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Top 10 Digital Nomad Hotspots in Southeast Asia

With its cheap lifestyle, varied landscape and fantastic accommodation options, Southeast Asia is one of the major global magnets for digital nomads! We take a look at some of the most popular places to be a digital nomad in the region…

Start A Travel Blog In 9 Easy Steps

Start A Travel Blog In 10 Easy Steps

This easy to follow, step-by-step guide will help you to start a successful travel blog from scratch. Learn how to host your website, produce high-quality content and choose a theme. Start your travel blog today and work your way to location independence!

Korean street food

5 Things I Learnt Living in South Korea

English Teacher Expat, Melissa Lang, explains her year living in South Korea and the fascinating things that she learnt about this underrated East Asian country!

Teaching English in Thailand

Guide to Teaching English in Thailand

Want to be an English Teacher in Thailand? What’s the Salary? Do you need a degree? ALL Questions Answered in The Ultimate Guide to Teaching in Thailand!

Coins for Change, Vietnam.

Southeast Asia Visa Guide for Volunteers, WWOOFers & the HelpStay Community

Backpackers who fall in love with a certain country in Southeast Asia may want to stay a while and volunteer their skills with a worthwhile organisation. But what about the visa situation? Is volunteering considered work? Will you need a special visa? A work permit? Here, we look at each country’s requirements one by one…

Yoga teacher on beach

Jobs Abroad: My Life as a Yoga Teacher in Goa, India

24-year-old Martha from Limerick in Ireland, has been making a living abroad since she was 20. She’s worked as a massage therapist on cruise ships that sailed all around Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, has backpacked in Thailand and India, and is currently working as a yoga teacher in Agonda, South Goa. After attending her morning ‘wake up’ classes on the beach, I decided to interview Martha on how she ended up in this beautiful part of the world…

Can You Make a Lifetime of Long-Term Travel Work? Tips for Working Abroad…

Many people believe the long term travel lifestyle is somewhat of a fairytale story that only a select few people can obtain. Our brand new South East Asia Backpacker Ambassador, Nina Ragusa is here to tell you… That this myth is just not true! From becoming a tour guide or a dive instructor to selling all your worldly goods and signing up for the Peace Corps, Nina gives us some fantastic tips on how to achieve a long-term travel lifestyle AND sheds light on the reality behind the dream…

Two Sisters Start Café to Help Students in Siem Reap, Cambodia: Meet Sisters Srey!

Originally from Australia, the sister-duo (aged 25 and 22), opened their fabulously popular Sister Srey Café on the riverside, near the Old Market of Siem Reap, Cambodia, in 2012. The cosy two-floor venue quickly turned into one of the most popular hang-outs in town. Best of all, though is the vision that sparked off their savvy venture – to support young Cambodian students. Is it possible to eat for a better cause? We were lucky enough to catch up with Lauren, who willingly spilled the beans (pun intended!) on how it began…

Writing on a laptop.

Is Travel Writing a Real Job?

Do you want to be a travel writer? Always wanted to share your stories with fellow travelers? Want to make a living out of traveling the world and writing about your experiences? We show you how to get your piece published!

10 Things I’ve Learned While Living Abroad in Isaan, Thailand

Living and traveling abroad can be an experience of a lifetime, and the experiences to be had can teach you much more about reality than you’d ever learn in a classroom. From traveling solo to learning to live alone, one of our Ambassadors, Eliza, shares 10 things she’s learned from spending the past two years living and teaching in Thailand.

50 Inspiring Travel Bloggers to Follow!

Over the years, we’ve worked with some amazing travel bloggers who have sent in articles to our magazine. From insider tips about how to get off the beaten track, specialist advice about backpacking as a family or a solo female, or just inspiration for the armchair traveller – the world of travel blogging is crammed full of fantastic info – if you just know where to look! Here are 50 bloggers whose sites we reckon are worth a browse over a mince pie and mulled wine this Christmas…

Notes from the Editor: Going Against the Grain and Forging Your Own Path

Many people in the West tend to follow a similar route – we leave school, go to university and get a job – success is measured in assets and achievements. It can be scary and daunting to imagine a life that strays from this structured ladder. Backpacking is a time to break away from the regimented order of Western society and get a taste of a different way of life – adventure, excitement, spontaneity. Once sampled it may be hard to go back to ‘normal life’…

The Truth About Life as a Travel Writer: Interview with Lonely Planet Writer & Travel Guru, Joe Cummings

30 years ago, there was no guidebook to Thailand in print. Teaming up with Lonely Planet founders, Tony and Maureen Wheeler, Joe Cummings wrote the first travel guide to Thailand since 1928, ‘Thailand: A Travel Survival Kit’ in 1981. He continued to work for Lonely Planet for the next 25 years. To date, he has written over 40 guidebooks and books about Asian culture and now works as Deputy Editor of the Bangkok Post’s TheMagazine. We met up with Joe in Bangkok at a swanky ‘flashpacker’ hotel to find out more about life as an iconic travel writer…

Backpacker Video Diaries: A Traditional Good Luck Ceremony in Laos

After teaching English to local children in a small village outside Luang Prabang in Northern Laos, Courtney, Kaberly, Danielle and Jacqui are asked to take part in a traditional Laotion ceremony. They are thanked for helping the students and blessed with good luck for their onward travels. A ‘Baci Ceremony’ only occurs once a year and the girls were overwhelmed and honoured to be a part of such an incredible cultural experience. Watch the video of their special travel moment here!

Backpacker Video Diaries: Teaching English in Luang Prabang, Laos

Four girls backpacking in Southeast Asia visit a small village where they teach English to a group of local children. Flash cards, enthusiastic students, dancing and even a chicken in the class! Watch Courtney, Kaberly, Jacqui and Danielle at work in the classroom on their first few days. Take a look around the village of ‘Baan Phov Mok’ and see the children take Danielle across a river and to a nearby waterfall for an adventurous field trip!

Escape From the ‘Real’ World. Could you Backpack Forever?

For many, travelling is the ‘time of your life,’ an inspiring, fun-filled adventure that happens once in a life time. Something you ‘get out your system’ before resuming your position in the ‘real world.’ But what if you decided you’d rather not go back to the ‘real world’? An interesting idea, but a far-fetched fantasy! Or is it?

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