Move, Play, Breathe and Smile… Life at the Xhale Yoga School in Pai, Thailand

There’s the old cliché that backpackers travel to ‘find themselves’. In South East Asia, particularly Thailand, many travellers like to experiment with yoga and meditation in an attempt to still their minds and discover what it is that they really want out of life.

Xhale Yoga Bhud

In the rolling green hills of Pai, Thailand – there really is no better place to relax and breathe in the peace and quiet of the surrounding beautiful countryside. This is the reason why Xhale Yoga School (rated number 1 on Trip Advisor for things to do in Pai) attracts so many travellers in search of something more than Full Moon Parties and hectic sightseeing. Meet Bhud, the founder of Xhale Yoga School who has trained and taught all over the world, including India and Australia.

Meet Bhud Xhale Yoga

Her passion is to apply Western science to Yoga to help students to gain a better understanding of their bodies. She wants to bring more awareness to what is happening inside our bodies as we practice yoga and the enormous health benefits not only to our physical, but our emotional and spiritual bodies.

The 5-Day Yoga and Meditation Retreat

If you feel like you need a break from the whirlwind lifestyle of backpacking, then this intensive 5-day retreat may just be what you need.


The program is designed to include all aspects of yoga, including asana (movement), prana (breath work), deep relaxation, mindfulness meditation, yoga philosophy, anatomy as well as diet and food.

You are guaranteed to leave the course after five days feeling more relaxed, more flexible, stronger and with a clearer and more astute mind. It is the perfect course to rejuvenate a tired and stressed mind and body. Backpacking can be hard work!

So if you’re at the beginning of your backpacking adventure and you are looking for a transition into a new way of life, are on your way home and looking for a way to cope with the pressures of the modern world, or are smack bang in the middle of your travels and want to take some personal time out just for you – then Xhale Yoga is a fantastic place to hide away!


The Daily Yoga Lifestyle

The retreat begins every other Monday at 3pm and each day is a perfect balance of practice, knowledge and of course free time to explore the beautiful town of Pai! Your retreat includes:

  • Daily Hatha and Yin Yoga.
  • Guided breathing exercises.
  • Mindfulness meditation program.
  • Vegetarian food – breakfast, lunch and dinner.*
  • Herbal teas and drinking water.
  • 2 X fresh fruit juices daily.
  • Hot spring trip on Saturday.

*As well as classes every day in yoga movement and philosophy, your body will also benefit from a nutritionally balanced alkaline diet of vegetarian, locally grown, healthy and delicious food – from tropical fruits to vegetables, nuts and seeds.



Where is Xhale Yoga Located?

Pai has long been regarded as a beautiful bohemian village in the heart of stunning countryside and Xhale Yoga is located just 7km outside the city overlooking rice and farm fields. Accommodation during the retreat consists of simple bungalow-style housing, either shared or individual.

Beautiful Pai rice fields

To find out more visit:

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7 thoughts on “Move, Play, Breathe and Smile… Life at the Xhale Yoga School in Pai, Thailand”

  1. Bhud Xhale Yoga

    Dear backpackers… We still have few spots left for this coming Monday (14-19 July)… hurry up for a knowledgeable and life transforming week! See you on the mat soon, Bhud xx

  2. I am heading to Xhale yoga next week and am BEYOND excited for it. Then I saw this article and somehow became even more anxious to get up to the beautiful countryside and get my yoga on! Thanks for always knowing all the best places SE Asia Backpacker!

  3. Bhud Xhale Yoga

    Wow!! Nikki Scott. This looks amazing!! Thanks so much for all your effort.. much love ♡♡

  4. Chrille Wagner

    Where am i? Cant find myself in Europe so i’m probably in India or Asia somewhere. If that doesn’t work i buy a mirror 😉

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