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Muay Thai Training in Thailand – 13 of the Best Muay Thai Camps!

There’s nothing quite like learning Muay Thai in the land of its birth. The best Muay Thai gyms, trainers and fighters are all based in Thailand. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced competitor or backpacker wanting to try something new, there’s a Muay Thai camp in Thailand for you! 

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The Best Muay Thai Training Camps in Thailand

Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and there are hundreds of training camps scattered throughout the country. Each offers a different experience depending on your ability, budget, preferred location and how long you’d like to train. The most important thing is to find the right Muay Thai training camp for you.

The Punch It Gym Team on the beach in Koh Samui, Thailand
Thailand is home to the world’s best Muay Thai camps!

So whether you’re looking to up your Muay Thai game or don’t know your Spinning Back-Fist from your Cobra Punch, worry not! These awesome training camps will teach you everything you need to progress on your Muay Thai journey! We have separated this list into the three main areas of Thailand; North, Central and South.

All prices are listed in $USD. These may fluctuate slightly with exchange rates. 

Disclosure: Some links on this page are affiliate links. We always write our articles before checking if affiliate links are available.

Northern Thailand – The Best Muay Thai Training Camps

Known for its epic scenery, forested mountains and friendly, welcoming vibe, Northern Thailand is a hotbed of incredible sites, sounds and activities. Travellers flock to the cities of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai and the once quiet hippie town of Pai has become a wellness hub for backpackers wanting to unwind. 

Scenery on the way to Pai, Thailand from Chiang Mai.
If you can pull yourself away from training, the scenery in northern Thailand is amazing!

If you decide to base your Muay Thai training in Thailand’s northern regions, it’s well worth renting a motorcycle and exploring the surrounding countryside when you get some free time – the Samoeng Loop makes for an excellent 1-day adventure. If you have longer, the 3-5 day Mae Hong Son Loop is well worth exploring. 

1. Sitjemam Muay Thai – Pai (Best for Budget Backpackers!)

  • Where: Pai, Northern Thailand
  • Price for 1 week: Approx $145USD
  • Price for 1 month: Approx $450USD
  • Full Packages Include: 2 x daily training sessions, accommodation and training gear
Sitjemam Muay Thai Gym
Get ready to kick some ass at Sitjemam Muay Thai!

Sitjemam Muay Thai is perfect for:

  • Beginners who have never done Muay Thai before.
  • Backpackers looking for a budget experience – this is one of the best-value Muay Thai camps in the country!
  • People looking to meet fellow travellers in the friendly hippie hub of Pai, Thailand.
  • Those who want to experience the beautiful countryside in Northern Thailand, just three hours from Chiang Mai.

Check prices for Sitjemam Muay Thai Training.

2. Hug Muay Thai by Por Silaphai Gym – Chiang Mai

  • Where: Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand
  • Price for 1 week: Approx $157USD 
  • Price for 1 month: Approx $396USD
  • Full Packages Include: 2 x training sessions day, all gear, AC dorm-style accommodation.
  • Currently not taking bookings
Por Silaphai Muay Thai Gym Chiang Mai
Beginners and budget backpackers are welcome at Por Silaphai Gym!

Por Silaphai Gym is perfect for:

  • Travellers wanting to try Muay Thai for the first time as a total beginner.
  • Budget backpackers looking for an excellent value for money experience with top-quality trainers.
  • Those who like the idea of basing themselves in the buzzing cultural city of Chiang Mai, Thailand.
  • People looking for a friendly, fun place to learn and make new friends, regardless of fitness level.

Check prices for Por Silaphai Muay Thai Training.

3. Santai Muay Thai Gym – Chiang Mai 

  • Where: Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand
  • Price for 1 week: From approx $220USD*
  • Price for 1 month: From approx $700USD*
  • Full Packages Include: 2 x training sessions per day (up to 5 hours per day), accommodation, fan or A/C rooms available and optional extra scooter hire

Santai Muay Thai Gym is perfect for:

  • People of all Muay Thai levels and experience. 
  • Those who want to train in an ‘authentic way.’ This gym is well-equipped but has a rustic, bare-bones vibe. 
  • People who want focused training on honing their technique. 
  • Those looking for an intimate experience where the coaches deliver tailored training plans.
  • Travellers who want to be surrounded by professional fighters while they train. You gotta see it to be it! 👊
  • Experienced fighters wanting to fight in Thailand. Santai Muay Thai is keen to help suitable fighters get into the ring for Muay Thai contests. 

