Top Backpacker Travel Jobs: How to Make Money on the Road for Your Travels! 

Top Backpacker Travel Jobs: How to Make Money on the Road for Your Travels! 

Everyone knows that the worst part of travelling is coming home. Now, just imagine you didn’t have to… 

Getting a travel job is the ultimate goal for many backpackers. These kinds of jobs can help you meet new people, see a different side of the place you are visiting and also give you some much-needed dollar to help sustain your adventures. 

Many people think that a travel job is an unrealistic goal, however, in reality, pretty much anyone can get one. As you would expect, there are plenty of different types of travel jobs which you could go for, the key is just finding what suits you. 

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Backpacker Travel Jobs – Short-term jobs

Casual work abroad is the most popular and probably some of the easiest work you can get as a backpacker. These kinds of jobs are generally easy to arrange on the road which means you rarely need to prepare in advance or worry about the formalities of a CV.

The glowing advantage of finding a backpacker travel job is that it is very rarely a long term commitment. Usually, you can work for a few months or even weeks and save up some money before packing your bag and heading off again. This means that turnover is high. If you land a backpacker job, you will always be meeting new people so these kinds of casual roles are highly suited to extroverts. 

Digital Nomad Jobs – Online Work 

Editing your photos.
Digital nomad jobs are becoming much more popular.

Thanks to Instagram, this emerging industry has taken the world by storm. Photos of glamorous people working from laptops on beaches flood the internet. However, it is hard to sum up what a digital nomad job actually involves because they vary so widely. Essentially, digital nomads use technology to do their job (usually the internet) and as a result, they are location independent, meaning that they can work from anywhere in the world. 

These kinds of jobs suit people who are looking for a more long term solution to making money on the road. As this work is done remotely, it requires less face to face contact than a ‘normal’ job. This kind of work is usually done by freelancers which comes with its own issues. Client relationships can be volatile and unreliable which can result in financial insecurity. 

Travellers Careers – Jobs that Travel

There are certain jobs you can get that involve travelling by their very nature. Most of these careers offer the security of a ‘normal’ job while still giving wanderluster’s the opportunity to see the world.

Jobs in these kinds of fields tend to be very competitive and therefore, this is one of the hardest travel job niches to break into. This isn’t to say it is impossible though! The best way to get an in into this field is to do your research and try to make yourself stand out. Talk to everyone you meet on the road to find out whether they have connections as a personal recommendation goes a long way in these kinds of industries!

Work Abroad – Longer-term

For backpackers who like really enjoy getting to know an area in-depth, longer-term jobs have obvious benefits. In some instances, you may be required to have certain qualifications before you travel (e.g. many TEFL jobs will require travellers to have a degree from an English speaking country) but if you have the required knowledge and skills, these kinds of jobs can really facilitate travel. 

Although moving abroad to take on long term work can be daunting, seasonal jobs offer slightly less of a commitment. However, it is worth noting that these kinds of jobs fill up fast so you will probably need to start reaching out to companies long before you intend to travel. 


Volunteering can be somewhat of a misleading approach depending on what route you go down to find a job. There are some specialist sites which require you to pay big bucks for a placement whereas others run off of a modest yearly subscription fee. 

Sites like Workaway and Worldpackers require a subscription and have made finding volunteering work abroad much easier. Through these platforms, people ask for help with certain projects from travellers. In return for this help, they offer free accommodation and usually some food to those willing to help out.

Although the standard of these volunteering placements can vary, it is possible to land some really good opportunities that you would never be able to find (without a hefty price tag) as a backpacker. During my travels, I volunteered at an eco-lodge in the Amazon jungle and helped to give tours at an animal rescue centre. There are some incredible opportunities out there! 

Now that we’ve covered the different types of travel jobs, the time has come to delve into examples of these that you can actually do on the road. Travel jobs aren’t nearly as impossible to get as you might assume so grab your pen and start making some notes: Your dream job awaits! 

