A TEFL Course is an amazing way to open up job opportunities all over the world!

Samui TEFL’s 4-week intensive TEFL/TESOL course on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand, offers 120 hours practical training and classroom sessions to equip you with the knowledge and skills required to teach English to non-native speakers.

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Destination TEFL’s 4-week intensive TEFL/TESOL course is one of the most highly rated TEFL Courses in Southeast Asia. Their fully accredited 4-week TEFL Course offers both practical training and classroom sessions to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to teach English to non-native speakers.

About the TEFL Course

The course is 120 hours, 4 weeks, Mon to Fri, and additional hours will need to be done in your own time for resourcing, studying and planning. Your certificate is for the standard 120-hour course, including observed practical lessons.

This is the preferred requirement for schools worldwide, and they are now reluctant to accept online courses or the shorter 60-hour courses. You will get your certificate on the last day of the course, along with a letter of recommendation and a detailed report to show prospective employers.

Why Destination TEFL?

All of the learning is done hands-on through games and interactive activities. You will never just be lectured to, but will always be involved in every lesson. The theory in the TEFL course is presented by the trainer using games, activities and strategies that you will then be able to use in your own teaching, allowing you to build your portfolio of activities and teaching tools from day one. Your observed teacher practises will start from week two, when you’ll be able to apply these techniques yourself.

We limit our numbers in our TEFL course to small groups, so that we can offer personal assistance with lesson planning and any area that you may need help with such as grammar etc. Our practical training includes both youth and adult lessons, at various schools and businesses around the island. Should your course be over a school holiday, we’ll use the same children, but teach them in the form of a summer camp.

What will you learn on the TEFL Course?

The following areas/subjects are covered during your 4 weeks of TEFL/TESOL training at Samui TEFL:

  • An introduction to Thai culture – to help your transition into the Thai classroom and community.
  • Teaching techniques – we provide you with models to teach beginners as well as advanced students, young learners and adults.
  • Teaching the four skills of language: speaking, listening, reading and writing.
  • Planning a course for special purposes (such as for a business).
  • Grammar – brushing up yours as a teacher, and techniques to teach grammar.
  • Phonics.
  • Creating materials for lessons.
  • Lesson planning.
  • Suitable activities for the language classroom.
  • Discipline in the classroom.
  • Building rapport with your students, including warmers and coolers in the classroom.
  • Classroom management, covering all aspects.
  • Teaching one-to-one, as well as larger classes.
  • Teaching vocabulary.
  • Understanding problems for Asian learners (understanding the differences between their language and English) as well as for other key languages.
  • Error correction techniques.
  • Preparing your CV/resumé, and tips for the interview process.
  • Teaching business English.

Teaching practices and assignments:

  • During the course, you will have the opportunity to conduct several full lessons (teacher practices). These are observed by a trainer, and detailed and constructive feedback is given to you after each lesson, to help you improve for your next lesson, and your career to follow. (You will get an opportunity to teach both young learners and adults). Our qualified trainers will assist you with the lesson planning process.
  • Materials project: Here you will present the materials used for lessons, to the class.
  • A journal entry assignment.
  • Various lesson planning and group work assignments.
  • Various tests and tasks over the 4-week course, covering grammar, punctuation and a few other aspects covered in class. We work with our teachers to adequately prepare them for these tests. All content of the tests is covered during the course.
  • There is no final examination that determines your pass grade. Your final course result is determined by the combined marks of the assignments above, as well as on your participation and teamwork in class, attendance and behaviour.
  • A grade of at least 70% is required in order to pass the course. More than 50% of this grade is made up of marks for teacher practices.
  • Trainees are awarded with either a ‘pass’, ‘merit’, ‘high merit’ or ‘distinction’ on their certificates. All graduates also receive a report, and those who obtain a merit or higher, are also presented with a personalised letter of reference.

