16 Best Travel Vloggers to Watch on YouTube

The best travel vloggers on YouTube.

When times get tough and hopping on a plane just isn’t an option, one has to seek out alternative ways to scratch that travel itch!

If you’ve worked your way through the best travel movies and travel books you’re desperately in need of your next fix, why not head on over to YouTube and check out some new and inspiring youtube travel channels!

From food shows to off the beaten track adventure vlogs you’ll be surprised at the quality of shows produced by this talented bunch of travel youtubers!

All YouTubers were recommended to us by members of our Facebook Group, the South East Asia Backpacker Community. Do you have a favourite travel vlogger to add to this list? Get in touch with us in our Facebook Group or via email. We’d love to hear from you!

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Who are the best travel vloggers to follow?

Here’s YOUR pick of 16 of the best travel YouTubers!

1. The Budgeteers – 109k subscribers

As the name suggests, this Youtube channel is all about travelling on a shoestring. Being one of the cheapest regions in the world for travel, it’s no surprise that Southeast Asia features a lot in their videos; from biking the Mae Hong Son Loop to sampling street food in Kuala Lumpur. Each episode is around 30 minutes in length making The Budgeteers more like a TV show than a YouTube channel. The show was created by three travel buddies; Paddy from the UK, Thijs from Belgium and Lina from Colombia. Every show has flawless production quality, great visuals and the style of presentation is fun, lighthearted and entertaining. A top choice for a laid-back Sunday afternoon of travel inspiration! Here’s one of our favourite Youtube videos from the guys…

2. Karl Watson – 107k subscribers

British traveller Karl is the host of this excellent Youtube travel documentary channel that’s all about backpacking and adventure! His presentation style is entertaining and down to earth as he takes viewers on a journey through almost every continent! From motorbiking in Vietnam to road tripping in New Zealand and tackling Everest Base Camp, Karl’s youtube videos will have you dying to hunch on that backpack. Here’s a short taster of Karl’s documentary style…

3. Kara and Nate – 1.6m subscribers

With over 700 vlogs uploaded and over a million Youtube subscribers these travel youtubers have really hit the big time! Fun-loving American couple Kara and Nate, originally from Nashville Tennessee, have spent the last four years travelling to over 100 countries on all seven continents. From van life to Galapagos cruises, try not to die of jealousy at the awesome career lifestyle this entrepreneurial couple have created for themselves. Here’s a taster (pun intended) of why Kara and Nate have become so successful…

4. Grrrltraveler – 153k subscribers

A one-woman film crew as she calls herself, Christine takes viewers on a journey to explore the world of travel, food and culture. This Youtube channel is particularly great for female solo travellers who are in need of some inspiration and confidence to hit the road! We particularly like her attention to detail when it comes to trying a variety of 7-11 snacks in each country that she visits! Christine also isn’t afraid to show us the less glamorous side of travel as she delves into topics such as depression, travel burnout and getting sick whilst abroad. Check out her video on the challenges that solo travellers face to get an idea of her honest presentation style.

5. Drew Binsky – 1.7m subscribers

Drew Binsky is an American traveller and Youtube documentary maker who’s channel is a little bit different than the average travel Youtube show. Drew regularly delves into contemporary political issues such as human rights abuses, gay and transgender acceptance and religious and racial stereotypes. He is also not afraid to put the lens on his own nationality as he asks people from different countries what they think about America. His channel frequently features special guests such as Wim Hof (AKA The Ice Man), Lexie Alford, who holds the record for the youngest person to travel to every country and film producer Erik Anders Lang. As well as celebrating the cultures of the countries he has visited (currently 191/197!), his main message is that travel widens your perspective of the world.

6. charlycheer – 89k subscribers

Charly is a plant-based, polyamorous, lifestyle and travel blogger who lived and taught English in Vietnam for over a year. For anyone thinking of uprooting their homelife and getting a travel job in Asia, this travel YouTube channel will give you a great insight into the highs and lows of being an expat. Charly covers practical topics such as the cost of grocery shopping, tips on buying a motorbike and getting sick. Charly also delves into less discussed but very important topics such as how race can affect your chances of getting a job in different countries. She also talks about what it’s like to travel and live abroad with anxiety. From her recent videos, it looks like for the time being Charly is back home in California, but there are tons of travel videos on her YouTube channel to get stuck into.

7. Pocket Trailblazer – 4k subscribers

British female traveller, Charlie, runs this quirky YouTube channel which, in our opinion, should have way more subscribers than a modest 4.k! The aim of her show is to reveal the real side of travel (all the highs, lows, mosquito bites and tummy bugs included!) and not just a glamourised version. Her down to earth presentation style and longer Youtube videos (sometimes up to one hour) mean that the viewer is taken on an emotional journey with Charlie. She’s not afraid to share her personal life and show her vulnerable side as is displayed in this video filmed during the coronavirus pandemic.