50 Best Travel Jobs – How to Make Money on the Road

1. Teach English

Teaching English in Thailand
Teaching English abroad is a great way to see the world!

Perhaps one of the most lucrative jobs, depending on where you are based, is that of an English teacher. All over the world, there are hundreds of countries waiting to welcome native English speakers to teach in their schools. 

Most ask for a degree (in any subject) from an English speaking university as well as an official Teach English as a Foreign/Second Language certificate (TEFL or TESOL). Experience is not usually necessary. The TEFL and TESOL qualifications never run out either so once you have one, you are good to go!

Many countries, in particular, Thailand, Vietnam, China and South Korea are always looking for native English teachers and are willing to pay a decent wage to those wanting to do the work. 

2. Teach English Online

Similar to the above but geared towards those who are looking to make their job remote, there are also English teaching opportunities online. Notable companies such as VIP Kid pay teachers to deliver classes to students via the medium of Skype. 

The only additional thing required is a strong reliable internet connection. For all your burnt out English teachers, just give it a thought. Who wouldn’t want to be teaching while they sit on a tropical beach sipping an iced coconut?!

3. Teach Any Other Language Online

Even if you are not a native English speaker, this does not mean that you cannot make money teaching online. There are people all over the world looking to learn a language and there is surely no better way than to seek out an expert to teach you. 

During my travels around South America, I met plenty of people teaching Spanish online and they were making enough money to comfortably travel around the continent for an extended period. 

4. Dive Instructor

A Diver at Manta Point, Komodo
Could this be the coolest job on the planet?!

A dive instructor must surely be one of the coolest travel jobs that there is, right?! If you are already in South East Asia then getting your PADI Divemaster course does not have to be expensive and can set you up for a lifetime of travelling! 

As well as popular spots Koh Phi Phi and Koh Tao, there are also incredible diving opportunities worldwide and you never know where you might end up. Galapagos anyone? 

5. Digital Nomad

Digital nomad jobs vary hugely but they are all the same in that they can be done from anywhere in the world. For some of these, you will need qualifications and experience in niche areas, for example, web design. 

However, those with no experience working as a digital nomad can easily dip their toes in the industry by learning skills such as copywriting or content production. There are many platforms, such as Udemy, which host courses on these subjects to help people break into the industry. 

6. Massage Therapist

Perhaps the most famous type of massage in South East Asia is traditional Thai massage. Although many backpackers will be familiar with the fact that you can enjoy a massage with no booking and for a very reasonable price, what many travellers don’t know is that you can actually do courses to learn this art yourself.

Chiang Mai is a popular spot for backpackers wanting to learn both the history of traditional Thai massage and how to master the skill. This post on Thai massage outlines several courses and companies which are renown for excellent service.   

7. Proofreader

It may not be the first career that you think of but proofreaders are actually required for projects over the globe. Websites, journals, books and newspapers all require proofreaders and most of these will be hired on a freelance basis.

It is normal to have multiple different clients as a freelancer and most of this work can be done from the road. You will need outstanding English skills (or the same in the relevant language), ability to meet tight deadlines, attention to detail and IT skills.

8. Yoga Teacher

Yoga teachers can work everywhere!

It can be difficult to keep fit while you are on the road and a gym sesh can quickly become an alcohol sesh instead! Make sure you are looking after your body by exercising regularly. 

For travellers looking to make a bit of money whilst at the same time maintaining a healthy lifestyle, why not consider becoming a travelling yoga teacher? With the opportunity to gain the necessary qualifications in countries all over the world, there really is no reason not to take the plunge! 

9. Graphic Designer

Graphic design is the perfect career for those who want to travel and live on the road. Whilst those who have studied in this field and have relevant qualifications may initially find it easier to get freelance work, there are still opportunities for self-taught designers. 

There is always a demand for graphic designers and there is a good fee for this kind of work. Pick an area to specialise in (e.g. company logos) and build your portfolio to increase your credibility. 

