Trekking Rinjani Mountain – Will You Climb Lombok’s Active Volcano?

Mount Rinjani View

Are YOU Ready for the Mount Rinjani Trek?

Mt Rinjani (Gunung Rinjani) is an active volcano in Indonesia located on the island of Lombok, near BaliNear the top of the volcano (at 2,000 metres above sea level) is a 6-by-8.5-kilometre crater, which is filled partially by the impossibly-blue waters of Segara Anak, a lake which translates from Bahasa as ‘Child of the Sea’.

The Rinjani Volcano stands at 3,726 metres, and as the second highest volcano in the country, it is naturally popular with adventure seekers who attempt to reach to its challenging summit, either before or after, relaxing on the beaches of Lombok and Bali. Trekkers can test their skills and endurance along 16km of trails to the summit.

The trek is definitely only for those in good physical shape and should not be taken lightly. Tickets are sold to just about any beach bum in Bali and the Gilis, be careful to fully evaluate if you are physically (and emotionally!) ready for this adventure before committing!

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Mount Rinjani, Lombok.
Mount Rinjani, Lombok.

Should You Book the Mt Rinjani Climb?

Tour packages from Bali, the Gili Islands, or other points on Lombok can be booked in advance online, but the prices are almost comically inflated.

It’s best to book with a tour agency/booking agent while you’re in the country. A 2-day 1-night tour from Lombok or the nearby paradise island of Gili T, all included, can be booked for as little as 1,000,000 rupiahs or about $70 USD.

Once your package is booked you will have to get to Lombok (ferry usually included) and then get to the base for the trek, either Senaru or Sembualun.

What to expect from trekking Mt Rinjani?

This is no easy trek. Even those in top physical condition consider it to be difficult, and those in good physical condition consider it to be exhausting.

It’s the type of trek where for every two steps you take, you slide down the hill one. Also, there are no showers and you will sleep in a tent, so ladies, bring your dry shampoo and moist towelettes.

Be prepared to camp on the side of a volcano. 

Mt Rinjani, Lombok - camping at the start of day 2.
Camping at the side of a volcano isn’t something that you do every day! 

Also, most people seem to get one degree or another of a stomach bug after the trek so plan your time after accordingly. 

All that being said, it is an INCREDIBLE experience and something you will remember for the rest of your life.

Most tours will start off the same. You will hike to the crater rim on the first day, sleep there, wake up at 2 am and trudge 3-4 hours to the summit to see the sunrise.

View of the top of Mt RInjani, Lombok.
Reaching the summit of Mount Rinjani.

What to bring to the Mt Rinjani Trek?

Bring a flashlight or better still, a head torch so that you can walk with both of your hands free! A phone light will not be satisfactory (trust me I forgot to bring a decent source of light and it was a huge mistake!).

Warm clothes! It’s freezing there. If you don’t have a jacket you can rent one for about 50,000 Indonesian rupiahs and you should!

No gloves? Put socks on your hands. DO IT.

Go pro or a decent camera if you have one, you will want the memories and it’s worth hauling around.

Moist towelettes– you get volcanic ash all over you and there is nowhere to wash your hands or clean off.

Sunscreen– just because its cold doesn’t mean you won’t get burned/ sun damage

Good attitude– you will want to quit at least once on the trip. Just remember, if nothing else, you will get an awesome picture at the top.

Mount Rinjani, Lombok
Mount Rinjani, Lombok.

Where next to relax after trekking?

Haven’t been to the beaches of Bali or the Gili Islands? Head over there to rest and relax from your trek?

Been to Gili and Bali already but seeking new beach scenes? Try Kuta Lombok, a small beachside town with a big Rasta vibe.

Book a boat cruise from Lombok to Flores to see the Komodo dragons!

Or, embark on an island hopping adventure of Komodo’s lesser known and stunningly beautiful islands.

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Trekking Mount Rinjani, Lombok, Indonesia

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