Scenic view of Leng pass mountains, Ha Giang, Buffalo

Ha Giang Loop, Vietnam: 2023 Adventure Guide for Travellers 🇻🇳🏍️

Layer upon layer of blue-green mountains reaching out as far as the eye can see; jagged black rocks jutting out of the hazy green landscape and sheer cliffs descending dramatically from the edge of narrow mountain roads — these are just some of the views you will encounter during the 320-kilometer Hà Giang motorbike loop, located in the extreme north of Vietnam.

Partying at Vietnam Backpackers Hostels, Hanoi.

The 11 Best Hostels in Hanoi, Vietnam

Discover which hostels were voted the top 25 hostels in Hanoi, Vietnam by our community! Our list includes party hostels, boutique guesthouses, rooftop bars & free beer! There is something for every kind of backpacker!

Pho in Vietnam

Vietnamese Phở: The Nation’s Best Loved Soup

Eating phở in Vietnam is a traveller rite of passage. The country’s national dish is an aromatic noodle soup with a vibrant history. Learn all about it, including where to eat it, in this complete guide.

Coffee in Vietnam

Coffee in Vietnam: Drink Like a Local!

As the world’s second-largest coffee producer, Vietnam is a country that knows a bit about coffee. The drip coffee method has become famous world over and is directly responsible for some of Asia’s best caffeinated drinks, including egg coffee! This article covers everything you need to know about the history of coffee culture in Vietnam.

Hoa Lu - Ancient Capital of Vietnam.

When is the Best Time to Visit Vietnam?

When is the best time to visit Vietnam? Luckily, there is no bad time! However, to get the most out of your trip, you’re still going to need to know about the different climate zones.

Banh Mi: Everybody’s Favourite Vietnamese Sandwich

Banh Mi: The Vietnamese Sandwich

Banh Mi is one of Vietnam’s best loved street foods. This iconic sandwich is packed with fresh ingredients and has a fascinating history.

Ban Gioc Waterfall by Olivier Langevin

Ban Gioc Waterfall: Vietnam’s Secret Natural Wonder

Ban Gioc Waterfall is surely one of the best natural sights in the whole of Vietnam. However, hardly anyone actually goes there! To make sure you don’t miss out on this wondrous waterfall, plan your visit with our comprehensive guide.

Backpackers on the Real Hanoi Bicycle Tour.

Bicycle Tour Hanoi – See The City On Two Wheels

Thinking of going on a Hanoi bike tour? Scared to get involved in the traffic chaos of Vietnam’s throbbing capital? So were we! Luckily, with the right guidance, it can be surprisingly stress-free!

Must Try Vietnamese Street Food Dishes!

Vietnamese Street Food – 23 Must Try Dishes!

23 Must-Try Vietnamese Street Food Dishes to look out for during your adventures in the country! From the famous Bahn Mi and Pho Bo, to the not-so-famous “Bánh Tráng Nuog” AKA Vietnamese pizza!

Backpackers savouring Vietnamese street food

Hanoi Street Food Tour – Eat Your Way Through Vietnam’s Capital

A Hanoi street food tour is a must-do experience in Vietnam’s crazy capital, especially if you’re only in the city for a few days! A food tour is a fantastic way to sample a variety of Vietnamese street food delights, meet new travel buddies and discover more about Vietnamese culture and traditions along the way.

Dear Hanoi… It’s Not You. It’s Me.

Have you ever travelled to a place and felt a certain way, only to return a few years later and find that your feelings towards that place have completely changed? Places, like people, click with your personality at a certain moment in time. Just like falling in love, travel is about the present moment…

Craft beers.

A Taste of Hanoi: Foodie and Craft Beer Tours in Vietnam’s Capital

Do you travel to eat and drink? For me, one of the most exciting things about travelling to a new country is to sample a brand new cuisine! Hanoi’s street food scene is famous worldwide, but did you know about the city’s craft beer scene? These two tours are a great way to explore the capital through your stomach!

City of Ghosts: A Glimpse of Vietnam’s Affluent Afterlife at An Bang Cemetery

Way off the usual tourist trail lies the biggest Cemetery in Vietnam, An Bang Cemetery (Nghĩa Trang An Bắng in Vietnamese), known locally as “City of Ghosts.” When traveller India-Jayne Trainor was asked if she wanted to explore it by her EasyRider driver whilst on a tour of the Hai Van Pass, she was intrigued and a little nervous…

Exploring Tam Coc Village & Ninh Binh, Vietnam – Halong Bay on Land!