10. Online Poker Player

This is a wild card choice but one a handful of people will always be keen to try. Of course, it goes without saying that any gambling comes with risk and you won’t always win. However, if you can study all aspects of the game and can prove that you have the ability to win more than you lose, this could be a career for you.

Whilst people can and do make silly money doing this job, it is always advised to take a trial period playing poker professionally before you quit everything and decide to use gambling to fund your travels.

11. Freelance Writer

In the era of digital nomad jobs, this is becoming an ever-popular choice to make money. Freelance writers are needed for both a number of in print and online publications. There are decent, well-paying opportunities out there, you just need to find them! Some gigs might require you to specialise in a certain area, for example, the medical field.

Build your portfolio through doing work for big names (where possible) and always make sure that you meet deadlines. If you like the sound of this job but aren’t sure whether you have the skills, take a look at some online writing courses and practice whenever you can!

12. WWOOFing / HelpX / Workaway / Worldpackers

There are more online volunteering websites that ever before and they all enable backpackers to travel for longer and cheaper. The general premise of these kinds of sites is that you volunteer a certain amount of your time in return for food and/or accommodation.

WWOOFing specialises in placing travellers on organic farms whereas HelpX, Worldpackers and Workaway have many different types of activities available.

Visa requirements can be different for backpackers looking to do these kinds of work/accommodation exchanges. Check out our extensive volunteer visa guide to South East Asia to help you plan your trip!

13. Web Developer

Html on screen
Web developers are always in demand!

When you’re thinking about how you can make money online whilst you travel, it is important to consider any computer-based skills that you have. The consensus is that the more niche your area of expertise, the better. 

Say hello to a future in web development! This might be a very specialist skill set but it is something that you can acquire without a bachelors degree if you work hard at it and know where to find the necessary resources. 

In modern times more than ever, people want websites and most of them, have no idea how to build them. If you have the required know-how, you can do this for them for a fee and from the perfect tropical location. 

14. South East Asia Backpacker Writer

A few years ago, we here at South East Asia Backpacker decided to build a collection of bookable trips, based on our reader recommendations. As we want to ensure quality and feature only the best experiences, all of the tours that we promote must first be tried and tested by a member of our community – for free!

Yep, you read it right. If you are willing to write for our website, then we can send you to review activities for free! Although this is not technically a paid role, it can most definitely elongate your travels and allow you to experience things you would otherwise not have the chance to.

To learn more about our writer perks and hear about the latest opportunities, sign up to our mailing list!

15. Translation

You may not know it but if you are bilingual you have a lot of opportunities to work remotely as a translator. Languages have never been more in demand and there is a translation job to suit everyone. Whether you consider working for a call centre or even transcribing and translating documents, there is a lot of flexibility in these kinds of jobs to manage your workload and travel at the same time.

16. Cruise Ship Work

This is definitely a job that travels! The inherent nature of working onboard a cruise ship means that you can see the world as a perk of your job. Travel and tourism is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries so people are always needed.

Whilst most people probably think of cabin crew when they think of cruise ship jobs, there is a whole range of positions available, including retail workers, nannies and entertainment staff. As well as the obvious perk of travelling to exotic locations, your accommodation and food is usually provided so it is a good way to save money for your downtime!

17. Hostel Work

Working in a hostel comes with some great perks!

These jobs can be easy to find during your travels, however, they may not always offer a direct wage. Many backpackers take the trade of free food and accommodation for a few hours work and find that it helps them to elongate their travels.

Depending on the type of jobs you are doing, hostel work may not even feel like work! As well as cleaning and doing check-ins, some hostels will require you to lead evening activities or work at the in-house bar.

18. Travel Blogger

Those with a passion for storytelling may want to consider a career as a travel blogger. It isn’t as easy as setting up a website and accompanying Instagram though. Travel blogging is becoming increasingly popular with the masses which means you need to have a strong brand identity and niche to stand out. 