4. Tiger Muay Thai Chiang Mai – Chiang Mai

  • Where: Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand
  • Price for 1 week: Approx $380USD
  • Price for 1 month: Approx $1100USD
  • Full Packages Include:  2 x training sessions, access to yoga sessions, full use of all facilities, accommodation, 2 x meals per day – 6 days a week (Transfers, car and motorcycle hire are optional extras)

Tiger Muay Thai Chiang Mai is perfect for:

  • Beginners, those with some Muay Thai experience and professionals training for their next fight. 
  • Enthusiasts wanting access to a fully kitted out weight room.
  • Those seeking nice, comfortable accommodation and a no-expense-spared training camp.
  • Travellers wanting to wind down with a few yoga sessions.
  • Those who love a rural base but still want easy access to the city.
  • Fighters who’ve experienced Tiger Muay Thai’s other property in Phuket.

Central Thailand – The Best Muay Thai Training Camps

Characterised by lush green plant life and concrete jungles, Central Thailand is often a traveller’s first experience of the country. The frenetic city of Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, houses two of the country’s busiest airports – if you fly into Thailand, you’re bound to end up in one of these! 

Rajadamnern Stadium, Muay Thai Stadium in Bangkok.
Bangkok is home to some of the world’s biggest Muay Thai stadiums!

As well as airports, Bangkok features some of the world’s finest Muay Thai gyms. You can find gyms for every experience level but be warned, temperatures tend to be higher than in Northern Thailand and the city’s pollution levels can make working out quite the challenge!

If you get some free time while training Muay Thai in Central Thailand, check out the ancient city of Ayutthaya, the flashpacker island of Koh Samet or delve into World War II history in Kanchanaburi.

👉 Also see – Where to Train Muay Thai in Bangkok 👈

5. Battle Conquer Gym – Phetchabun, Thailand (Best All-Round Fitness Retreat)

  • Where: Phetchabun, Northern Thailand
  • Price for 1 week: Approx $440USD
  • Price for 1 month: Approx $1,875USD
  • Full Packages Include:  Daily Muay Thai and CrossFit training, accommodation, 3 x meals a day (optional raw fest), excursions, bike hire + more
battle conquer muay thai, Phetchabun
Get away from the backpacker crowds at Battle Conquer Gym!

Battle Conquer Muay Thai is perfect for:

  • Travellers who love getting off the beaten track in a less-touristed area of Thailand.
  • Those wanting to immerse themselves in the countryside and enjoy farmland, lakes and hills all around them.
  • People who want to lose weight, detox, concentrate on fitness and make a big lasting change to their lives.
  • Those who fancy fitting in some excursions while they train – activities such as hiking, swimming, mountain biking and visits to local markets are all on offer. 
  • Travellers who are interested in doing a ‘raw fest’ – a raw vegetable and fruit detox diet that claims to cleanse the colon.

Check prices at Battle Conquer Muay Thai.

6. Petchyindee Kingdom – Bangkok

  • Where: Bangkok, Central Thailand
  • Price for 1 week: Approx $300USD
  • Price for 1 month: Training only, approx $90USD. For full packages, contact the gym directly 
  • Full Packages Include: Fitness and cardio sessions in the morning, Muay Thai training sessions in the afternoon, a personal fitness advisor, nutritionist, 2 x meals per day

Petchyindee Kingdom is perfect for:

  • Those looking for a Muay Thai gym with pedigree. Petchyindee has been operating for more than 40 years with a host of big-name fighters and champions in their alumni. 
  • People who want to train at a fully equipped, air-conditioned gym.
  • Fighters who want access to a sauna and steam room to soothe their aching muscles. After those cardio sessions, you’ll have earnt a rest! 😉
  • Travellers wanting to be close to the heart of Bangkok’s backpacker scene, Khao San Road.

