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Partying at Vietnam Backpackers Hostels, Hanoi.

11 Pumping Party Hotspots in Southeast Asia

If you’re looking for the most pumping party destinations in Southeast Asia you’re in the right place! These legendary destinations draw in revellers from across the world!

Travellers looking at a laptop by the swimming pool

17 Best Travel Vloggers to Watch on YouTube

From motorbiking the world to eating every weird food that a country has to offer, each one of these travel YouTubers is exploring our amazing planet in a unique and interesting way! Which YouTuber will inspire your next adventure?

What is Being a Nomadic Family REALLY Like?

What is Being a Nomadic Family REALLY Like?

Family travel is more popular than ever and it’s no wonder why! But is it as good as everybody says? We caught up with Alyson from World Travel Family to get the lowdown on what being a part of a nomadic family is really like!

Travelling in Vietnam During COVID-19

Deciding to ride out the lockdown in Vietnam was a hard choice for these backpackers but the experiences they’ve had as a result have made it all worthwhile!

A wild orangutan in Sumatra.

Stranded in a Jungle Paradise During COVID-19

Ever wondered what happened to those who were stuck abroad during the COVID-19 outbreak? This is the story about how a couple ended up in the jungle paradise of Bukit Lawang, Sumatra…

Tips to Avoid Getting Sick When Backpacking

8 Tips to Avoid Getting Sick When Travelling

The life of travel can be fast paced and it’s important to look after your body. Getting sick when travelling is miserable so make sure you follow these tips to avoid coming down with something nasty. A healthy backpacking trip is a happy one!

The 13 Best Travel Podcasts

The 15 Best Travel Podcasts

Feet getting itchy? For your much-needed dose of escapism, travel podcasts hold the answer! Check out our favourites here and get downloading!

Buddha sculpture, Marble Mountain, Da Nang, Vietnam.

Asian Quotes to Guide Us Through Life

The vast continent of Asia gave us such wise characters as Confucius, Gandhi, the Dalai Lama and Lao Tzu… as well as religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Taoism. No wonder there are so many wise and inspiring Asian quotations!

Man stands in front of two waterfalls in Bohol

75 Best Travel Quotes For Backpackers!

For all of you daydreaming about your next adventure, check out these travel quotes for inspiration! No matter whether you are looking for profound travel sentiments for your next Instagram caption or something good humoured to get your reminiscing about your last trip, you’re in the right place!

Ali Couch in Sri Lanka with her backpack on. This is the cover image for her article about backpacking in your 50s

Should you Go Backpacking at 50?

Backpacking is for anyone at any age. I seek to quash the barriers that people may have about backpacking and extol the pleasures of backpacking!

What is a “Backpacker”? Tell us what you think… #abackpackeris

What does the word backpacker mean to you? Do you have to wear certain clothes to be a backpacker? Do you have to be a certain age? Do you have to stay in hostels? Do you have to be on a budget? Is there a ‘backpacker’ stereotype in SE Asia? Tell us what you think… #abackpackeris

Girl stands alone on the beach. Travelling the world as an Introvert - Photo Jeremy Bishop.

Travelling the World as an Introvert: How I Coped

What difficulties might one face when travelling the world as an introvert? One traveller describes her personal experiences on a world trip and how at first, she ignored her needs and tried to be someone that she’s not. Introversion is something that affects many people and in spite of the obvious challenges, this article proves that it is possible to fully enjoy travel as an introvert, you just need to listen to yourself…


Christmas in Asia: What’s A Homesick Backpacker To Do?

Turkey, stuffing, Christmas crackers and a questionable present from your gran — this is what Christmas is all about, right? Wrong. Being away from home for the holidays can be tough for a backpacker on the road; some might even say it’s the hardest part about travelling. so here’s a guide to “Badaa Din” and how to sprinkle some backpacker Christmas spirit, no matter where in the world you are!

Which Moments in Southeast Asia Will You Never Forget?

Despite the open-mindedness that travel brings, destination snobbery is still prevalent in certain traveler communities. I’ve heard experienced backpackers describe Southeast Asia with phrases like ‘over traveled’ and ‘inauthentic’. After two years in the region, I could not be more convinced that they’re wrong. With the right attitude, travel in Southeast Asia rarely fails to provide wonderful, surprising, awe-inspiring moments. So, here’s to those moments, the ones you’ll never forget.

Girl looking miserable

8 Cures for a Homesick Backpacker

Despite backpacking offering potentially the best time of your life, we all have those days where we long for the comforts of home, and miss friends and family. Often those days can be special occasions such as birthdays or Christmas and can leave the most enthusiastic of backpackers slumping over their Tiger Beer. Don’t panic! We’ve all felt that way at some point on the road and here are some festive tips to help you through…

Guide to Making Friends and Going Out with Thai People!

Thais are social people – very social. And you should not miss a chance to spend a night out with a group of newfound Thai friends. It will be fun, educating, and probably a lot more memorable than heading to another Irish pub with fellow international backpackers. But what to wear, what to order to drink and who pays the bill? Here’s our advice…

Dorm beds

33 Signs You’ve Been Staying in a Hostel Dormitory Too Long…

Have you ever found yourself feeling completely at home in a backpacker dormitory? With a rooftop bar, in-house laundry, cheap beer, a (relatively) comfy bed and a host of fun new travel buddies arriving every day with new stories – why would you ever want to leave?

