Burning Season in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia’s Burning Season: What You Need to Know

The “burning season” or “haze” of Southeast Asia occurs every year creating terrible air pollution and many health problems. Having experienced this time of year first-hand several times I thought I’d give you a heads up about what it’s really like!

Readers Poll: What’s the Best Daypack for Travel?

The Best Daypacks for Travel

A travel daypack is your best friend, with you at all times. Our readers tell us their to recommendations for the best day packs for travelling Southeast Asia.

The 14 Best Waterproof Backpacks 2020

The Best Waterproof Backpacks

A waterproof backpack is a hugely useful item to take travelling. They protect your valuables and electronics from water damage and can be particularly useful if you are doing lots of outdoor activities during your trip! Find out if you need to invest in a waterproof backpack and discover which ones are our favourites!

Thonglor, Bangkok: The Trendiest Part of the City! 

Thonglor – Bangkok’s Trendiest Hood!

The Thonglor area in Bangkok is quickly becoming the city’s trendiest place to be. This swanky modern hood has everything from hipster coffee shops to speakeasy bars, you’re sure to find somewhere to while away an evening (or two)!

Ban Gioc Waterfall by Olivier Langevin

Ban Gioc Waterfall: Vietnam’s Secret Natural Wonder

Ban Gioc Waterfall is surely one of the best natural sights in the whole of Vietnam. However, hardly anyone actually goes there! To make sure you don’t miss out on this wondrous waterfall, plan your visit with our comprehensive guide.

Packing cubes

The Best Packing Cubes for Backpacking

Packing cubes are the latest ‘must-have’ accessory for travellers! We find out why everyone loves them & check out the best options for backpackers!

BEES Elephant Sanctuary: A New Kind of Elephant Tourism

BEES Elephant Sanctuary: A New Kind of Elephant Tourism

Looking for a truly ethical elephant experience? Head to BEES elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai and lead by example to change the animal tourism industry in Thailand! Read about what an average day spent at BEES is like and also more about the great work they are doing to care for retired elephants.

Best Travel Laptops For Backpackers

Best Travel Laptops For Backpackers

If you are a backpacker looking for the best travel laptop, you’ll need to think about weight, size, battery life, storage capacity & COST! Deciding whether you need a laptop for your backpacking trip is a personal decision and if you conclude that you do, choosing the best travel laptop can be downright confusing! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

The Best Apps for Backpackers

The Best Apps for Backpackers

Looking for a backpacker app to make your trip easier? Our community recommended some super helpful options! Check out our list of the best backpacker apps and get downloading today!

Travel Gifts for Backpackers

55 Amazing Gift Ideas For Backpackers

Looking for backpacking gifts? Buy the traveller you love something they will actually value rather than just weigh them down! We delve into the best gifts for backpackers to inspire wanderlust!

Dog on a towel

10 Best Microfibre Towels for Travelling

A microfibre travel towel is an essential item to add to your packing list for Southeast Asia! We look at the benefits of this quick-dry material and the top 10 choices!

Thakhek Loop, Laos

The Thakhek Loop, Laos: A Legendary Motorcycle Adventure!

Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng, Vientiane. There’s loads more to see in Laos than these three places! Backpacker Michael Alty describes his off the beaten track adventure on ‘the loop’ – a four day motorbike trip starting from the small village of Tha Kaek in Central Laos.

Bangkok Itinerary - How to Spend 1 - 4 Days in Thailand's Capital!

Bangkok Itinerary: How to Spend 1 to 5 Days in Thailand’s Capital

Bangkok is one of Southeast Asia’s craziest cities. With so much to do in the Thai capital and many backpackers debating how long to spend there, planning your visit can be confusing. Never fear, we are here to help you with out with our ultimate Bangkok itinerary for backpackers! Plan your trip today!

Do You Need to Take Malaria Tablets in South East Asia?

Do You Need to Take Antimalarials in Southeast Asia?

There is a lot of debate surrounding the use of antimalarials in South East Asia. They nearly all come with horrible side-effects and many travellers say that the risk of catching malaria is so low that the pills aren’t worth the effort. What is the truth though? Do you need to take anti-malaria tablets in South East Asia?

