Test And Go Thailand: An Idiot’s Guide

Koh Lipe, Thailand is no longer a secret.

I’m not calling you an idiot, but Thailand’s ever-changing laws surrounding COVID-19 and travel require some serious brainpower! In this article, we will answer all your questions about Thailand’s Test and Go in the simplest way possible.

If you have a question that’s not answered, please post in the comments below and we’ll try our best to answer it!

LATEST NEWS – From the start of March 2022, Thailand dropped its requirement for a PCR test and SHA+ hotel stay on day 5 of the scheme. The PCR test has been replaced with a Rapid Antigen Test which you can take yourself. The COVID-19 insurance requirement has been reduced from $50,000USD to $20,000USD.

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Test & Go Thailand: All Your Questions Answered!

Disclaimer: COVID-19 travel restrictions are changing every day and the following information reflects South East Asia’s Backpacker’s understanding of the current rules for entry. While we update this article regularly to ensure the information is as current as it can be, we cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions.

What is Test & Go?

Test and Go provides a way for fully vaccinated visitors to travel to Thailand without quarantine. Previously, the only way to travel to Thailand without quarantine was via the Phuket Sandbox, Samui Plus or one of the other sealed route schemes.

How does Test & Go work?

In order to use the scheme, you must book a stay in a SHA+ hotel that has a partnership with a local hospital. The SHA+ booking must be on day one of your stay in Thailand and you will have to undergo a RT-PCR test too. You must remain in your hotel room until the results have been returned. If you test negative, you are free to travel throughout Thailand. You will be provided with an antigen self-test kit to perform on day five. You are obliged to report the result via the MorChana app.

Has Test & Go changed since the last time it was introduced?

Yes. In the original Test and Go scheme, travellers only had to make one SHA+ hotel booking on day one and take one COVID-19 PCR test upon arrival to Thailand.

When Test and Go reopened in 2022, there was a requirement to stay in a SHA+ hotel on day one and day five of your stay in Thailand. On each of these days, you were required to take a separate PCR COVID-19 test. However, as of March 1st 2022, the day five SHA+ hotel stay and second PCR test requirement have been dropped*, instead, you will be required to take a self-administered antigen test on day five.

*Please note: Those who received their Thailand Pass before this date but will travel from March 1st onwards, will not have to take the PCR test on day five or stay in SHA+ accommodation that day. They can apply for a refund and instead follow the new rules.

What documents are required for Test & Go?

  • Certificate of vaccination status or recovery
  • Negative test result from RT-PCR test taken within 72 hours of departure for Thailand
  • Proof of payment of SHA+ hotel booking for day one
  • Proof of payment for an RT-PCR test on day one and self-ATK test on day five
  • Thailand Pass QR code (apply here through the official site)
  • Pre-arranged transfer on day one from the airport to the hotel via a ‘sealed route’
  • A travel insurance policy with minimum $20,000USD sickness cover*
  • Download the MorChana app

*This was reduced from $50,000USD on March 1st 2022.

Which hotels can I stay at for Test & Go?

The hotel must be certified as SHA Plus (SHA+), which means that it has been approved by the Thailand Health and Safety Administration.

How do I book a transfer from the airport to my hotel?

You may have read that you need to book a transfer via a ‘sealed route’ from the airport to your Test and Go hotel. This can be done via your hotel and is usually part of the hotel package.

Can I leave the hotel room if my day one test is negative?

Yes. Providing that your day one RT-PCR test is negative, you can leave the hotel and travel to other parts of Thailand. You will be required to take an antigen self-test kit on day five and record the results via the MorChana app.

What happens if either my day one or day five COVID-19 tests are positive?

If you produce a positive COVID-19 test on day one or day five, you will be immediately referred for medical treatment. Depending on your symptoms, will receive appropriate treatment at the hospital, or be transferred to a community isolation centre. The quarantine will last at least 10 days, or until you can produce two negative RT-PCR tests. All medical treatment must be covered by the traveller’s insurance.