7. Yokkao Training Centre – Bangkok

  • Where: Bangkok, Central Thailand 
  • Price for 1 session: Varies
  • Includes: Training sessions, pads and equipment. 

Yokkao Training Centre is perfect for:

  • Those who just want to train at the gym — accommodation isn’t readily available. Find somewhere to stay nearby.
  • Muay Thai enthusiasts who want to/can afford to have private sessions with top-level fighters. 
  • People looking for technical Muay Thai training combined with some of the toughest, endurance testing schedules. 
  • Those who want their Muay Thai gym to have an old-school hardcore vibe. 🤘
  • Travellers who want to get their sweat on — the training sessions are seriously tough! 

Southern Thailand – The Best Muay Thai Training Camps

Best known for clear blue skies, stunning tropical islands and white sand beaches, Southern Thailand is full of popular destinations for locals and tourists. People head south to relax, snorkel, dive and party all night long at the infamous Full Moon Party! Prices tend to be higher than in the north but it’s still more affordable than Europe

Bottle Beach
Beautiful beaches beckon when you train Muay Thai in Southern Thailand!

Consider using your time off from training to explore some of the islands that make this part of the country so appealing. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find an island to suit your taste. Koh Tao is the diving hub of Thailand while Koh Phangan is most famous for the Full Moon Party. For somewhere a little more chilled out, check out Koh Lanta or Koh Lipe!

8. Honour Muay Thai – Krabi (Best for Serious Fighters)

  • Where: Krabi, South Thailand
  • Price for 1 week: Prices from approx $300USD
  • Price for 1 month: Prices from approx $780USD
  • Includes: 2 x training sessions per day, accommodation, 2 x meals per day (excludes Sundays)
Training at Honour Muay Thai, Krabi, Thailand
Fighting, friends and beaches, what more could you want?!

Honour Muay Thai is perfect for:

  • Those wanting to base themselves in the beautiful Krabi area, close to gorgeous Thai beaches.
  • Travellers looking for a serious gym that trains high-level fighters.
  • Those wanting to learn the best skills and techniques from active fighters and ex-champions.
  • People who already have a high level of fitness and want to take their training up a notch.
  • Those wanting to get fighting inspiration from the masters – there’s a Muay Thai stadium right next door to the gym where you can watch real fights every week. 

Check prices for Honour Muay Thai Training.

9. FitKoh Thailand Fitness Camp – Koh Samui (Best for Wellness & Weight Loss)

  • Where: Koh Samui, South Thailand
  • Price for 1 week: approx $350USD
  • Price for 1 month: approx $1,100USD
  • Includes: 3 x meals per day (excludes Sundays), 5 x private training sessions per week, 3 x massages per week, 12 x regular classes per week, 3 x yoga classes per week and access to training equipment*

*Less intensive packages are available at a lower cost.  

A Group Working out at Koh Fit Samui
Fit Koh offer you the chance to change your life through fitness!

Fit Koh Fitness Camp Gym is perfect for:

  • Those who want more than just a rugged Muay Thai camp experience.
  • Travellers looking for a truly life-changing retreat, complete with personalised diet, exercise and wellness plan, plus massages!
  • Those who want a personal trainer and a dedicated 1-to-1 experience.
  • High-flyers in need of a break from a stressful career or those wanting to break bad habits.
  • Travellers looking to meet new people, make new friends and be inspired.
  • Those seeking comfortable ‘flashpacker’ accommodation with excellent facilities and access to a luxury gym.
  • People who like to be within reach of the action but not in the thick of it. The gym is located on the island of Koh Samui, close to beautiful beaches and lots of activities and restaurants.

Check prices for Fit Koh Fitness Camp Package.

