Festivals in Southeast Asia in September


Trying to plan where to be when? Check out these festivals in Southeast Asia in September!

(Featured image: Mooncakes at the Mid Autumn Festival)

Mid-Autumn Festival – Vietnam

Known to Vietnamese as ‘Tet-Trung-Thu’, the Mid-Autumn (Harvest) Festival is an important time for families, with a traditional focus on children. The celebration originates from an old folk tale about parents working so hard to get ready for harvest they forgot about their children. Mid-Autumn Festival became a time when parents would make it up to them. There’s a festive atmosphere in many cities as lights and flowers adorn the streets, toy shops stock their shelves and people flock to buy moon cakes which are sold in shops in the hundreds. In many communities across Asia, this is a time when people believe the moon to be at its biggest and brightest signalling a time of happiness and harmony.

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