kuala Lumpur?

The following hotels in Kuala Lumpur are also offering Premium quarantine packages:

You can see the full list of Government Approved Premium Package Hotels here.

“Standard Package” Quarantine Hotels in Kuala Lumpur

Many of the hotels listed above, also offer the ‘standard package’ for quarantine, along with several other hotels in Kuala Lumpur. The only difference is that the standard packages are assigned randomly. You cannot choose your hotel. 

For this reason, many travellers to Malaysia prefer to take the mystery out of it all and book one of the hotels above to ensure a smooth quarantine experience. That’s not to say that you may be one of the lucky ones and get assigned a top-class quarantine hotel via the Standard Package! It’s up to you whether you want to take the risk or not. 

The price for the Standard Package is RM150 per room per night, so you will save a lot of money this way. (You can have two adults and one child under 12 years old in your room at this price. If you have more in your family, you will have to pay extra.) 

The packages include three meals a day delivered to your room. In general, the Standard Packages tend to have fewer food options than the Premium Packages and your transfer will be by coach rather than private. However, the rooms will overall be the same. 


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