Exploring the local market in Hoi An

The Do’s and Don’ts of Haggling in Southeast Asia

Backpacking on a budget? Learn how to make your dollar stretch a long way with this Do’s and Don’ts guide to haggling in South East Asia. From tuk tuk rides to trips to the market you need to be armed with your skills everywhere you go.

The 20 Best Hostels in Koh Tao, Thailand

The 20 Best Hostels in Koh Tao, Thailand

Looking for a place to stay in Koh Tao but not sure where to start? We’ve rounded up the best hostels on the island to help you choose your ideal place to stay!

Satary Stall on Kuala Lumpur food tour

Kuala Lumpur Food Tour! A Taste of Traditional Malaysia

On the hunt for the taste of traditional Malaysia, writers Ellie and Will join A Chef’s Tour – a foodies dream journey through the old markets of Kuala Lumpur. Find out what local delights made their mouths water and most importantly, what they thought about Durian!

Rock Climbing in Vang Vieng, Laos: A Must for Adrenaline Junkies!

Rock Climbing in Vang Vieng, Laos – A Must for Adrenaline Junkies!

Vang Vieng might be most known for its crazy parties but recent years have seen this backpacker Mecca change into an adrenaline junkies paradise! South East Asia Ambassador Will went to check out the rock climbing opportunities with Adam’s Climbing School to see what all the fuss is about.

Never Forget Elephant Foundation

Elephant Sanctuaries in Thailand + Southeast Asia: Making an Ethical Choice

Elephant Tourism in Thailand takes many forms; from riding elephants to bathing them, watching them paint, dance & other horrors! Many camps in Thailand claim to be ‘sanctuaries’, but how can you tell that the elephants are being treated well & your experience is beneficial to their well-being? Daughter of a Mahout, Tidarat Jitsook (Ann) explains all…

Mount Rinjani, Indonesia

Trekking Mount Rinjani, Lombok – Everything You Need to Know!

Gunung Rinjani (Mount Rinjani) is an active volcano in Indonesia located on the island of Lombok, near Bali. The volcano is popular with adventure seekers in need of a challenge after relaxing on Bali’s nearby beaches. Are YOU UP FOR the challenge?

2 Weeks or 10 Day Myanmar Backpacking Itinerary

How many days do you need to truly explore Myanmar? The intrepid traveller will tell you that it takes weeks, months, even years to truly get under the skin of a country. Yet, most of us, particularly these days, are strapped for time – and short on money! We reckon the absolute minimum time that you need to explore the highlights of Myanmar is 12 days. Here’s what you can fit in during that time!

Komodo Island Shut-Down: Fake News?

Komodo dragons are one of Southeast Asia’s most alluring creatures. Komodo National Park attracts more visitors by the day. What does this mean for the dragons themselves. Samantha Lego tells us what she learnt on a recent trip.

Ali Couch in Sri Lanka with her backpack on. This is the cover image for her article about backpacking in your 50s

Should you Go Backpacking at 50?

Backpacking is for anyone at any age. I seek to quash the barriers that people may have about backpacking and extol the pleasures of backpacking!

Diving in Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia

Nusa Lembongan, a small idyllic island off Bali, offers some of the world’s best diving opportunities for beginners or advanced divers. Find out the best dive spots for every level and the wildlife you’ll find there.

A tropical storm brews in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Should You Travel Southeast Asia in the Rainy Season?

Mention the words ‘wet season’ to most people and visions of great sheets of water endlessly pouring from the sky spring to mind. Not only is that a big misconception when it comes to South East Asia’s wet season, but it deters travellers from even considering the major benefits of travelling during the off-peak time of year. Rather than avoiding the wet season that falls between June and September, you’re better off embracing the low season when the positives far outweigh the negatives…

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Backpacking Java, Indonesia – The Perfect One-Week Itinerary

There’s a standard backpacker route that most people follow when they explore Java. The journey starts in Yogyakarta where travellers come to see the two UNESCO World Heritage Sites Borobudur and Prambanan. Then, the trail leads east, to watch the sun rise over Bromo and Ijen volcanoes. It’s an amazing route that combines the cultural highlights of central Java with the striking beauty of the landscapes of East Java. This journey through Java takes a minimum of seven days…

Backpackers on the Real Hanoi Bicycle Tour.