Do I have to fly into a certain airport on the Test and Go scheme?

Most travellers on the Test and Go scheme will enter Thailand via Bangkok International Airport. However, there are options for travellers who would like to begin their journey on the islands.

For example, if you wanted to fly to Koh Samui and do Test and Go there rather than in Bangkok, this is possible. However, you must travel on a dedicated ‘sealed route’ connecting flight (previously available open for sandbox visitors). If this is something you are considering doing, your flight must be a through flight booked on the same ticket.

The most important thing is that your SHA+ hotel is within a two-hour drive from the international airport that you arrived at.

Can I enter by land or sea on the Test and Go scheme?

Yes. At present, yachts are entering Thailand via sea.

Fully vaccinated Thai nationals and international travellers from neighbouring countries can enter via land at the following border checkpoints: Nong Khai, Songkhla and Udon Thani.

Do I have to be vaccinated to use Test & Go?

Yes, only fully vaccinated travellers will be allowed to travel via Test and Go. To qualify, you must have been vaccinated with a WHO or Thai Ministry of Public Health approved vaccine. See list here. If you are unvaccinated but have had COVID, you can present a COVID recovery certificate instead.

Which countries are eligible for Test & Go?

All countries.

Can children travel via Test & Go?

  • Travellers under 6 years old – Do not need to be vaccinated. Do not need to test on arrival. Must travel to Thailand with parents or guardian. Must undergo saliva COVID-19 test once in Thailand.
  • Travellers age 6-11 – Do not need to be vaccinated. Must show negative COVID-19 test within 72 hrs of departure to Thailand. Must travel to Thailand with parents or guardian.
  • Travellers age 12-17 – If unvaccinated, must travel with parents. Can travel to Thailand alone after one dose of vaccine no less than 14 days before travel. Must show negative COVID-19 test within 72 hrs of departure to Thailand.
  • Travellers 18+ – Must be fully vaccinated with two doses of an approved vaccine. Must show negative COVID-19 test within 72 hrs of departure to Thailand.

What are the COVID regulations that I must follow whilst in Thailand?

Whilst in Thailand, you are advised to wear a face mask in public places, practise good hand hygiene and maintain a one-metre social distancing rule. If you develop symptoms at any time, you are advised to get tested ASAP. Local laws and restrictions are constantly changing so keep an eye on local news sources whilst in the country.

29 thoughts on “Test And Go Thailand: An Idiot’s Guide”

  1. Hi, im planning on booking a flight that arrives early morning into bangkok. With the test and go packages do the hotels allow you to check in early?
    Also do you know roughly how long is the turn around for getting the results back from the PCR test, I guess this will depend on how many tests they have to process that day but just wondered if we would be confined to the room all day and night.
    Thank you

    1. Sheree Hooker

      Hi Melanie,

      I imagine early check-in will be down to the hotel’s discretion so I’d enquire with them directly. As for the turnaround for tests, I think you are correct that it varies depending on the volume.

  2. Is a refund possible for someone who has already applied for Test and Go Scheme for travel after May1, since it is no longer required after that date. If so, how?

  3. Hi, I am planning to travel to Thailand soon. Can I make one booking with an SHA Extra Plus hotel for my entire stay? Or do I have to make the booking twice, one for the Test and Go Package and one for the normal rest of the stay?

  4. Hi,

    I am looking to travel around Thailand at the end of April. Flying to Bangkok, so will do the Day 1 hotel. From then, we are wanting to go to Chiang Mai for a few days, and then down to Krabi and Koh Samui to end the holiday. I noticed that Krabi and Koh Samui are under the Sandbox scheme so does this mean that my route will not work and would have to come up with an alternative, or is it okay to travel to Bangkok, do the day 1 test, and then freely travel around the rest of Thailand? Thanks

    1. Yes, once you have produced a negative day 1 test you can travel around the rest of Thailand and then check into a hotel in a different province to do the day 5 test. All the best and happy travels!

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