Muay Thai Training | 1 Week – 1 Year | KRABI, THAILAND

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  • Come and learn True Muay Thai with Ex-Champions. We care that you improve!
  • This is the Real Deal for People who like to train long-term alongside experienced fighters.
  • Located in Ao Nang, Krabi, minutes from gorgeous beaches and tropical seascapes.
  • Right next door to a Muay Thai Boxing Stadium where fights are held every week!

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Located in Krabi (Ao Nang), Honour Muay Thai Boxing is the perfect place if you want to become a fighter and compete in the Muay Thai sport. Honour Gym started because of the love of the sport – Muay Thai. In this gym, fighters from all over the world have all the tools to achieve the high volume of training, to become a fighter and compete in this sport.

Daily Schedule 


  • Start time: 6:00am
  • Run 12 km
  • Clinching 15-20 min
  • 4-5 rds min pad work (hands too)
  • Bag Work
  • Clinching 15-20 min
  • 100-500 knees


  • Start time: 3:30pm
  • Run 4-5 km
  • Clinching 15-20 min
  • Knee bag 100-500
  • Techniques
  • 4-5 rds pad work (hands too)
  • Bag work
  • Clinching 15-20 min
  • Lightweights and body weight conditioning

About Honour Muay Thai Boxing

Honour Muay Thai’s first aim is to help you become a better fighter and push you to a sensible limit in every Thai Boxing class. We specifically train you to fight unless somebody asks for fitness training. Understanding this acclimatization is critical so that you can start your training with good energy.

The gym is near a Thai-boxing stadium and you will have to walk through this stadium to access the Honour Muay Thai.

All the environment: gym, trainers, and fighters have a lot of experience in keeping the fighters highly motivated and well-versed in Muay Thai, we are all a team and one of our main goals is to make people successful.

We ask you to leave your ideas at the door and let us take control of your training. Your ideas and feedback are always welcome when training has finished. You could speak to the head Trainer or the manager if you would like to add something.

The stadium has a Thai-boxing shop that sells high-quality gear/equipment at low prices. If you need something to practice Muay Thai you can buy it there.

We have great rates for training, food and water and accommodations inside our gym. With all of this, you will be able to focus on your training and get the most from your stay with us!

Note: Our goal is to create high-level fighters. Before you decide to join our gym we recommend that you can jog at least 10km without stopping – this would give you better conditions for training and less chance of injuries occurring.

Additional Services Offered By Honour Muay Thai

  • Airport pick up – up to four people – only 500 THB
  • VIP One-on-One Training Sessions – 800 THB 1 session – 10 sessions 6,000 THB – 24 sessions 13,000 THB
  • Training Equipment Super Package – Sandee leather boxing gloves, shin guards, Thai shorts, hand wraps, t-shirt – only 5,200 THB

Refund Policy

  • In order to book this experience, you will need to pay a deposit online via South East Asia Backpacker.
  • This deposit is fully refundable if you wish to cancel up until 48 hours before the start of the activity. PLEASE NOTE: This policy refers to the payment made to South East Asia Backpacker at the time of booking. All subsequent payments to the operator of your chosen activity fall under their own refund policy
  • For cancellations made fewer than 48 hours before the start of the activity there is no refund available.
  • You can request a change of date at any time.
  • Date changes are entirely down to the availability of the operator and nothing to do with South East Asia Backpacker. 
  • If your date change is not agreed upon, as long as it is more than 48 hours before the start date you originally made your booking for, your deposit can be refunded in full if you wish to cancel.
  • The remaining payment for the experience is payable directly to the operator.
  • The operator can request the remaining payment via an online payment link or upon arrival at the destination.
  • The refund of the second payment, which goes directly to the operator, is based on the terms and conditions of the operator, over which South East Asia Backpacker have no control.
  • Please see our customer terms and conditions for more information.


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We OFFER the Best Training in Muay Thai Boxing and affordable prices so everyone can try it. The environment around the gym is beautiful with a good balance of nightlife too. The whole place is AMAZING! Check Out Ao Nang Krabi Thailand if don't believe us.


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