Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat, Cambodia: Temples, Tours and Tips!

Breathtaking and awe-inspiring, Angkor Wat astounds even the most unlikely of backpackers. Beer guzzlers are turned into Culture Vulture’s overnight as Chang Vests are replaced with ones that say ‘Angkor Wat is f**ing amazing!’ Hailed as one of the most magnificent examples of architecture ever created, it’s a site all travellers in Southeast Asia should see.


A Guide to Cambodia’s Sihanoukville Sandbox

Cambodia has announced that it will begin to restart tourism with the launch of the Sihanoukville Sandbox. Incorporating popular destination Koh Rong and the resort of Dara Sakor in Koh Kong province too.

Fish amok in Cambodia

Fish Amok: Cambodia’s National Dish

Fish amok is commonly said to be Cambodia’s national dish. This creamy curry dish can be made with a variety of ingredients, however, fish is the most common. Check out this post to learn more about one of Cambodia’s most popular dishes!

Top 10 Things To Do in Cambodia (Apart from Visiting Angkor Wat!)

We’ve all heard of Angkor Wat and while these stunning ruins are a must see while in Cambodia, the country has a whole lot more to offer! Check out Tonle Sap- South East Asia’s largest freshwater lake, enjoy the briny culinary taste treats of Kep, or travel back in time on Battambang’s bamboo train! Here we give you the TOP 10 ALTERNATIVE THINGS TO DO IN CAMBODIA.

Blocks in the Angkor Thom Wall

The Hidden Trail along Angkor Thom Wall, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Did you know about the hidden 12km Trail along the Angkor Thom Wall, Siem Reap? This historical trail, that can be walked independently, will take you off the beaten track, past ancient gates and moats, far away from the tourists and street sellers.

“Backpacker Tourism can be a Force for Good.” Says Aid & Development Worker

Backpackers may not spend a lot, but almost every one of their dollars stays in the local economy. With package tourists, often hardly a penny is spent in local, host economies, rather large tourist corporations, big hotel chains and restaurants, shopping malls selling Western brands. It begs the question “Why does backpacking not feature in tourism developments?” Why do backpackers get a bad rap, out of proportion to the tiny fraction who misbehave?

Cambodian Cycle Adventure. On Yer Bike!

Tired of temples and the lazy backpacker lifestyle in South East Asia, Laura Ricketts and her sister Fi, embarked upon a five day cycle tour of Cambodia! Here’s how they planned their adventure and how it went. Could you be inspired to plan a cycle trip of your own?

Shhhh…. Is this the Perfect Southeast Asian Paradise Island ?

Iconic sands like Maya Bay (Koh Phi Phi) and Freedom Beach (Phuket) in Thailand offer a beautiful setting but the experience is marred by swarms of tourists, some of whom have no respect for the natural environment. When we arrived in Southeast Asia, we heard whispers about a largely untouched desert island paradise – but how could we get there? And was the mythical island all that we hoped it would be?


Beyond the Temples of Angkor… Volunteering to Provide Free Education for Poor Children of Cambodia

Many travellers visit Cambodia to cast eyes upon the famous Angkor Wat Temples, yet, is there a richer experience to be had in this beautiful, yet impoverished country? Read one traveller’s experience volunteering with SOID (Supporting Orphans and Indigent People of Cambodia for Development Organisation), a small NGO that provides free education to the poor children of Veal Village, Siem Reap…

Road Trippin’ by Motorbike Around Kampot, Cambodia…

Set alongside the river, the rolling hills of the Cambodian countryside and Mount Bokor is Kampot, a small provincial town where not a lot happens and that’s exactly why I like it. Ambassador Ben Turland recently hopped on the back of his motorbike and explored the surrounding area of Kampot, Cambodia. Here he tells us what he discovered… so you can too!

A Group of Children in Cambodia

Pot Holes and Rice Fields: A Journey Through Cambodia’s Centre

We travel to realize the basic power of connection, through chance encounters we are able to loose our carefully crafted identities and simply relate to each other as human beings. Photographer Dylan Goldby takes us on a journey away from Cambodia’s capitol Phnom Penh, into the heart of the country, and introduces us to a part of South East Asia not typically travelled.

The Renovation of Bokor Hill Station, Cambodia: How to Ruin a Ruin!

When visiting Cambodia there is a well-trodden path of historical sites: lines of tourists tentatively explore the barren corridors of Tuol Sleng Torture Museum and amble timidly around the Killing Fields, groups jostle for the best view of Angkor Wat’s imposing silhouette as it is illuminated by sunrise and queue for photographs alongside the weathered stones of Ta Phrom. If you’re looking for a route less worn by the burgeoning tourism industry, for a site refreshingly free from tour operators and entrance fees, look no further than the eerie ghost town of Bokor Hill Station. Backpacker, Lottie Butler, explores…

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