19. Tour Guide

These jobs are in demand all over the world and offer some of the best opportunities for travellers.  You will get to meet new people every day, introduce others to a place you love and if you’re lucky, you may even come home with a handful of tips. Not only are you able to see some incredible places but working as a tour guide also allows you to develop a whole range of transferrable skills.

Despite what your friends may tell you, being a tour guide is very much a real job. You will be required to manage your group (and they might be unruly) as well as being the visual figurehead for the company in question, which can be difficult if things start to go wrong!

20. Virtual Assistant

A VA is an increasingly popular job which tends to be contracted by small companies to carry out administering, marketing, technical or creative work. This kind of work is usually done remotely by self-employed freelancers which gives them the flexibility to work how much they want when they want.

Generally, virtual assistants will help business owners with things that they either don’t have the expertise for or the time to fulfil themselves. A lot of this work is required on an ad hoc basis so it is not unusual for virtual assistants to have many clients at one time.

Although some VA’s will work in specific niches, many of them are essentially remote personal assistants and will do everything from booking restaurants to organising meetings.

21. Travel Photographer

Girl takes photo of ruins
Travel photography is a dream job for many.

A dream job for many, what sounds better than travelling the world and using your camera clicks as a way to fund the next travels? It may sound perfect but it also has downsides. Aspiring travel photographers will need to be committed to their craft and be willing to lug heavy and expensive equipment around the globe with them. Early mornings are a must if you struggle to capture the perfect sunrise!

As the market is oversaturated, you will need to make sure you use your own unique perspective on the world to offer something different which isn’t already out there. It can be a tough goal but with a lot of hard work and imagination, it is definitely achievable. 

22. Bar Work

This a great choice for extroverted backpackers who are looking to make money on the road. In this job, you can meet people, bring in some cash and even check out the local nightlife scene! Bar jobs are very popular for backpackers on a working holiday visa in places like Australia but there is nothing stopping travellers from working all over the world in positions such as these. 

23. Mobile Hairdresser

If you are a trained hairdresser, then there will be plenty of opportunities for you to make money on the road. Many travellers are scared to get their hair cut in the country that they are travelling around. This can be for many reasons but most notably because they often fear the language barrier.

Luckily for you, most people like to stay a little presentable whilst they travel so there should be haircutting opportunities around, especially if you stay in hostel accommodation where you are likely to meet other travellers.

If you wanted to spend longer in one city or place, you could always see whether you could score a deal with one of the local hostels to allow you to advertise in their traveller occupied space.

24. Influencer / Instagrammer

Becoming an influencer looks like the answer to many backpacker’s prayers. Free travel as a result of regularly posting photos sounds like an opportunity too good to be true. Whilst it may look like influencers just spend all their time in front of a camera, there is more to this job than just that. The Secrets to Becoming Instagram Famous can be hard to fathom but these tips should definitely help you up your game if you’re looking to increase your influence online.

25. Travelling Nurse

For those who have the patience to go through the lengthy education programme, a career as a nurse can be both rewarding and offer countless travel opportunities.

There are travel-specific nursing agencies which make finding a placement overseas significantly easier. Generally, you will spend 3-6 months in one location before moving on to a new destination.

The Travelling Nurse says that usually, you will require at least two years of experience before you can take your career on the road.

26. Muay Thai Boxer

Muay Thai Trainer and young fighter Punch It Gym Thailand
Muay Thai is a great job option for those looking to shape up!

Now, this is one cool job. Ever imagined raising your gloves up in victory at the end of a fight? You could if you train hard enough! 

Muay Thai is an increasingly popular activity for travellers heading to Thailand. As well as helping you shape up and get fit, it actually offers job prospects if you get good enough! Travel the world competing and become the master of your field. 

Considering a career in Muay Thai? Check out these training courses to kick-start your fitness!  