10. Phuket Top Team – Phuket

  • Where: Phuket, South Thailand
  • Price for 1 week: From approx $160USD
  • Price for 1 month: From approx $480USD
  • Includes: Daily training sessions, basic accommodation and equipment use (meal plans cost extra) 

Phuket Top Team is perfect for:

  • Those looking for more than just Muay Thai boxing — Phuket Top Team provide training for Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Freestyle Wrestling, Western Boxing, K-1 striking and MMA. 
  • Fighters wanting a personal training regime.
  • Travellers willing to put in the hard graft — The crew at Phuket Top Team will help you realise your full potential. The more you put in, the more you’ll get out. 
  • People who want to be close to the beach and tourist areas — these are great for relaxing or hanging out on your free days! 

11. Punch It Muay Thai Gym – Koh Samui (Best for First Timers)

  • Where: Koh Samui, South Thailand
  • Price for 1 week: Approx $240USD
  • Price for 1 month: Approx $700USD
  • Includes: Twice daily training sessions, accommodation, gear and gym usage
Punch it Muay Thai Gym Koh Samui
Punch It Gym is perfect for beginners and intermediate-level fighters!

Punch It Muay Thai Gym is perfect for:

  • Beginners and intermediates.
  • Those who are looking for a top-quality place to train with excellent facilities, equipment and gear.
  • Travellers who prefer more comfortable ‘flashpacker’ accommodation over backpacker dorm rooms (the premium rooms have even their own pools)! 😲
  • Those who want a good value for money experience with excellent trainers.
  • People looking to make friends and have fun in a lovely environment.
  • Beach lovers. Being located on a tropical island with a gorgeous coastline is, of course, a bonus!

Check prices for Punch it Gym Training.

12. Tiger Muay Thai – Phuket

  • Where: Phuket, South Thailand
  • Price for 1 week: From approx $315USD*
  • Price for 1 month: From approx $850USD*
  • Includes: Accommodation, access to all classes.

*Children under 12 years old get a 50% discount but must be constantly supervised by a parent or guardian. 

Tiger Muay Thai Phuket is perfect for:

  • Those of all skill levels. Tiger Muay Thai caters to everyone, from complete beginners to experienced competitors training for their next fight. 
  • People who want an in-depth look at their bodies. Tiger Muay Thai have a body composition analyser which delivers insights such as your body fat percentage, BMI, estimated muscle mass, metabolic rate and much more! Don’t get too hung up on these numbers though, they’re designed to help elite-level competitors go one step further. 
  • Those who want more than just Muay Thai. Tiger Muay Thai offer classes on Brazilian Jujitsu, MMA, Yoga and weight loss training. 
  • People wanting access to an air-conditioned weight room.
  • Travellers wanting an all-in-one Muay Thai experience. Tiger Muay Thai Phuket offers access to classes, the gym, accommodation and even an onsite restaurant. 

13. Diamond Muay Thai – Koh Phangan 

  • Where: Koh Phangan, South Thailand
  • Price for 1 week: From approx $150USD
  • Price for 1 month: From approx $490USD
  • Includes: Accommodation, 2 x Muay Thai classes per day, 2 x meals per day, yoga classes, fitness classes, 

Diamond Muay Thai Phuket is perfect for:

  • Those wanting to experience life on the popular island of Koh Phangan 
  • Fighters wanting a laid-back social experience alongside their dose of Muay Thai.
  • People who want the option of private tuition alongside their group training sessions.
  • Travellers wanting more than just a Muay Thai experience – Diamond Muay Thai offer yoga classes, weight loss programs and training regimes to quickly increase your fitness! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Muay Thai Training in Thailand

How much does Muay Thai Training in Thailand cost?

The cost of training Muay Thai in Thailand depends on the camp you choose and what’s included in the package, e.g. food, accommodation, equipment, etc. One week of Muay Thai training in Thailand generally costs $150-$500USD. A one-off training session (2 hours) will cost around $15USD.

Muay Thai Training in Thailand
Muay Thai training in Thailand can be as expensive or affordable as you like!

How long can you train Muay Thai in Thailand?

Muay Thai schools across Thailand offer packages ranging from several days to multiple weeks, months or even years! It all comes down to your willingness, budget and visa

What is Muay Thai training like in Thailand?