Looking for some down time in North Vietnam? Just three hours from the crazy capital of Hanoi, you’ll find the serene Tam Coc village in Ninh Binh Province. Tam Coc is often referred to as “Halong Bay on Land” due to its incredibly scenic landscape and the rice paddies…

On Two Wheels Through North Vietnam: Glimpses of a Unique World…

What a privilege – cycling in North Vietnam while tourism is still in its infancy! Spectacular countryside and endless variety of landscape – from the rice fields to the towering mountains, steady ascents and awe-inspiring descents. Eddie Brocklesby describes his thoughts after a 15-day cycle tour in this unique and little-visited region of Vietnam…

Rapids,-Cat Tien-National-Park,-Vietnam

Cat Tien National Park, Vietnam – Why You Should Visit

Just when you think you have already explored all the possible corners of this fascinating country, a Vietnamese minivan drops you off at the gate of Cat Tien National Park. Brimming with diverse and fascinating wildlife, this massive, 720 square km seasonal tropical forest is located around half way between Dalat and Ho Chi Minh City.

5 Amazing Countryside Escapes from Hanoi, Vietnam

Ex English teacher, Amy Blyth describes her life as an English teacher living in Vietnam’s hectic capital of Hanoi, and how she kept sane during the weekends. Whether you’re living in Hanoi as an expat or are a backpacker using it as a base to explore Northern Vietnam, here are some beautiful countryside Hanoi getaways where you can escape those beeping horns….

Ninh Binh Vietnam

Motorbiking to Ninh Binh Province, North Vietnam

The majority of backpackers who arrive in Hanoi spend no more than a couple of days here; they visit the war museum; check out Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum and get trailed around on one of the notorious hostel bar-crawls.What is often missed, however, are the many, lesser-known day trips available to amazing locations, such as the incredible Ninh Binh Provnce which lies just two hours from Hanoi by motorbike…

Vietnam’s Must Do North to South Adventure: The Buffalo Run!

A backpacker tells all about Hanoi Backpacker’s newest trip throughout Vietnam, traversing from Hanoi all the way to Hoi An. Along the way he experiences incredible national parks, such as Cuc Phuong and Phong Na, the world’s biggest cave, exquisite hidden beaches, the history of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, waterfalls, and historic tunnels from the Vietnam-American War.

Top 10 Things To Do in and Around Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam’s bustling, atmospheric capital Hanoi is crammed with interesting pursuits for the curious backpacker, from dodging motorbikes in the Old Quarter to sampling unique street food cuisine and even visiting the embalmed body of one of the world’s most famous Communist leaders – there’s a lot to write in your travel diary! With so much to delight your senses we helped you boil it down to the top 10 things not to miss while in this undeniably electric city!

Four Months on a Bicycle in Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi

Backpacker and travel writer Nathan Edgerton spent four months travelling on a cheap bicycle the entire length of Vietnam from the biggest city in the South to the capital in the North. In this article, Nathan gives you many reasons why travelling on two wheels is way cooler than four…

Stitched up in Hoi An! Welcome to Vietnam’s Fashion Capital…

London, Paris, New York, Milan… Hoi An! There’s quaint little town on the central coast of Vietnam, home to a unique and extremely addictive shopping experience… Here you can have any item of clothing or footwear tailor made for a tiny fraction of what you’d pay in the West – is it even possible to resist at least a couple of small purchases (even if it means lugging them around the whole of South East Asia in your already overstuffed backpack)? S.E.A Backpacker Magazine Editor, Nikki Scott was up for the challenge!

All Aboard the Jolly Roger to Halong Bay & Castaway Island, Vietnam!

The Hanoi Backpackers’ Halong Bay Trip has become legendary amongst backpackers in Southeast Asia. Through the traveller grapevine we’d heard reports of a deserted castaway island right in the heart of Cat Ba National Park. A slice of untouched paradise it was told – that could only be reached via the Hanoi Backpackers’ sail boat, the ‘Jolly Roger’. We decided to take the ‘Rock Hard Rock Long Halong Bay Tour’ to find out what all the fuss was about!

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