Course Dates 2020

  • 13 Jan – 7 Feb 2020
  • 10 Feb – 6 Mar 2020
  • 9 Mar – 3 Apr 2020
  • 20 Apr – 15 May 2020
  • 18 May – 12 Jun 2020
  • 15 Jun – 10 Jul 2020
  • 13 Jul – 31 July 2020 (Special 3-week course including 2 Saturdays and later days)
  • **Break**
  • 7 Sept – 2 Oct 2020
  • 12 Oct – 6 Nov 2020
  • 9 Nov – 4 Dec 2020


Arrival & Week 1

Monday to Thursday: In class, all theory and techniques.
Friday – morning class, afternoon island tour
Saturday – Off
Sunday – Off​​

Week 2

Monday to Friday – combination of classroom sessions and pracs at local schools
Saturday – Off
Sunday – Off​​​

Week 3

Monday to Friday – combination of classroom sessions / assignments and pracs at local schools.
Saturday – Off
Sunday – Off​​​

Week 4

Monday to Wednesday – combination of classroom sessions / assignments and pracs at local schools
Thursday morning – final classroom session
Thursday afternoon – GRADUATION
Friday – Off


What’s the difference between TEFL and TESOL?

The acronyms basically mean the same thing, with TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) more common in the UK, and TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) more common in the USA.

Do I need to learn to speak Thai?
No. Samui TEFL uses the international standard communicative approach to teaching, where English is the only language used in the classroom. Total immersion in the English language is actually the best way for students to learn. The teaching methods are thoroughly explained and practised during the course.

The good news is that you will be able to use your new TEFL qualification to travel the world (where many different languages are spoken) and use your newfound English Teaching skills to fund your wanderlust!

My grammar skills aren’t great – will I be okay to take the course?

We understand that it may have been a while since you studied grammar at school! However, as a native speaker, you’ll already know grammar better than you may think! (It’s more the terminology that you may need to brush up on.)

Before the start of the course, if you like, we’ll provide you with an easy-to-use grammar workbook, so that you can brush up in your own time so you feel more confident. During the course, we’ll work through the grammar together to ensure that you’re familiar with grammar and its terminology before you become a teacher.

Can non-native English speakers take the course?

We welcome all applications regardless of your first language or nationality. However, we do believe that in order to teach English well, you need to KNOW English well. The only requirements to take the TEFL Course are a proficient level of spoken and written English and an understanding of the intensive nature of the course. Please be aware that when it comes to employment, some schools will only employ NATIVE English speakers (NES) and we cannot guarantee placements for non-native speakers (NNES).

Is there an age limit to do the course? 

To take the course, you must be 19 years of age or older. We have no official upper age limit. If you are a person of ‘more mature years’, please don’t be put off applying for our TEFL courses. Over the years, we’ve had many mature students taking ‘Golden Gap Years’, who are not ready to retire yet and who want to do something different. If you’re eager and receptive to learning, you should have no problem. Please be aware, however, that when it comes to employment, some schools may have an upper age limit.

Will my TEFL certificate be accepted globally?

Yes indeed! Samui TEFL’s course meets (and exceeds) the basic international criteria for TEFL courses, as we offer 120 hours of classroom time and observed teaching practice. Upon successful completion of our 4-week course, you’ll receive a certificate that is recognised worldwide. You’ll also receive a detailed report card, and those who obtain a merit or above, will receive a personal letter of recommendation.

Where can I work with a TEFL certificate?

There are so many job opportunities for English Teachers worldwide, basically anywhere in the world where English is not the native language! There are many opportunities to teach in Asia; Thailand, Vietnam, China, Malaysia etc. Some countries will pay more than others. For example, South Korea is known for giving higher wages. Whereas, poorer countries such as Laos, wages will be lower. There are also many opportunities in South America, as well as Europe. Depending on the country and the organisation, you may be required to have a degree (any type of degree is fine) as well as a TEFL qualification. 