27. Chef

Being a chef can be a very demanding job which involves working a lot of hours. It doesn’t have to be this way though. Popular seasonal holiday destinations are always looking for chefs to cover the summer/winter seasons which offer great travel opportunities for those with a flair in the kitchen.

28. Begpacker

This travel job is definitely like marmite. It essentially involves backpackers busking or selling homemade trinkets such as bracelets to help them fund their travels. Whilst technically it is illegal, this doesn’t stop many travellers from making extra pocket money this way.

In recent years, begpacking has come under fire from media publications and other backpackers as well. Many see this kind of act as immoral and wrapped up in white privilege, whereas others feel like those who are doing these kinds of stunts to help fund their travels should be cut some slack.

29. Travelling Musician

Sadly, regardless of talent, not all musicians will make it into the rock and roll hall of fame. However, backpackers with a musical ear could still use music as a way to see the world.

Through busking around the globe, it is possible to not only have your current travels funded but if you are good, you could actually make a little more to save for the next trip.

For those of you panicking about the size of your instruments, fear not. Why not try out a smaller alternative? Ukuleles are one of the best instruments to travel with and harmonicas are also a great choice for travellers low on baggage space.

30. Ski Chalet Host

For many travellers, becoming a ski chalet host offers incredible ski and snowboarding opportunities that most budget backpackers wouldn’t ever be able to afford. Through your work as a chalet host, you will work a full season catering to the guests who come to stay in your chalet.

The role usually involves cooking, housekeeping, cleaning, shopping and budgeting. Whilst the job itself doesn’t pay great, it comes with some incredible perks which usually include a free ski pass, free accommodation, free food and discounted/free equipment rental.

31. Housesitting

Girl overlooks lake with mountains
Housesitting gives travellers the freedom to get to know an area on a budget.

Housesitting is commonly a voluntary work/accommodation exchange. There are specific sites geared towards facilitating these kinds of arrangements which usually require a yearly subscription. 

As a housesitter, you will usually take care of the host’s house whilst they are away. Housesits can be anything from a week-long holiday right up to multiple months away. As well as general house maintenance, for example watering plants, you may be asked to look after the host’s pets. This is a great choice for travellers who are on the road long term and missing their own furry friends! 

32. Model

For the right person, a career in modelling can open doors all over the world. This is a highly competitive industry and there is a lot more to modelling than simply looking great. Models will need to follow a strict beauty regime which sees them eat healthily, work out regularly, avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol as well aiming to get a good night’s sleep whenever possible.

Wannabe models should be very careful about which agencies they apply to as there are many scam artists out there posing as legit agents when this is not the case. In the UK, models should reach out directly to Storm Management who is an industry leader and has plenty of information about shady organisations that you should avoid.

33. Book Editor

With the increase in the number of authors self-publishing on sites such as Amazon, more book editors are also needed. Although there are still traditional book editors who acquire manuscripts for review and edit them, this tends to fit the role of editors who work in a publishing house.

Editors who want to make the most of travelling whenever they can, should look at remote working opportunities and create their own website to promote their business. Book editing opportunities will be listed on platforms such as Fiverr, among others.

34. Author

It is easier to write a book than ever before. Publishers are no longer required in the way that they were before the internet came around. E-reading has revolutionised the industry which means that aspiring writers can simply convert their books into an electronic file and sell it on platforms such as Amazon. 

South East Asia Backpacker owner Nikki Scott has gone down the author path herself and released her book ‘Backpacker Business’ a couple of years ago. It is all about her journey to entrepreneurship with South East Asia Backpacker magazine, the ancestor of this very website! Make sure you check it out!

35. Farm Work

Popular site WWOOFing helps to place volunteers on organic farms across the world. However, you don’t just need to volunteer in these types of roles. Paid work is abundant in countries such as Australia, just keep an eye out for the snakes! 

Although there are plenty of companies who will help to facilitate these kinds of jobs for travellers, perhaps the best way to secure a paying job is by arriving at your destination of choice and asking about. 

