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Learn to make your favourite Asian dishes!

For those ‘foodies’ amongst you, South East Asia can be a culinary adventure! From tongue tantalizing curries to flavoursome soups, spicy salads, tangy stir-fries and enough different types of noodle and rice dishes that you could eat a different one for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a whole year!

After indulging in all that delicious food on your travels why not learn to cook a few classics to impress the folks back home? There are many cooking schools across the region where you can do a full or half-day course to cook your favourite dishes. Many cooking classes include a visit to the local market so that you can discover all of the fresh ingredients that go into the recipes. And once you’ve slaved over that hot stove, the best bit is that you get to eat everything you make!

Cooking Classes & Food Tours in SE Asia…

Thai Cooking

Thai food is famous for its rich flavours and spices and the dishes are creative and diverse. Lemongrass, kaffir lime, galangal, ginger, garlic, Thai sweet basil and of course chillis… are just some of the Thai herbs and spices that you will learn to use in your recipes. Succulent prawns, fresh fish, chicken, beef and a wide diversity of fresh vegetables from morning glory to Chinese broccoli go into making famous Thai dishes such as Tom Yum Gung, Pad Thai, Massaman curry, Thai green curry, Penang curry and more! Oh, and if you’re looking to create authentic ‘Thai-style’ don’t forget a generous helping of that most popular of Thai ingredients, the pungent fish sauce!

Tom Yum Gung (Thai spicy prawn soup)

Thai Green CurryPerhaps the country’s most famous dish – Thai Green Curry

A colourful set of fresh ingredients from the local marketA colourful set of fresh ingredients from the local market

Where can I take a Thai Cooking Class?

There are many places across the country where you can book yourself a Thai cooking class and prices vary depending on your location and length of course.

Chiang Mai: As Thailand’s ‘capital of culture,’ Chiang Mai has many cooking schools to choose from, just a few popular schools include; Smart Cook (also in Krab) Thai Kitchen and Asian Scenic Cookery School. Most cooking classes include an interesting visit to the local market in Chiang Mai to see what ingredients go into all your favourite recipes.

Vietnamese Cooking

Pho Bo (beef noodle soup) may be Vietnam’s most popular dish, but it isn’t the only recipe there is in Vietnam! Vietnamese cuisine is varied, fresh and healthy, renowned and celebrated for its use of fresh herbs to create unusual, exciting tastes. Fresh spring rolls, spicy hot pots, steamed seafood dishes and a variety of noodle dishes such as the famous Cau Lau or Pho Ga. Plus, the Vietnamese are famous for their Chinese-style dumplings or ‘Banh’ with a variety of delicious fillings, sweet or savoury – from pork to shrimp, mung bean or sesame.

Vietnamese fresh spring rolls Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls – How many can you eat?

Vietnamese MarketA trip to the market in Vietnam is always an interesting cultural experience!

Where can I take a Vietnamese Cooking Class?

Hanoi: Vietnam’s cultural capital Hanoi is probably the best place to take a Vietnamese Cooking Class. Try a cooking class at the not-for-profit restaurant, KOTO (which stands for Know One Teach One) an innovative restaurant/school which trains disadvantaged youths living on the streets of Vietnam in cooking and restaurant management.

Hoi An: Tra Que Vegetable Garden on the outskirts of Hoi An is a beautiful place to take a cooking class. You’ll see where the fresh vegetables and herbs are grown, pick them and cook them!

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Cooking classes in Southeast Asia

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