Most Muay Thai camps in Thailand have two Muay Thai training sessions per day, lasting approximately two hours each. It’s best to train early in the morning and later in the afternoon when the weather is not too hot. Some schools will also encourage an early morning run as part of the fitness training before the Muay Thai session starts, but this is usually optional.
Depending on the Muay Thai camp you choose, your training may include a strict exercise regime and a tailored diet, so if you’re planning a quick bout of exercise between beers and burgers on a boozy beach holiday, a short taster day might be more up your street!
Food and basic accommodation are usually included in the price of the Muay Thai package as standard. Extras such as unlimited use of the gym, equipment, gear and bicycle hire might be included too. Be sure to check the details of the gym you’re planning to train at. 

Training at Punch it Gym Koh Samui
Muay Thai training in Thailand can be an intense experience!

What equipment will I need for Muay Thai?

Without taking a deep dive into the best Muay Thai gear available, here’s a quick list of what you will need to get started:
Muay Thai Shorts
Muay Thai Hand Wraps
Muay Thai Gloves
Mouth Guard
Muay Thai Shin Guard
Muay Thai Ankle Wraps
Groin Protection
Head Protection
Muay Thai Elbow Pads
Muay Thai Knee Pads
Remember to check to see what your camp provides and what gear you’ll need to take with you. 

Where are the Muay Thai schools located in Thailand?

Muay Thai camps are located all across the country. You’ll find camps in some of the more tourist areas like Phuket, Koh Samui, Krabi, Bangkok and Chiang Mai. You’ll also find Muay Thai camps in off-the-beaten-track areas, such as Phetchabun. The best location for you will depend on the training experience you’re after. Do you want to see a more authentic Thai way of life? Or would you prefer the comfort of having Western restaurants and other facilities close by? 

How fit do I have to be to train Muay Thai in Thailand?

This depends on the school. Some more serious Muay Thai camps will require a high level of fitness before booking the course. Some are specifically designed to get you back into shape, while others require you to comfortably run 10km before signing up. 
It’s important to choose the right Muay Thai school for your fitness level to avoid injury and overexertion. In most Muay Thai gyms, you’ll be doing at least two Muay Thai training sessions a day. You need to be mentally and physically prepared for the challenge! Muay Thai can be hardcore, but the reward, in the end, is worth it!

Training on the beach with the KohFit Fitness Team, Samui Island.
Whether you’re shredded or a little out of shape, there’s a Muay Thai school in Thailand for you!

What are the advantages of Muay Thai?

Muay Thai has many advantages:
1. Improvement in your physical condition — expect extreme calorie burning and strengthened muscles!
2. You’ll be able to keep a cool head when you are faced with danger.
3. Making new friends — the comradeship in Muay Thai is second to none! 
4. You’ll develop a healthy change in lifestyle as you become more disciplined and focused.
5. You’ll always be learning new things.
6. It’s fun! Getting fit can be a chore but Muay Thai, while hard, is a lot more fun than jogging around the block a few times a day! 

Is Muay Thai a good workout? How does Muay Thai compare with other forms of fitness training?

Muay Thai is a very complex sport and offers much more than just fitness training. However, a lot of travellers use these camps to lose weight, gain muscle or improve their overall fitness.

Assuming you choose the right camp for your experience and fitness level, Muay Thai training in Thailand will be hard but doable. If you’re starting to get burned out, ask your trainers to slow down a little for you. Remember, as Confucius wisely said, “It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.”

Is Muay Thai good for self-defence?

Yes, one of the best side effects of training Muay Thai is that you will become more capable of defending yourself in the event of an attack or robbery.
That said, unless you’re truly a self-defence expert, the safest thing to do is exactly what your attacker asks, especially if they’re armed.

Is Muay Thai a good way to lose weight?

Muay Thai is a good exercise for losing weight because the sport requires you to use your whole body. The other advantage of training Muay Thai in Thailand is the heat which creates perfect conditions for losing weight.

However, nutrition is also very important. The training is exhausting and you’ll sweat a lot. You must consume a lot of calories, vitamins, minerals and water, or you’ll quickly falter. 

Can you build muscle with Muay Thai?