36. Work for the UN

High fliers may be interested in a career with the UN. The United Nations is committed to maintaining peace and security worldwide. Nearly all jobs at the UN will require a degree and at least 2 years experience. 

There are six official languages of the UN but English and French are the working languages. Applicants must have at least a working knowledge of one of these languages. Any additional language skills will also be highly valued but are not necessary for all jobs. For more information about working for the UN, check out their careers page. 

37. Bollywood Extra

It might not see you rubbing shoulders with A list names but a job as a Bollywood extra can be surprisingly easy to come by if you are in the right place at the right time. Mumbai (formerly Bombay) is the Indian capital of Bollywood and westerners are often required as extras in films. 

Landing one of these jobs could be as simple as someone scouting on the street and picking you. You won’t earn much but it is all pocket money that you can spend on the next hostel. Don’t believe us? Just check out this post by the BBC about a backpacker who had exactly this happen to him! 

38. Au Pairing

Au pair with baby
If you love kids, au pairing overseas could be perfect for you!

If you love kids then becoming an au pair could be the travel job for you! As well as living in a new part of the world, you will also be able to learn the local language and get a real insiders look into the culture of your new home. 

Generally, you will need to be aged between 18-30 and depending on where you from, you might not need any qualifications to do this job at all. This is the case in the UK but if you come from the US, you may be required to present proof of a high school diploma, depending on the country you wish to au pair in. 

39. Surf/Ski Instructor

As a surfer or a skier, being an instructor is possibly the best job you could ever have. Not only do you get to be in the environment that you love best but you are also able to hone and develop your own skills.

Although it can be costly to become qualified to teach, the rewards are obvious. You can work for half of the year and spend the other half travelling! You also get to meet great people and play an active part in their development, a role that is sure to be rewarding. Check out these posts for more information on how and where to train as a surf teacher or a ski instructor.

If your interest has been piqued, then why not get yourself out on the waves and see whether it is for you? Check out our surf packages in South East Asia! 

40. Go Freelance and Sell Your Skills Online

Upwork and Fiverr are freelance hiring websites that allow you to earn money from home, provided you have an internet connection. All of these websites post jobs in a number of niches, featuring anything from writing gigs to graphic design and even data entry services. 

These platforms can be a great way to kick start your freelance business however, you will need to be prepared to work your way up. With no experience, you will initially have to take low paid jobs to start building your portfolio. Despite this, some people manage to make 100% of their income from these kinds of sites. 

41. Make and Sell Courses

In the age of the internet, anyone can create a course and sell it online. In the world of self-development that we live in, there has never been so much demand for online courses, partly because they are reasonably priced and secondly because there is something for almost every niche out there. Some of the more bizarre courses I found on Udemy include tarot reading, cupping therapy and belly dancing!

Creating a course and selling it on popular site Udemy is actually a lot easier than you think and you can even purchase a course from Udemy to tell you how to do it! Confused? Basically, you have to start with a product idea. What do you know that others may pay you to teach them? 

After compiling your course, simply upload it onto Udemy and give it a price. And there you have it! You can just wait for the money to roll in. 

42. YouTuber

Becoming a YouTube star is for many, the dream job. Upload a video of yourself talking about literally anything and just wait for the subscribers to grow. Once they do and you make it into the YouTube hall of fame, you will have people begging to be your friend all over the world as well as fighting off all of the free press trips that come your way.

Okay, it might not be exactly that simple, although this is the reality for YouTubers such as Zoella and Pewdiepie. If you’re interested in kickstarting your YouTube career, check out this article to success, written by successful YouTuber Jim Chapman. 

43. Ask Your Office Job If You Can Work Remotely

Girl at desk with computer
Many more people are working their traditional office jobs remotely.

As the desire to work and travel becomes harder to ignore, many are now taking the plunge and trying to take their normal 9-5 on the road with them. Although you may be scared to ask your boss for the opportunity to work remotely, this has become a common request in offices around the globe. 