Can I teach online?

Teaching English online is becoming more and more popular as a way to work and travel and many of our graduates choose to set their own hours and work with online agencies after the course. We can provide our graduates with a list of online agencies to contact.

How intense is the course? Will I have time to explore?

Don’t panic! Yes, the course is full-on and requires you to do some reading and lesson planning in your own free time. However, we do schedule quite a bit of free time within the 4-week TEFL course. If you balance your time well, you’ll have plenty of time to balance your workload and enjoy the beautiful island of Koh Samui. Teachings are Mon – Fri with weekends off.


Our training centre is located in Choeng Mon on the north-east corner of Koh Samui, only 5 minutes from the famous ‘Big Buddha’ and 15 minutes from the busier town of Chaweng. The sandy beach here is small yet beautiful and the area is quiet and the perfect for learning…

Accommodation is not included in the price of the course. However, there are many cheap options in Koh Samui that are within walking distance of the training centre.

We have sourced a few options for our students with a discounted rate for the four weeks. The rate is from the day before the course until the day after the course. If you are arriving earlier or later, you will need to find somewhere else to stay during this time as the previous students will need to check out first!

Option 1: Choeng Mon Beach Hotel

Choeng Mon Beach Hotel is located right on the beach, 300 metres from the training centre.

All of the rooms have – A king-size bed, AC, free wifi, hot shower, TV, fridge, safe and small balcony. You can use the hotel’s pool, gym and the beachfront restaurant.

Price – 15,000 THB / 4-weeks. (The rooms at the reduced rate are not the seafront bungalows, but those closer to the back in the garden. They’re still really nice!)

Option 2: Choeng Mon Residence

The residence is located 200 metres from the beach and 200 metres from the training centre.

All of the rooms have – Twin or queen-sized beds, AC, free WIFI, hot shower, TV, fridge, kettle and small balcony.

Price – 10,000 THB / 4-weeks.

Option 3: Sirin Samui Boutique Hostel

A lovely boutique backpacker hostel near the training centre, across the road from the beach, has just opened. The hostel has many facilities and great rates.

Prices – 

  • Dormitory (8-beds) – Female only or mixed male / female = 290 THB / night. (8,120 THB per 28 days for course period.)
  • Dormitory (6 beds) – Female only or mixed male / female = 330 THB (9,240 THB per 28 days for course period.)
  • Dormitory (4 beds) – Female only or mixed male / female = 370 THB (10,360 per 28 days for course period.)
  • Dormitory (2 beds) – Female only or mixed male / female = 410 THB (11,480 per 28 days for course period.)
  • Superior Rooms (Twin/Double bed) with private bathroom 940 THB/room/night

Includes – Free WIFI, free flow coffee/tea, large swimming pool with sunbeds, common room, shared kitchen, laundry and washing line.

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Refund Policy

  • In order to book this experience, you will need to pay a deposit online via South East Asia Backpacker.
  • This deposit is fully refundable if you wish to cancel up until 48 hours before the start of the activity.
  • For cancellations made fewer than 48 hours before the start of the activity there is no refund available.
  • You can request a change of date at any time, free of additional charges.
  • Date changes are entirely down to the availability of the operator and nothing to do with South East Asia Backpacker. 
  • If your date change is not agreed, as long as it is within 48 hours of the start date you originally made your booking for, your deposit can be refunded in full if you wish to cancel.
  • The remaining payment for the experience is payable directly to the operator.
  • The operator can request the remaining payment via an online payment link or upon arrival at the destination.
  • The refund of the second payment, which goes directly to the operator, is based on the terms and conditions of the operator, over which South East Asia Backpacker have no control.
  • Please see our customer terms and conditions for more information.


Samui TEFL

Samui TEFL’s 4-week intensive TEFL/TESOL course on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand, offers both practical training and classroom sessions to equip you with the knowledge and skills required to teach English to non-native speakers.


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