Yes, as well as losing weight you can build a lot of muscle by training Muay Thai. You won’t look like Arnie but you’ll be much more shredded than when you started! 💪

As muscle mass is heavier than fat, you shouldn’t look only at the scales – you’ll need to look at the overall picture, both how healthy you feel and the state of your body before and after. Of course, transformations do not happen overnight and you’ll need to allow time to see your progress properly. 

The girls doing muscle toning at KohFit.
Muay Thai training in Thailand is one of many ways to build muscle mass!

I want to train Muay Thai in Thailand for the first time. How should I prepare?

When you decide to try Muay Thai for the first time, there is no preparation required. All you need to do is take the first step. Many people have the thought that ‘one day’ they want to try Muay Thai. The best thing to do is stop thinking and start doing!

Is Muay Thai dangerous?

Of course, there are inherent risks with Muay Thai. However, with experienced instructors and the correct safety equipment, these risks can be mitigated. 

Sitjemam Muay Thai training
As long as you’ve got the right gear, Muay Thai training is relatively safe!

Is it healthy/okay to train Muay Thai every day?

It’s good to exercise a lot, but as with everything, you need balance. Your body and mind both require recovery time. Most Muay Thai schools in Thailand will give you one day off a week – usually a Sunday. Make the most of the cheap food and massages in Thailand to help with your recovery process!

What gear do I need to practice Muay Thai at home?

If you’ve enjoyed your Muay Thai camp so much that you can’t bear to live without the daily training routine, setting up a small ‘at home’ gym is the easiest way to keep things moving. You can spend as little or as much as you want on your at-home Muay Thai set up but here are a few of our favourite bits of kit.

Skipping Rope
Strike Pads
Focus Mitts
Muay Thai Heavy Bag

Where does Muay Thai come from?

Muay Thai Boxing is a traditional combat sport practised in Thailand and now throughout the world. Its origins stem from an older form of combat called ‘Muay Boran’ (ancient boxing), which was used back in the days when Siamese soldiers lost their weapons and were forced to fight unarmed. Muay Thai is often referred to as the ‘Art of Eight Limbs’ due to its use of fists, feet, elbows and knees. Whereas most combat sports use either just fists or feet, Muay Thai makes use of the whole body for both defending and striking.

👉 Read more about the history of Muay Thai👈

Where can I learn more about Muay Thai?

If you are looking to broaden your Muay Thai knowledge, we recommend reading about the subject. There are several Muay Thai memoirs on the market, as well as beginner-friendly training manuals. 

👉 Check out the top-rated Muay Thai books! 👈

Can I watch a Muay Thai fight in Thailand?

With over 60,000 full-time boxers in Thailand alone, fighting is big business. Most tourist spots heavily promote fights, so you probably won’t need to look far to find one. If a tout doesn’t hand you a flyer while you’re sitting at a table, you’re sure to see and hear the offensively loud trucks going by announcing each fight night!

Whilst the local fights can be a great night out, if you’re looking for something on a grander scale, a bigger venue like Lumpini Stadium in Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, is your answer. With spectacular displays from some of Thailand’s best boxers and a lively crowd made up of both Thais and tourists, you’re in for a real treat.

Even if fighting isn’t your thing, there’s no denying the electrifying and contagious atmosphere — you won’t be able to help but get caught up in the “oohs” and “aahs”. The stadium hosts Muay Thai boxing matches every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday and although tickets can be quite expensive at around 1,500 Baht for foreigners, it’s well worth it for an evening’s entertainment.

👉 Read more on watching a Muay Thai fight in Bangkok here! 👈

Channel 7 Muay Thai Stadium
There’s nothing quite like watching Muay Thai in Thailand!

Muay Thai Fighters

How much money does a Muay Thai fighter make in Thailand?

Muay Thai is a real profession in Thailand and many fighters support their entire family this way. Owing to the popularity of the sport and its long esteemed history, it is still perceived as a very noble and patriotic career within Thailand.

Despite this, most fighters make very little money when compared to the famous boxers or MMA stars in Europe and the USA. Due to the demanding physical nature of the sport and also because so many start their training young, Muay Thai fighters very rarely have long careers.

This isn’t a big deterrent though as the sport offers great ‘retirement’ options too. Whilst you’ll have to be world-class to earn big money, many ex-fighters go on to teach in Muay Thai camps around the country.