Just Arrived Home? 5 Ways to Defeat Post SEA Backpacker Blues…

In 2013 I squished my life into a backpack, caught a one way flight to Bangkok and spent four months exploring the magical countries of South East Asia. I set off on my journey with a complete sense of freedom, with no set plans or deadlines. However, this article isn’t about me reminiscing about my incredible time in South East Asia, mainly because, if I did, I’ll probably end up crying in to my pillow when I get home! Instead, I wanted to talk about life after your Asia backpacking adventures.

10 Weird Things that Happen When You Come Home After Long Term Travel…

Coming back home from a long stint backpacking can be very strange indeed. At times you feel like an alien in your own country! (Cue Sting). You’ve forgotten so much about what ‘normal’ life back home is like and you’ve picked up many weird habits while you’ve been away. Are you still the same person that you once were? Here are 10 symptoms of extreme reverse culture shock…

A shot from below of a climber straddling two rocks

“Live Each Day Like It’s Your Last Day on Earth.” But is this Really Possible?

How many times have you heard the quote ‘live your life like it’s your last day on earth’? But how many of us do this? And is it possible? Surely if today was your last day, you’d spend all your money, travel to the place you’ve always wanted to, tell that boy / girl that you’ve been playing it cool with that you’re wildly in love with them and then get crazy drunk? So – is this concept practical in the real world!?

Falling in Love on the Road… Reflections of Relationships on the Go

Love, love, love! Or, more to the point for us generally unencumbered nomads…Love On The Road. And let’s cut to the chase here, shall we? – it’s a tad different to the traditional ‘holiday romance’ (yeah – remember those?!) Writer Karen Farini muses over the complexity of love on the road, it’s unique intricacies, and where that leaves us ready to connect backpackers!

DO NO-THING: Mastering the Art of Laziness in Southeast Asia

Every day of our lives we are confronted with the verb “do”: do laundry, to-do lists, even “doing” Asia. But the best, yet most frowned upon, ‘do’ adverb is ‘nothing’. This may sound lazy and boring, but to those who learn to let go of conventional expectations, they will find utter relaxation and peacefulness. Have you learned to let go, relax and simply enjoy the art of doing nothing in S.E.A?

The "olden days" of Tubing in Vang Vieng.

The Party’s Over! The end of Tubing in Vang Vieng

You’ve heard the rumours filtering from the Banana Pancake Trail and you don’t quite want to believe it. What’s that? Noooo! Frame and mount that ‘In the Tubing’ vest of yours… ‘Tubing’ is really over.

Interview with Vang Vieng Entrepreneurs, Greg & Owen

Undoubtedly the star attraction of Vang Vieng, a town on highway 13 between Vientiane and Luang Prabang in Laos, is the Nam Song River lined with rope swings, zip wires and a multitude of cool bars – a veritable playground for backpackers! Karen Farini catches up with Greg and Owen, 27 year old UK twins, who own the coolest and quirkiest entertainment space in town to get the low down on running a business on a river bank prone to annual flooding, the locals’ view of the abrupt change in culture and of course the crazy and controversial phenomenon known as tubing…

Play with Fire and You’re Gonna Get Burned!

Writer, blogger and lover of all things ‘travel’, Neil Barnes retells a fiery tale of adventure, nightlife and drunken decisions… Whilst enjoying the splendours of the beautiful island of Koh Phangan in South Thailand and sampling the delights of cheap Sam Song rum served in a sandcastle bucket, Neil made potentially the stupidest decision he’s ever made. Whether it was the Red Bull or just the buzz of travelling he’ll never know… Would you make the same mistake?

Couchsurfing… Not Just a Free Place to Stay!

Couchsurfing is a phenomena that has turned backpacking upside down. Being able to travel the world and find a bed for free sounds too good to be true. So what’s the catch? Is Couchsurfing as easy and as fun as some smug travellers claim? Travel writer Mark Wiens discovered that Couchsurfing really is a way that you can travel cheaply, make friends with locals and have authentic travel experiences that hostel junkies can only dream of… Have you tried Couchsurfing yet?

Which Type of Traveller Are You?

Culture Vulture, Flashpacker, Beer Guzzler, Spiritual Seeker or Hard Core Adventurer… There are all kinds of travelers that you will find on the trail in South East Asia. So which type of traveller are you?

Man dances with fire in Thailand

Dancing with Fire in Thailand!

As darkness falls on the popular beaches of South Thailand nocturnal creatures to come out and play. The fire dancers take centre stage silencing audiences with their danger defiant moves. Much later, backpackers can be seen trying their luck at this dangerous sport with most deadliest of all fire dancing apparatus… the flaming skipping rope! Would you try your luck?

Tubing in Vang Vieng in 2010.

Tubing! Vang Vieng, Laos: What’s all the Fuss?

Up there with the Full Moon Party in terms of a backpacking ‘rites of passage’, Tubing in Vang Vieng, (Laos) is known as the best party in South East Asia! A startling claim for a place described by the Lonely Planet just fifteen years ago as ‘far removed from the Western world.’ With backpackers flocking there in the thousands; it’s clear the excitement isn’t about to slow down soon! But can it really be as good as they all say it is? One backpacker tells his tale…

Going Solo? 10 Tips for Lone Travellers in Southeast Asia!

Loads of people do it. Some say it’s the only way to do it. Going alone on the South East Asian circuit is a feat undertaken by many an adventure seeking travellers. But, with thousands of backpackers hitting the road each year, are you really ever alone on such a well trodden trail? If you’re looking to make a travel companion or two, read these 10 tips!

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