Play with Fire and You’re Gonna Get Burned!

“Play with fire and you’re gonna get burned!” This was the message portrayed by a rather dodgy hip hop act I once had the displeasure of watching whilst waiting for The Streets to hit the stage in 2007. I was in Sydney and having the time of my life.

bucket neil barnes fireFast forward to 2010 and I’m on a beach in Thailand, again having a great time and, I’m not going to lie, I’m more than half cut (drunk). Along with new friends and old mates I am enjoying the splendours of Koh Phangan and sampling the delights of Sam Song rum served in a sandcastle bucket – both novelty and dangerous. We’d heard rumours of the affects the Red Bull served in the area can have; they all sounded a bit full on but I was definitely buzzing that night. Whether it was the Red Bull or just the high of travelling I’ll never know, but that night I did potentially the stupidest thing I’ve ever done (and there is a list).

For some god-awful reason, once upon a time someone somewhere decided that setting a giant skipping rope alight and jumping it would be a grand idea. I disagree; it is a shit idea.  However – I bet you can see where this is going – despite thinking it was an awful idea, on this particular night I thought it was brilliant!

Fuelled by booze, Red Bull and the buzz of backpacking I burst into the jumping square. I carefully watched the rope come over my head, bent my knees, held my arms out for balance and timed my jump to what I thought was perfection… and then hit the sand and felt the burn of petrol on both my right arm and leg.  My jump had not been well timed AT ALL; it was the most epic of fails and left me missing a lot of skin, and with the potential for some big scarring.  The rope was also not that far from my face and so, at least in that respect, I had a lucky escape.

fire thailand

I can’t deny that the flaming rope looks very pretty and, I’m sure if you manage to survive jumping it, there is a great sense of achievement but, having fallen at its flaming hands, I would argue it’s still not worth the risk. Health and safety in backpacker destinations around South East Asia can be somewhat questionable but, at the end of the day, it was my decision to take on the rope. And a good decision it was not.

I spent a lot of time in/underwater for the next day or so, trying to extinguish the dull burning sensation coming from my damaged limbs. I also found it hard to be around my new found mates and even my old school friends with whom I’d travelled to Thailand.

It wasn’t that they said anything or acted any differently; just I felt like a muppet and didn’t really want to show my face for fear of randoms recognizing me as ‘the guy that took on the rope and lost’. I had to visit the local chemist and buy strapping that would keep my wounds clean. Locking the wounds away from the (dirty) air meant that they couldn’t scab over, so they continued to weep for the rest of my trip. I couldn’t really win there: dirty wounds or weeping wounds; neither option is particularly appealing. I also purchased some rather strong painkillers.

I’m sure I wasn’t the first to fail at the skipping rope of death as I’ve now named it, and I’m sure I won’t be the last but, even two years on, I still look back on that moment and curse myself for being such an idiot. Yes, travel is about trying new things, but the decision to try and jump a flaming rope was not one of my brightest moments.

About the writer: Neil of Backpacks and Bunkbeds is a young (ish) London lad with a passion for all things travel. He got the travel bug having first volunteered as a sports coach in South Africa back in 2005. You can read his daily ramblings by following him on twitter @packsandbunks.

8 thoughts on “Play with Fire and You’re Gonna Get Burned!”

  1. Doug Johnson

    Also watch out for the dreaded “Saigon Souvenir”. You get that from getting off on the wrong side of a motor bike and you burn your leg. Leaves a circular black spot(from the grease on the muffler) on your leg just above your ankle bone. Naturally you think it is just grease and can be wiped off which is not the case! I eventually ended up with two of them (yes, I’m a slow learner!) and the associated infection up in the Highlands and medical treatment was a scramble there… Now I have unwanted souvenirs!

  2. I also did the burning rope jumping on Haad rin beach koh phangan. At that time I had about 2 buckets vodka redbull, observed the jumpers for an hour or so, and took the risk to try it as well. At first just a few jumps with a spectacular life saving jump out of the burning ropes reach, God that felt amazing! Knowing you did something stupid and dangerous but still managed to survive, gave me a good rush! After a few days I jumped even more and managed to jump out the burning rope, which basically means jumping till the rope stops burning. But, when it does stop burning the two Thai guys will accelerate the ropes swing even more. Great experience, great people, great island.

    But just don’t jump the rope when you’re dominated by the buckets!

  3. Becki | BackpackerBecki

    I actually winced at this description!But it has to be told!! I too find that I take on an invincible form after the consumption of the mightly alcoholic beverage, but I hope this story stays firmly etched in my mind when I get to a Full Moon Party (have so far resisted). I think I will stay on the sidelines… feel a bit sick…

  4. neil (@packsandbunks)

    Nope, i stayed well awat from peds though. We met one dude in our hostel who had been in an accident and the medical staff had just stuck a lump of cotton wool to the wound. He tried to peel it off himself but fainted through pain so his mate had to do it. #vom

  5. neil (@packsandbunks)

    A mate was at the full moon last night, will have to ask him if he saw anyone taking on the rope and getting bullied by it.

    Had never heard of Had Rin Tattoo’s before. Mine have luckily faded.

  6. lisa backpacker

    Haha, Had Rin tattoo! Yep, I can imagine there’ll be plenty more casualties at tonight’s Full Moon Party, Chris..!

  7. Good story and very good point. We are not invincible people we are just young! The buckets make you feel like super man but we are not!! The skipping rope is good fun, however on busy nights like tonight (Full Moon Night). There is no point going near this at all. Even if you do have a degree in Skipping and you was the best in the play ground at school. Busy nights and full moon nights there will be 100 people thinking they are superman all at the same time and you will get burnt. Many people will happily jump in the rope at the same time when you are skipping happily on your own. Burns/Scars from this rope are known as Had Rin tattoos! Don’t let it be you.

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