Although anybody can learn Muay Thai, many professional fighters begin training between the ages of 6-8 years old. Now that’s what we call commitment!

Visas for Muay Thai Training in Thailand

Thailand Visa Stamp
Getting the right visa is super important for long training stays!

What Visa Do I Need to Train Muay Thai Long-Term?

Depending on how long you’d like to learn Muay Thai, you may come across issues with your visa. For more information on Thailand visas, see our guide. You can also read more about Thailand border runs here. Below is some information about what visa to apply for depending on how long you would like to train for. 

Please note: The info below varies depending on your nationality and it’s wise to check with your local Thai Embassy before you travel to see what rules apply to a person of your citizenship.

1 Month Muay Thai Training in Thailand

If you’re training Muay Thai in Thailand for a month or less, you don’t need to apply for a visa in advance. The 30-day entry pass you get upon arrival is enough. 

2 Month Muay Thai Training in Thailand 

You have two options. You can either apply for a 2-month tourist visa in advance at your local Thai Embassy (which costs around $40USD depending on where you apply). Or, you can enter on a 30-day visa-free entry pass and then extend this for a further one month at an immigration centre in Thailand ($50USD). Immigration departments can be found in most towns and cities in Thailand. 

3 Month Muay Thai Training in Thailand

The best thing to do if you’d like to train Muay Thai for 3 months is to apply for a 2-month Thailand Tourist Visa at your local Thai Embassy before you travel. If you get the 2-month visa, you would then need to extend it for a further 30 days at an Immigration Centre within Thailand ($50USD).

Passport stamps
Visas are complicated – ensure you get them right!

4-6 Month Muay Thai Training in Thailand 

If you’re hoping to train and stay in Thailand for 4-6 months, we advise talking to your local Thai Embassy about an extendable 3-month Tourist Visa or a 6-month Tourist Visa. There are a ton of complicated rules surrounding these longer visas for Thailand. And, they change frequently!

Depending on your citizenship and the latest requirements, you’ll normally need to show certain documents to get the 6-month visa. For example, you will need to show a bank statement with a certain minimum balance (normally 5,000 euros for European citizens, however, it varies from country to country). 

You’ll also need some documents from the Muay Thai school where you’re planning to train. For example, you would need to show the receipt of the total payment of accommodation and training, as well as documents such as the school license and government IDs, plus land property papers. Most legitimate Muay Thai schools (all the schools on the above list) will happily provide all the necessary documents for you in advance when you are ready to apply for your visa. 

If you don’t have a balance of 5,000 euros in your bank account, then you could also apply for a 3-month visa (which requires a lower balance, depending on your nationality). You can then extend your 3-month visa for another month ($50USD) and after that, make a border run to a neighbouring country. Myanmar and Laos are both easily accessible by land from Northern Thailand. You would then return with a 1-month visa which you could extend a further month, taking the total stay up to 6 months.

Or, you could go to a Thai Embassy in a neighbouring country (e.g. Vientiane in Laos) and apply for a longer visa 2-3 months again, and repeat. (Not all towns have Thai embassies, so you would need to go to a city to get the longer tourist visa.)

So for the longer visas – to summarise, your first point of call is your local Thai Embassy or Consular Office for the most up-to-date and accurate information.  

Six to Twelve Months Muay Thai Training in Thailand 

Depending on your nationality, the 6-month tourist visa can be extended within Thailand at an immigration centre, for a further 3 months (taking it to 9 months) if you decide to stay in Thailand any longer. If you want to stay for more time than that, well, you better start looking for a husband/wife/job! 

Education Visas for Muay Thai Training in Thailand

Whilst doing research into Muay Thai training long-term, you may have come across information about the ‘education visa’ or student visa. Until 2012, many Muay Thai schools in Thailand were able to offer a 9-12 month education visa for Muay Thai students. 

However, this is now illegal. You may find that some Muay Thai schools say that they will still provide this, but officially it’s not allowed and you (and the school) could get in trouble if you’re caught!

For more info on choosing the right Muay Thai school for you, send us a message!

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