Before you go ahead and ask your employer whether you can begin working remotely, first establish your reputation within the company. Make sure that you are a top performer as this will make it harder for your employer to say no. 

When you come to your boss with the suggestion, make sure you can explain why you want to work remotely rather than just quitting your job to travel. Once they’re listening, suggest a plan that you can actually implement to achieve these goals. Suggesting a trial run is a good way to go if your employer is still a little dubious. Follow these tips and you’ll be out of the office, living your best life in no time at all! 

44. Podcaster

Podcasting is a service which allows listeners to pull audio files from the internet. Podcasts can be made by anyone about anything so as a listener you are bound to find something that interests you. For those looking to make podcasting a side hustle or even a full-time job, the time is now!

With research suggesting that podcasts are now more popular than blogs, there has never been a better time to get into this industry. Although the idea of recording and editing your own material may be daunting, YouTube is full of simple tutorial videos that will have you up and running in no time.

Whilst your first few episodes may leave something to be desired, this matters not as you will quickly improve as your knowledge base grows. The most important thing is to make a start. 

45. Social Media Manager

Another up and coming job is that of a social media manager. Although there are SMM’s that specialise in one particular area such as Pinterest, good SMM’s will have an in-depth knowledge of all the main social media platforms. 

As both Facebook and Instagram becoming increasingly pay to play focused, most social media managers will also have knowledge of paid ads which will help increase engagement. In reality, a job as an SMM is relatively easy to get into as no previous experience is usually required. 

For those of you interested and looking to establish your own social media manager business, check out the courses on Udemy as there is plenty to get you started! 

46. Online Therapist

If you are a trained therapist then there could be opportunities to take your business online. Notable therapy provider Talkspace prides itself on providing affordable therapy for everyone through its online platform which hosts only licensed therapists. 

To see what opportunities they currently have and register your interest as a therapist or prescriber, check out their careers page. 

47. Sell Photos Online

Rice paddies
Websites are always looking for stock images.

If you have a flair behind a camera then don’t waste it! There are plenty of sites all across the internet looking for high-quality submissions to be used as stock images. 

Although you can sell photos on your own website, beginners may find it easier to submit their photos to an online site such as Adobe Stock. Contributors can make anywhere between 20% – 60% of the sale price and they do not require you to give them exclusive rights to the photos. 

Alamy is one of the best platforms to sell photos to as it offers photographers 50% of each sale which is considerably higher than most of its competitors. Before selling your photos, always make sure to consider what usage rights you would like to attribute to your photos and whether you want to give the photo stock platform exclusive use of the images. 

48. Flight Attendant

Flight attendants work as part of the cabin crew on planes and ensure the comfort and safety of passengers. It can be a demanding job which sees long working hours but there are plenty of benefits: namely the ability to see the world. 

The competition for these kinds of jobs is fierce and airlines may receive thousands of applications for just a hundred or so positions. To give yourself an edge over the other applicants, try to make yourself stand out with experience in customer service and also by learning at least one other widely used language. 

49. Remote Travel Agent

Whilst being a travel agent was always traditionally a job that was done from a small office in your town, the landscape of this job is evolving rapidly as we speak. Remote travel agent careers are becoming increasingly popular with backpackers who want to continue to work as they see the world. 

To become a remote travel agent, you will need to initially become trained and certified as a normal in-house travel agent would. Once you have achieved the relevant qualifications, you will need to search for virtual travel agent jobs online. As this is a popular and upcoming job, many virtual agencies have sprung up. 

50. Start a Business

If you have an entrepreneurial streak, why not consider starting your own business? Although having money behind an idea always helps, with platforms like Kickstarter being broke doesn’t necessarily have to be a deal-breaker for your potential business.

Starting a business is a great way to build your passion and change lives across the globe. These are some of our favourite travel gadgets that are currently on Kickstarter, have a look and get some inspiration for your next business venture!

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