Thonglor – Bangkok’s Trendiest Hood!

Thonglor, Bangkok: The Trendiest Part of the City! 
Thonglor in Bangkok is one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in the Thai capital. Also known as Thong Lo, this area is Bangkok’s hippest hood which lies mainly on the street named Soi Sukhumvit 55. Up and down this street there are countless swanky restaurants, cool bars, and hipster coffee shops. The area is easily walkable, a rarity for Bangkok! If you are looking to visit the city and stay in a less touristy area with easy access to great local nightlife and food, then Thonglor is the spot for you! 

Where to Stay in Thonglor, Bangkok?

Goodfellas Cafe and Hostel

Although this place is first and foremost a cafe, they also offer accommodation. The food is very, very popular among trendy young locals. In fact, when you come down for your free breakfast, it’s not uncommon to grab the last table in the place!  I recommend showing up early to make sure you get a spot to sit. It is by far the best breakfast I’ve ever had at a hostel. They have awesome pastries, breakfast sandwiches and coffee.  Goodfellas is located right at the start of the Thonglor neighbourhood. The place has private rooms going for around 1500 baht, making it a bit more expensive, but great for traveling couples. The staff are very friendly and helpful. 
Goodfellas Cafe and Hostel
Goodfellas is a popular place to stay in Thonglor, Bangkok.

Pier 49 Hostel

Just a five minute walk from Thonglor BTS station, is well rated hostel Pier 49. It is a lot quieter than some of the other options around Bangkok (in particular the ones located on Khao San Road) but this clean escape has everything a backpacker needs. The dorms cost between 300-400 baht and all beds have at least one USB socket and a reading light. Breakfast is included in the price although it is fairly basic, consisting of toast, cereal and a banana.  

Hostel at Thonglor

This place is a good choice for those on a budget, costing roughly 300-400 baht for a bed in a dorm room. They do have private rooms, but you have to walk through a dorm to gain access. You also don’t have your own bathroom which makes it a glorified dorm experience for a higher price. Also, the pictures are pretty misleading on The place is not as modern as the pictures make it appear. Nevertheless, it’s central and cheap, making it a good budget option for those wanting to experience Thonglor on a budget. 
Room in one Thonglor Hostel, Bangkok.
As well as swanky hotels, there are also basic budget hostels available for backpackers.

Things To Do in Thonglor, Bangkok!

Explore on Foot!

One of the best things to do in Thong Lo is to simply walk around the streets. Seriously, every side street seems to have a new coffee shop, bar, or restaurant. We kept stumbling upon different places to explore and check out. Do your research on what you want to see, but also be sure to wander the streets to see if you can find anything new and surprising! 
Coffee shops in Thonglor, Bangkok
You never know what cool new places might have popped up in Thong Lo so explore and see what you can find!

Visit Thonglor Art Space

This rotating art exhibit has different installations throughout the year. It’s a five-story commercial building that serves as a hub for visual and performance arts in Bangkok. It was created as an attempt to encourage and foster more artistic expression in the city. If you are in Thonglor, it’s a great place to stop by and explore. 

Eat and Drink Everything!

Thonglor is home to some of Bangkok’s best eateries and bars. There are simply too many to list in one small paragraph so we have instead dedicated two whole sections to filling your belly!

Where to Eat in Thonglor:

The Missing Burro

The Missing Burro is a tremendous place to get Mexican food. The tacos are amazing, and the guacamole is fantastic. Seriously, order the guac! They give you a great portion size for a pretty fair price. It’s a little off of the main street on a slightly quieter road. It’s got a nice outdoor atmosphere and great Mexican food. Be warned, it’s Thai spicy Mexican food, so be ready for a real Thai kick in your salsa! The owner was there during our visit and was also checking in on customers while we ate. The service is amazing!
Mexican food at the Missing Burro.
We couldn’t get enough of the guacamole when we visited the Missing Burro!


This place is a collective of restaurants and stores in a shared location. theCOMMONS has almost every type of food imaginable, including creole, barbecue, pasta, burgers, poke, and much, much more! Is your mouth watering yet?! They have plenty of seating and free wifi so it’s a great place to grab dinner or go for lunch and stay to work. We got a burger from Sourced Grocers, and it was tremendous.

Where to Drink in Thonglor:

Beer Belly

If you’re looking for a lowkey place to grab a beer and hang out with friends, Beer Belly has got you covered. They offer almost nightly activities, such as beer pong tournaments, ping pong matches, and happy hours. Tons of young Thai professionals come here after work to relax and kick back. It’s a great atmosphere, and they have plenty of beers on tap.
Mural in Beer Belly bar, Thonglor
Beer Belly is a good place to come if you are looking for a chilled night!

Playhaus Thonglor

This is one of the best places for cocktails in Thonglor. The actual bar is called Backstage Bar and is located behind the curtain in the Playhaus Thonglor lobby. When you step behind the curtain, you will be transported to an old school dressing room themed bar.
Playhaus bar interior, Thonglor.
The Playhaus is one of the best places in the city to drink cocktails!
It’s dark and elegant, with tremendous service and drinks. Keep in mind that seating is very limited, and they request a minimum order of one drink per customer. They have a smart casual dress code. Basically, guys can’t wear tank tops, sorry bros.

Getting Around Thong Lo:

As I said earlier, Thonglor is super walkable so you don’t need transportation getting around the neighbourhood. But, to get to Thonglor in Bangkok, you can either take a cab or the BTS (sky train). There is a Thonglor stop that drops you off at the start of the neighbourhood on Soi Sukhumvit 55. It actually drops you off right in front of Goodfella’s cafe and hostel! 
A train route map Bangkok Thailand
The BTS (Bangkok sky train) is a budget-friendly way to get around the city.
I definitely recommend using the BTS when in Bangkok. It only costs 100 baht for a day pass, and you can travel throughout the city easily. The other very popular form of transportation available in the neighbourhood is motorbike taxi. Along the road, you will see different men on bikes with orange coloured vests hanging out at several little stations. These are where you can grab a motorbike taxi for as little as 20 baht. They are so popular that in the evening after work finishes, you will see lines ten people deep to get a ride!

Which Bangkok neighbourhood to explore next?

If you are looking to do something when you are done exploring Thonglor, I recommend jumping on the BTS and heading to the equally cool neighbourhood of Ari. This is a slightly quieter and up and coming area in Bangkok. They have amazing bars and restaurants with a very chilled and relaxing vibe. Ari is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area! Check out our article here to find out more about the best neighbourhoods in Bangkok!
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