Bicycle Tour Hanoi – See The City On Two Wheels

Thinking of going on a Hanoi bike tour? Scared to get involved in the traffic chaos of Vietnam’s throbbing capital? So were we! Luckily, with the right guidance, it can be surprisingly stress-free!

Partying at Vietnam Backpackers Hostels, Hanoi.

The 25 Best Hostels in Hanoi, Vietnam

Discover which hostels were voted the top 25 hostels in Hanoi, Vietnam by our community! Our list includes party hostels, boutique guesthouses, rooftop bars & free beer! There is something for every kind of backpacker!

Khao Sok Floating Bungalows

Khao Sok Floating Bungalow Bliss! Cheow Lan Lake, Thailand

If the prospect of exploring mysterious caves, observing monkeys (and possibly bears) in their natural habitat, splashing in the warm water of an absurdly blue lake, and resting your head beneath a rustic bungalow sounds like a weekend well spent, consider booking a three day tour package at Khao Sok National Park!

Must Try Vietnamese Street Food Dishes!

Vietnamese Street Food – 23 Must Try Dishes!

23 Must-Try Vietnamese Street Food Dishes to look out for during your adventures in the country! From the famous Bahn Mi and Pho Bo, to the not-so-famous “Bánh Tráng Nuog” AKA Vietnamese pizza!

Owl Graffiti at Taman Festival, Abandoned Theme Park in Bali

Taman Festival: An Abandoned Theme Park in Bali

Abandoned for two decades, Taman Festival is a deserted theme park that’s becoming consumed by mother nature, making it an incredible place for backpackers, photographers and urbex explorers alike. Locals say its haunted and there are rumours of a man-eating crocodile who resides inside…

Top 10 Things To Do in Cambodia (Apart from Visiting Angkor Wat!)

We’ve all heard of Angkor Wat and while these stunning ruins are a must see while in Cambodia, the country has a whole lot more to offer! Check out Tonle Sap- South East Asia’s largest freshwater lake, enjoy the briny culinary taste treats of Kep, or travel back in time on Battambang’s bamboo train! Here we give you the TOP 10 ALTERNATIVE THINGS TO DO IN CAMBODIA.

Baliem Valley, Papua – The Wild Wild West of Asia?

In 1938, an American expeditioner chanced upon Baliem Valley, home of the Dani tribes. He was shocked to see how far removed from the rest of the world they were and compared their lifestyle to what a 21st century stone age would look like…

Backpackers savouring Vietnamese street food

Hanoi Street Food Tour – Eat Your Way Through Vietnam’s Capital

A Hanoi street food tour is a must-do experience in Vietnam’s crazy capital, especially if you’re only in the city for a few days! A food tour is a fantastic way to sample a variety of Vietnamese street food delights, meet new travel buddies and discover more about Vietnamese culture and traditions along the way.

The prisoners of Cat Ba National Park.

The Furry Prisoners of Cat Ba National Park, Vietnam

For an animal lover, travel in Southeast Asia can, at times, bring with it unpleasant surprises. On a recent visit to Cat Ba National Park in Northern Vietnam, I was disgusted to see three macaque monkeys kept in appalling conditions in barren concrete prisons, much to the delight of several Chinese tourists. I urge every traveller to avoid this National Park.

Pai, Thailand

A 30-Something’s Guide to Surviving Pai, Thailand

‘Pai, Pai, Pai, you should go to Pai.’ Pai is the much hyped corner of Northern Thailand, famed for it’s epic landscapes, fun bars and hippy lifestyle. But how does it hold up under the cynical gaze of this thirty-something…

Korean street food

5 Things I Learnt Living in South Korea

English Teacher Expat, Melissa Lang, explains her year living in South Korea and the fascinating things that she learnt about this underrated East Asian country!

Travel Vaccinations for Southeast Asia

Vaccinations For Southeast Asia – What Do I Need?

Getting vaccinations for Southeast Asia is something you should do at least a month, perhaps even several months before setting off on your travels as it will take time for the vaccine to kick in and for your body to be fully protected. We look at the essential & recommended vaccinations for Southeast Asia Travel.

Orangutan in Sarawak Borneo

5 Reasons to Travel Sarawak, Borneo!

Sarawak, Borneo is a place that combines wildlife, beauty and adventure! From orangutans to mouth-watering laksa, this underestimated island packs a punch.

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