8. Madventures – 33k subscribers

This channel was created by two crazy guys from Finland, Tunna (the guy behind the camera) and Riku (the guy in front of the camera). Their humorous series is aimed at those who love the bizarre underworld of travel from weird traditions, customs, foods, healing rituals, drugs and even sex dolls! Unfortunately, it seems like the guys haven’t uploaded a new video in quite some time (over 10 years) and there website doesn’t function anymore, but there are still around 50 weird episodes for you to get your teeth stuck into on their channel. (Episodes are usually no more than 10 minutes.)

9. The Endless Adventure – 410 subscribers

Eric and Allison are the couple behind the Endless Adventure, a Youtube channel dedicated to never going home! They have spent the past five years travelling around the globe seeking new adventures and trying new foods. Their latest adventure has been to buy an vintage RV and renovate it. From Europe to South America, their goal is to inspire people everywhere to hit the road!

10. Backpacking Bananas – 112k subscribers

Christianne is a backpacker from the UK who shares tips and recommendations about budget travel through her popular Youtube channel. Her videos mostly cover European, South American and Southeast Asian travel and there are a fair amount of videos to help newbie backpackers with packing, budget planning and travel gear tips. The entrepreneurial chica also has a website full of online travel resources and a clothing line! Christianne is one to follow if you’re a solo female backpacker looking for inspiration.

11. Divert Living – 235k subscribers

Millennial couple Jimmy (American) and Tah (from Thailand) left full-time careers to explore the world and document their adventures via their YouTube channel. Since meeting and falling in love in South Korea in 2015, they have travelled around Southeast Asia, Central and South America and the USA. They are full-time digital nomads making a living from their channel and gaining new followers all the time with their handy tips and honest reviews of places they visit. With Tah’s insider knowledge of Southeast Asian culture, this channel is a great one to pick up travel tips for the region.

12.  Int Affair – 81k subscribers

Jen and Rafael are co-workers turned best friends who started their channel in March 2017 with very little travel experience. Their YouTube channel is designed to inspire the average person to quit their job and hit the road! With each video, the pair aim is to show the real side of travel with cost breakdowns and tips for budget travellers! Their videos cover mostly Southeast Asia and Europe and they have a particular interest in beaches and street food. We love their recent video about food in Chiang Mai and can proudly say we’ve eaten at many of these places!

13.  Best Ever Food Review Show – 5.2m subscribers

This is where the line between YouTube channel and professional travel TV show is blurred. Adventurous American host, Sonny, is somewhat of an Internet celebrity and he certainly deserves the fame! After just one episode, the Best Ever Food Review Show will have you hooked as Sonny samples weird, wonderful (and sometimes dangerous!) foods from around the world – such as sea penis and puffer fish! In each episode (usually around 20 minutes long), Sonny explores different cultures, meets interesting local people and tries some pretty horrifying dishes. (Vegetarians need not subscribe.) Sonny has been living in Asia for over 10 years and currently resides in Vietnam.

14.   Homemade Wanderlust – 252k subscribers

This is a YouTube channel dedicated entirely to hiking than backpacking. (Just to confuse you all, in the US, the word ‘backpacking’ often means hiking to us Brits!) Created by American adventurer, Dixie, the channel began with her documenting her hiking on the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. Since then she’s hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail and the Camino de Santiago. Her channel includes plenty of hiking and ‘thru-hiking’ tips as well as backpack and gear reviews. She even made a full-length documentary with her sister Montana about their Camino de Santiago hike, which you can watch here. For hiking enthusiasts, this channel has some great tips that may just prevent you getting yourself into a sticky situation.

15.  Mark Wiens – 6.4m subscribers

We first met Mark in Bangkok (where Mark currently lives) around 10 years ago when his YouTube channel was just beginning! Since then, he’s made hundreds more videos and gained millions more followers through his fun and fascinating series of YouTube videos. Join Mark as he goes in search of some of the most delicious food on the planet and shares travel tips along the way. His humble and down to earth style of presentation and the way he connects with the local people he meets makes his videos fun and easy to watch and each one is sure get your stomach rumbling! Mark calls himself a ‘full-time eater’ and believes ‘food is the reason you should travel’. We have to agree!

16. Avelovinit – 256k subscribers

Patricia Averilla (AKA Avelovinit) is a popular female travel vlogger from the Philippines. She has tons of videos to help you plan your travels to the Philippines, as well as plenty of other countries in Europe, South America and Southeast Asia. Her videos will help you with every aspect of trip planning from packing to itineraries and house hunting abroad (for those long-term travellers). Ave is currently travelling, working and finding long-term abodes around the Philippines with her Norwegian fiancé Martin.

Have you discovered any other awesome YouTube travel channels that we should know about?

Get in touch with us via our contact page or post in our Facebook Community. We look forward to hearing from you!

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